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Children’s Health Defense: Exposing Causes, Seeking Justice, Protecting Children.

A head nurse is a whistleblower:

“I’ve been a hospital nurse for 25 years.
I got out of floor nursing because of vaccines. I was the charge nurse of 66 telemetry patients 12 nurses 3 halls and I have over a 400 stories, and I’m not exaggerating, about vaccines reactions.
I’ve watched seizures, death, anaphylaxic shock, abortions, patients collapsing to the floor because their legs won’t work, flaccid arms.
Brilliant nurses in the profession for 20 + years are changing their views on vaccines. To be blunt, they’re powerless toxic chemical cocktails.
You want to debate me, I’ve got twenty years of research behind me. I’ve been to court and I’ve lived on the battlefield.”

23 Government Published Studies That Show Vaccines Cause Autism.

CDC Admits: NO Studies to Prove Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism

The CDC has conceded in federal court that they do not have studies to support…

On the CDC’s list of studies was a recent review by the Institute of Medicine (IOM), paid for by the CDC, which conducted a comprehensive review for studies relating to whether DTaP does or does not cause autism. The result was that the IOM could not identify a single study to support that DTaP does not cause autism.

Instead, the only relevant study the IOM could identify found an association between DTaP and autism.

“When it comes to autism, vaccines are the one suspected culprit that the CDC claims to have exhaustively investigated,”

Founder of ICAN, Del Bigtree explains:

“yet the CDC could not provide a single study to support that any of the vaccines given during the first six months of life do not cause autism.

“The most recent data from CDC shows that 1 in 36 children born this year in the USA will develop autism,” Bigtree says.11 “This is a true epidemic. If the CDC had spent the same resources studying vaccines and autism, as it did waging a media campaign against parents that claim vaccines caused their child’s autism, the world would be a better place for everyone.”

Court Awards $137,500 After eight Vaccines Kills Infant In Just 12 Hours .

Family Falsely Accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome After Infant’s Vaccine Injury

When doctors can’t explain sudden brain damage and rapid health decline in healthy newborns following vaccination, they sometimes hastily accuse parents and family members of shaken baby syndrome. Constanze Asaad and her family fell into this surreal predicament regarding her granddaughter, and even worse, throughout the investigation, her son-in-law was imprisoned for two years, and the baby was placed in foster care until their innocence was determined. Criminalizing families by scapegoating and traumatizing them for what is actually vaccine damage and injury is a tragedy within itself and unfathomable.

Court Awards $137,500 After 8 Vaccines Kills Infant In Just 12 Hours

Kara Krause tragically lost her baby girl, Peyton, 12 hours after being injected with eight vaccines in 2008. Through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) and Special Master’s “Vaccine” Court, it was proven the DTaP, Hib, Hepatitis B, PCV, IPV, and Rotavirus vaccines killed her daughter. Kara describes her darling daughter, “She was a normal, happy, healthy baby. I still hear her little sounds so clearly. She was my first true love.”

I lost my daughter Peyton at 6 weeks old, approximately 12 hours after receiving her two month vaccinations, when she was a month and 12 days old. She was given eight total vaccines,[DTaP/ IPV (Polio)/ Hep B (Pediarix)Pneumococcal conjugate (Prevnar), Hib, and Rotavirus (Rotateq)]. According to the autopsy report and medical examiner, her death was classified as “Sudden Unexplained Death in Infancy (SUDI).”

Kara Krause


“Polio was in decline well before the contaminated Stalk vaccine was introduced, due to simple hygiene, but not before hundreds of tons of DDT was sprayed on people, public swimming pools and CHILDREN as they thought Polio was spread my mosquitos. The Stalk vaccine was contaminated with Simian Monkey DNA. People vaccinated with the contaminated Stalk vaccine in the 50’s and 60’s in the USA are now presenting with Lymphomas. When they have biopsied those tumours they have found Simian Monkey DNA!! “In 1955, the government began a nationwide mass vaccination campaign using the Salk vaccine. From 1957 to 1958, the number of polio cases (despite the new, stricter definition) spiked upward by 50% because the vaccine itself induced paralysis. From 1958 to 1959, polio cases increased by 80%.”

