Is your reality real?

Written by Andy

The “game” is played so brilliantly that you often do not see the real reality. It’s almost literally the elephant in the room that you don’t see anymore because you grew up with it.

The matrix is ​​so ingenious.

It is truly masterful!

You are in an illusion and you don’t know it.

The media and television determine what you think and what you think and have total control over you.

For years they bombard you with “news” they want you to believe.

You think you can make it up for yourself, but you are programmed.

And that all your life.

You don’t notice anything.

You are so convinced that your reality is real that you keep defending it at high and low.

You think it is of your own free will but it is not. And you don’t know.

You don’t ask questions. You accept what you are served. You think it is the way it is.

That you are doing well as you are told to do. Because the majority do.

You have been made totally dependent on a system. And you have no idea.

It was the same with me and many others. But there is a way out:

Turn off the TV.

Ask critical questions.

About vaccinations, insurance, your nutrition and the history you are presented with.

Do not accept everything.

Stop using toxic fluoride toothpaste,

Learn to heal yourself.

Take back your own power.

Research alternative news sites.

Learn to create your life yourself.

Get out of fear.

Get out of the 9-5 rat race.

I stepped out of the matrix and only then saw how it works.

A control system.

Where fear and “framing” are used by the media to keep people under control.

That there is so much fake news and even media actors.

That we are fooled in front of us.

Life outside the matrix is ​​so liberating! But … you only see it when you understand it …

Source: Ira Nagel

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