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Victor Orban on the LGBTQ issue

Victor Orban on the LGBTQ issue – as EU wants to start another procedure against Hungary.

“I understand those who choose to live differently (LGBTQ); they also need a place under the sun. But, they cannot demand that they should be the base or starting point of regulations. They are the exception. We have to make sure that they can live their lives in dignity, so that they are not discriminated against. That is ok. We agree with this. The difference start here. We will not accept that they want to educate our children – we will educate them . We do not want them to tell us what should be in schools – we, the parents will determine that. We have to make it clear that a small minority cannot be the base of general regulations. This needs to be understood by those who live a life different from the norm. I ask them to be satisfied that we offer them a life like any other human being, where they are accepted, and we do not discriminate against them in Hungary. We do not need them to tell us how we should live and how we should grow our own children.”

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