Healthy 4 Month Old Dies of “Natural Causes” A Week After 7 Vaccines
Dr. Lawrence Palevsky Testimony: Unvaccinated Children Are the Healthiest Children I Have Ever Seen

The Russian Orthodox Church

The Russian Orthodox Church has stated that it officially opposes compulsory vaccinations of children. According to an international study, a very large number of Russians agree with the Church’s stand against vaccines. The Russain Church has a stronger relationship with the people as does the Muslim Church. In the West, the Church gets discredited in favour of corporate media and corporate influence over government decision making.

The Wellcome Global Monitor is part of the Gallup World Poll. They collected responses from more than 140,000 people in more than 140 countries. The questions were specifically about vaccines.

People in lower-income areas ‘accept’ the pharmaceutical company’s claim that vaccines are safe. In South Asia, 95% of people said they ‘agree’ that vaccines are safe. In Eastern Africa, the result was 92%.

Here is the statement on the ‘Russian Faith’ website:

Russian Orthodox Church Officially Opposes Compulsory Vaccinations of Children.

“First and foremost, concern for the welfare of children, including their health, is entrusted by God to their parents. The state and society should respect the priority of parental rights”

“It is well known that, along with the risk of infectious diseases, there is also a risk of serious complications — even death — as a result of prophylactic vaccination. In such a situation, it is the patient himself who should make the choice. In the case of a child, the parents should make the choice . . . . No one has the right to make this choice for them . . .”

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  • Facts43

    Just remember, the people who are working very hard to hide the truth about vaccine injuries are the ones who make the ridiculous unqualified statement that “Vaccines are safe!” Vaccine injuries are extremely common. Anyone who looks at the evidence will see that very quickly. I’ll quote the findings directly from the report, “Adverse events from drugs and vaccines are common, but under-reported. … Likewise, fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported. Low reporting rates preclude or slow the identification of ‘problem’ drugs and vaccines that endanger public health. New surveillance methods for drug and vaccine adverse effects are needed.”

    Let’s stop and think about this revelation for a moment: ‘fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported.’ The CDC’s entire vaccination propaganda campaign rests on their claim that side effects from vaccination are exceedingly rare (and predominantly minor). According to the CDC, in 2016 alone, VAERS received 59,117 vaccine adverse event reports. Among those reports were 432 deaths, 1,091 permanent disabilities, 4,132 hospitalizations, and 10,274 emergency room visits. What if these numbers actually represent less than 1% of the total as this report asserts? Simple multiplication would yield vaccine adverse events reports numbering 5,911,700!”

  • Terry Harnden

    Polio is and always was instigated by the effect of mercury antifungals in grain and their effect on your immune system. See Iranian experience.

  • I know the massive use of DDT is also heavily implicated in the “polio epidemics” that pharma used to manipulate the public.

  • Terry Harnden

    It is not just babies. It also a part of what I call ‘elderly sickening and extermination’ (blamed on old age) . All comes about via oral infections from dead teeth and root canals. Ref IAOMT.

    Marie Flowers

    Root canaled teeth are dead teeth that no longer have a blood supply going to them to carry away toxins from the cells. Many people have immune suppression from root-canaled teeth.

    For more information contact the patients’ advocacy group, “DAMS, Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions” at Amalgam dot org.

    You can find information on holistic dentistry at IAOMT dot org. Some of these dentists put in root canals, while some of them would never recommend a root canal under any condition.

    Here is an interview with Dr. Mercola. He mentions putting in zirconia implants instead of titanium implants, but some holistic dentists warn against all implants because they find them to cause infections, no matter what material was used.

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