I dumb myself down.

Written by Andy

This is true. My mom taught me to be agreeable and allow others space/time to talk. The (mostly black) school and area I grew up in proved those traits as a quick way to be taken advantage of. It was about survival rather than progress. One trait I have is to use my hands while talking. I have learned this is a Polish trait. I have been made fun of many times for this. Anything remotely white was scoffed at or belittled. Any natural gestures or inclinations I have, I’ve learned to tone down so as not to make myself a target. It didn’t occur to me that I was losing myself and identity until I moved closer to a mostly white area and began shopping in stores most frequented by whites. White strangers greeted me with a smile and openness, and I reciprocated with ghetto habits. I looked at them with suspicion and hunched shoulders. Observation of their every move rather than appropriate response. Instead of replying with articulately worded answers, I dumb myself down and use simple phrases with slang or buzzword vernacular. So I sound dumb. But I have learned to do this so as not to make the blacks around me feel dumb and thus pick on me. It relieves me when I see a group of whites talking and enjoying themselves, no diversity in sight. However it breaks my heart because I never had that. I am quite alone and in a reflective period of my life. Blacks look at whites with suspicion and disdain. Whites don’t seem to notice. And the whites that do notice are targeted. I am torn between my desire to be a place of comfort for fellow whites that want to express their notice and my desire to not become a target.
I really can’t play dumb anymore and pretend to be a libtard for safety. I’m tired and have become 1488. I’d like my progeny to grow in a world where our traits are valued and we make progress.

We all know diversity is not a strength and that is one of the many lies taught there.

Colt XXXXXX You can retrain your social conditioning. Go to an all-white church (even if you’re not religious). The social interactions there will help you tremendously. It may take years to unlearn the survival tactics needed to live

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Jesus talked about fractured societies in the parable of the ‘Good Samaritan’.

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