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The Roman Pope Francis and the grand imam of Egypt’s Al-Azhar, the highest seat of learning in Sunni Islam, have signed a one world religion agreement titled “Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together.”

The agreement supports a one world fraternity of religion with the goal to bring about world peace and government for all humanity. It is an ecumenical document of the highest order with many describing it as a “historical breakthrough.”

This was the first visit ever made by a Roman Catholic Pope to the Muslim Arabian Peninsula.

This meeting and agreement is a significant sign pointing toward Last Days prophecy coming fulfillment; in that it takes the standpoint of creating a coming  one-world religious order that is in alignment with the Biblical prophecies of Revelation.

A one-world order is consistently moving toward becoming a reality more each day, and it will undoubtedly include a one-world government which is supported by a one-world religious order (Revelation 13).

For which this historic meeting and break-through document between the Roman church and the Muslim world fully supports, which is fully encapsulated in “transcendental world peace” verbiage that makes it palatable to all.

The Signs of the Last Days prophecies are happening showing we are nearing the end of this age and the coming of Lord Jesus.

After Israel had re-established its country and control of Jerusalem as prophecy foretold for the Last Days, there was a surprise attack in the early 1970’s by Egypt and Syria on Israel hoping to win back land previously lost. It happened during Yom Kippur, the holiest day in the Jewish calendar. The attack surprised Israel and they struggled badly resulting in the Israeli Prime Minister authorizing the preparation of nuclear warheads for use to save itself if necessary. This escalation caused the United States to have a large scale resupply effort to Israel just as Russia supplied the Arab countries, almost causing confrontation between the two nuclear superpowers. Eventually, a cease-fire was negotiated.

It was during this time-frame and context that our founder came to the transformational experience of the born again faith of Jesus and His Apostles and entered into seminary, and it also caused his strong interest in the prophecies of Scripture where then and until now he has studied them and world events. From this he could see the surge of the signs in the world pointing toward the fulfillment of Last Day’s prophecies before the coming of Jesus. In prayer and study he felt led by the Holy Spirit that it’s not enough to see the Signs of the Last Days but that action also must be taken to help more people be aware of them and be ready for the coming of Jesus.

When it comes to the prophetic Signs of the Last Days®, so many are unaware of what’s happening in the world and coming in the near future. They are as described by Jesus in Matthew 16:3 in that they: “… know how to discern the face of the sky, but … cannot discern the signs of the times.”

Truly these are troubling days with the signs of the times all around us, for every day our senses are assaulted yet again with ever distressing events in our world. But in the Holy Scripture there are ancient passages that are secrets to understanding the Signs of the Last Days, and for finding hope and peace in Jesus Christ in uncertain times.

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  • This Pope does NOT serve the Lord our God!
    The one world religion is to worship the devil.
    I am Catholic by baptism but I can’t be faithful to it any more due to this Pope.
    We need a great cleansing of the Church.

  • Revelation of Method aka Predictive Programming as we’re living out the Script to End all Scripts, Written by the Money Changers, that is straight out of the Book of Revelation aka Final Chapter aka The End. The Truth or The End. “9/11 Truth” is the only Answer we have left. False Flag War on Terror, based on False Flag Terror Attacks on 9/11/01, is a War against US. Order, out of Chaos, the New World Order. Herd aka Pack aka Mob aka Gang Mentality. The War is On, For, and Against our Minds. Everything from JFK to 9/11 to Today is a Rich Man’s Trick. Logic concludes Skull and Bones Secret Society aka Brotherhood of Death is the Rich Man’s Hit Men. JFK is still known as “The President to tell the Truth”. It’s been Half-Truths, and Full-Out Lies, since 11/22/63. The Secret Government aka Invisible Government aka Shadow Government aka Deep State. The Secret Societies that JFK warned US about in 1961, of the Military Industrial Complex that Ike warned US about in 1961, are Hell-Bent on bringing US down to their New World Order. DC’s One Big Party on Taxpayers Tab. Follow the Money right up the Illuminati Pyramid aka National Zionist NaZi PonZi Scheme. Logic also concludes that 9/11 was a Controlled Demolition, which was a National Zionist NaZi Jesuit Masonic Luciferian Occult Ritual, to welcome in their New World Order. The Root of all Evil Rules! The Truth, or The End, our Choice. The Writing is on my Wall aka my Facebook Page aka my Book on Change. The Truth is the first Step in Change. The Truth is the Answer for Once!
    PS: Don’t shoot the Messenger. Peace.

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