I am sovereign. The state doesn’t own me.

Written by Andy

Sovereignty means there is no higher arbiter of power than you. None. No King or Queen, no Pope or Bishop, no Prime Minister or President, no Police or Army have any authority over You. You are the Sovereign. The Irish men and women of the ancient land of ‘Eire’ set up a ‘Sovereign Irish Republic’ in 1916-1919. It was ratified by a government of the people by the people. More importantly, it was fully ratified by the people of Eire. Alas, the privately owned ‘City of London Crown Corporation’ sent in an army. It was not their army, but the British Army. This British Army operating at the behest of ‘City of London Crown Corporation’ went to war with the people of Ireland for doing this. In 1921-22, a treaty was signed and ratified by a new government (De-Facto). It was not ratified by the people of Ireland, so therefore, everything from 1922 onwards is null and void. The sad thing is, today most Irish people have no knowledge of this.

To be sovereign means that you have the ‘god given’ right to live in freedom and liberty. Owned by no one and free to live and raise a family and earn a living without persecution. To be in total control of one’s own mind, body, and spirit.

Free from mind control.

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