The Return to Slavery

“The powers that not be” will try to implement the following. Where will you stand?

This is ‘their’ plan: extract from an email from the Liberal Party in Canada – they mentioned that this would be introduced in Canada but would ultimately cover the whole world – we should get better organized than our hope for the “Authority to set!”

  • November 2020 start of second lock down / house arrest
  • December 2020 Opening internment camps [how do we know?… Does anyone know, does anyone know?]
  • End of Dec. 2020 to January 2021 full lock down.
  • First quarter 2021 Introducing universal basic income
  • February 3., 2021 third mutated Cov. 19nd & 21rd wave
  • Second quarter of 2021 no hospital capacity [supposedly]
  • Mid second quarter of 2021 third tightened lock-down inner-city and interregional
  • Mid 2nd quarter of 2021 complete transition to universal [conditional] basic income.
  • End of 2. Quarter 2021 Supply Chain Breakdown / Economic Breakdown
  • 3. st quarter 2021 troops in the streets / checkpoints
  • 4. st quarter 2021 Introducing the World Debt Program in exchange for your property [house, car EVERYTHING] and acceptance of mRNA vaccines [mRNA vaccines rewrite DNA and make humans an invention and therefore property of Pharmaceutical Industry – THE RETURN TO THE SKLAVERY]
  • 2022 open-ended lock-down for non-participants / resilient in their homes and inevitable relocation in internment camps in late 2021 and beyond worldwide.

Ivanca Trump tweeted this week [already deleted] that her father, with Moderna Biotech, has a mRNA vaccine / DNA change that will make you their invention and therefore their property] of January 13., 2020 worked – before the public even knew about Wuhan. Your negation of these facts will not serve you.

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