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Brazil’s Supreme Court has overturned a ruling that TV streaming service Netflix must remove a film depicting Jesus as gay. The film, The First Temptation of Christ, infuriated fervent Christians in the country. Two million people signed a petition calling for it to be axed. A judge temporarily banned the film on Wednesday to appease its critics. But Supreme Court president Dias Toffoli said on Thursday that Netflix should be allowed to continue streaming the show, stating that ‘freedom of speech’ was fundamental in a democracy. The judge said:

“One cannot suppose that a humorous satire has the ability to weaken the values of the Christian faith, whose existence is traced back more than two thousand years, and which is the belief of the majority of Brazilian citizens,”

What would happen if Mohamed was portrayed as gay? What if the Jewish prophet Moses was portrayed as gay?

Many of the country’s conservative Christians were angered by the portrayal of Jesus bringing home a boyfriend named Orlando to meet his family, while Mary and Joseph plan him a surprise birthday party.

The next meme (me me) talks of the difference between law of the nation and the teaching of religion. National laws are all negative. Nations need vast libraries of laws to cover everything that is disallowed. The national courts feed a prison system. We no longer expect justice from what we call a “justice system’. Most religions tell us to be good to each other. But they differ in how they say we are to treat people of other religions. This creates conflict when you allow more than one religion in a nation. The religions tend to get people to be cooperative with training of the young in the family, a promise of heaven, and to a lesser extent, the threat of hell-fire in the afterlife. Religions are efficient in that they teach a moral code that does not require police and jails. The meme rationalizes between sin and national law suggesting that the national law is incomplete and inadequate:

Moses was a murderer and his ‘Old Testament’ was damaging to the smooth functioning of Egypt:

Stanford University’s chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine wanted in on the action.

Anti-Christian texts and teaching are being served to Spanish children. The ‘Leftists’ and ‘Communists’ are in a mode of full political manipulation.

More than 54,000 parents [have] registered complaints with Spain’s government .

A lawsuit has been filed against the Spanish government over mandatory classes that expose children to sexually explicit images and ridicule Christian beliefs.

Critics have described the case concerning classroom teaching as “leftist” by critics. Roger Kiska, the legal counsel for ADF based in Europe said:

“Americans should take note of this case because this sort of situation is not restricted to Spain,…Many parents would be dismayed to know that there are organizations in the U.S. that have attempted to persuade school districts to use similar types of curriculum. … If the Spanish government is allowed to continue this instruction, it only emboldens arguments that the U.S. should follow suit, …”

The case was brought on behalf of more than 300 parents and children, and challenges the ‘compulsory anti-Christian education’.

The next meme shows the ascendancy of one religion over another. Jews combat criticism of their people but do not stop criticism of other religions.

Not-remotely-blasphemous-or-bigoted yet very pointed and relevant cartoons by the brilliantly provocative Brazilian cartoonist Carlos Latuff .

The media is quick to criticize what ever they declare to be anti-Semitic but avoid mentioning the plight of others. Around sixty million died as a result of WW2, but we only hear about deaths of Jews. Here is another with an anti-Christian message:

The microphone has been taken from the Feminists and given to LGBT crowd who can now read at ‘story time’ for children with comparative impunity from criticism.

A drag queen at story-time for children!

Now, as Walter yesterday said to me: “We are being Multiculturalised out of existence”, I show you some Jewish thinking in the next meme:

The hatred of Moses and the Old Testament survives.

One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail. Rabbi Yascov Perrin 1994

A cover for anti-Christian.

The Jewish Talmud Blasphemes Jesus Christ and Viciously Attacks Christians

The majority of Jews are atheists. Only a small “Orthodox Jew” community exists in Israel who believe in a god but not the God of the Bible. Jews believe in the Talmud that was written over the centuries by men of the Rabbinic Judaism. The Talmud severely blasphemes Jesus Christ and viciously attacks Christians. The Talmud says:

  • Sanhedrin 57a, “A Jew may rob a Goy, but a Goy may not rob a Jew. If a Goy murders another Goy or a Jew, he should be killed, but a Jew will not be incur the death penalty for killing a non-Jew. Kill the Goyim by any means possible.” 
  • Yalkut 245c, “Extermination of the Christians is a necessary sacrifice.” 
  • Gittin 57a. Says Jesus is in hell, being boiled in “hot excrement.”

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