A Call to Defend ‘The Monumental Cross’ of the ‘Valley of The Fallen’ as a Symbol of the Foundations of our Civilization

Written by Andy

To all Christians in the world and to all people of good will:

The history of Christianity is a history of persecutions, from that of Diocletian to that which our brothers in the Faith are suffering today in many of the Muslim-majority countries, through the French Revolution, the ‘Cristeros’ of Mexico or – during the past. This includes the persecution of Christians in communist countries.

Spain, “Land of Mary”, as St. John Paul II said, has been Christian since the Apostle Santiago arrived on the peninsula in the first century. Spain has been a spearhead in the defense of Christianity, against the Muslim empire. It stood against against the Turkish Ottoman Empire. It stood against numerous heresies in medieval and modern Europe. Spain was the great evangelizer of the globe, from the Philippines to Tierra del Fuego. Spain, the hotbed of Martyrs and Saints, cannot be understood without ‘Faith in Christ’. In Spain, between 1934 and 1939, Christians suffered one of the biggest and bloodiest persecutions in history at the hands of a unpleasant coalition of socialists, communists, and anarchists.

In 1958, as an emblem of this reconciliation, and as a tribute to all the victims, of whatever side, who suffered the consequences – in many cases giving their lives – during these dramatic events, an impressive monumental complex was completed in the outskirts of Madrid. This ‘Valley of the Fallen’ is a “symbol of unity and brotherhood among all Spaniards”. Lest we forget, more than 30,000 deaths in the Civil War were given a Christian burial. Victors and losers are buried here. The complex includes a ‘pontifical basilica’, a Benedictine abbey, a study center for the social doctrine of the Church, along with what we must consider to be the Grandest cross of Christianity.

The Valley of the Fallen is more than an immense cemetery. It is an impressive Catholic temple. It is a place of memory, reconciliation, and a reminder of what should never happen again.

From here we make known to the world of the Christian world that:

The socialist / communist / secessionist government of Spain has submitted to Parliament a bill that seeks to redefine the whole of the Valley of the Fallen. The bill will denaturalize the reason for its existence. The Benedictine community will be expelled. The Cross will be demolished. Mr. Sánchez’s communist partners have been demanding this for a long time.

Given the impotence that Spanish Christians feel at this time, we make an APPEAL to all our brothers in Christ, whatever their nationality, throughout the world, to help us with their prayers and all the media actions that are necessary to prevent such sacrilege from occurring.

  • We make this call as a commitment to the truth so that we shall remain free.
  • We make this call as a commitment to justice.
  • We make this call to a superior form of human knowledge.
  • We make this call as a commitment to our history.
  • We make this call as a commitment to our culture.
  • We make this call as a commitment to our heratage.

Only through hate or ignorance can anyone despise this legacy of the generations that preceded us. Their lack of respect, erasure or alteration, typical of the barbarians, denotes the supreme audacity of Marxist indoctrinating thought.

We are Christians which makes us persons of faith, humility and charity. Let us not admit that the have the power to destroy the history of our ancient civilization. They shall not destroy the legacy of the cradle of dignity and human progress. Let us mobilise. Each one of us must call the indifferent one. We must implore God for his help. We must fulfill the mandate of his duty.

The demolition of the monumental Cross of the Valley of the Fallen is not only a barbaric attack against a cultural asset of the first order, it is an attack against the foundations on which Europe has been built and a step back from several decades in the defense of the freedom.


Those who want to do it in a particular way must write to us stating their name, profession, province, country and ID number, this last data will not be published.


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