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A rant on Church Goers

Written by Andy

By Zivth

Sensuality and degenerate ……. tendencies (unjust gain, usury, worship of mammon) are extremely sinful behaviors. Modern American whites, for the most part, have been conditioned to place these two things above marriage and being fruitful/multiplying. That’s why you have millions of abortions, a ton of divorces, and fewer marriages and births in general.

Walk into your average Church. What do the elderly people there talk about? I’ve been around, and let me tell you: they talk about business ventures and football games.

This is the spirit that opts for “contemporary worship” over traditional liturgy. God is sacred; the Word is sacred; Communion is sacred. The “contemporary” spirit seeks to make those things take on an appearance NOT of majesty, but of casualness. Jesus, God incarnate, is fully human…yet He is perfect in every way; He is to be worshipped with reverence, and we are, in fact, His slaves. We aim to do God’s will instead of our own.

We, as Christians, are pilgrims on Earth. Our home is in Heaven. What do we know about Heaven? For starters, we will all worship God constantly. This worship, as it is revealed in Revelation, is liturgical in nature. The angels and saints in Heaven praise God for his Holiness.

Old Testament Israel also worshipped in a highly liturgical, beautiful manner. Beauty and magnificence were to be highlighted. Just look at God’s own instructions for the Ark. Gold, cherubim, etc.

The contemporary spirit despises these things. It claims that relatability is key, which is mistaken in a profound way: sinners saved by Grace do not want to bask in a setting that puts them at ease in a way mirroring this thought: “God is just like me.” Instead, they want to worship God in his Glory and Holiness. The Law has revealed to us that we are fallen; we all deserve to perish eternally. Yet, God, in His perfectness, Has loved us and called us His children. Every Sunday, we should, through the Word fitly spoken, be reminded of our miserable state in sin AND our perfect God who has forgiven us.

“Casualness” denigrates both.


Lorin Partain
You mischaracterize capitalism.

The Antichrist of Hyperborea
What in the fuck is wrong with usury?
Diversity is our weakness
Excellent post.

I think that is stupid to think a service should be all about reminding us of our sins and how evil we can be !!! Jesus didn’t tell his followers how unworthy they were to be following him! He taught them kindness and forgiveness! A service should be about helping them to be better people. There should be testimonies about what people in the congregation did that week to help someone else or help other people learn about God! That is what is wrong with churches today. They are all mostly judgemental of anyone who doesn’t have nice clothes, or matching shoes, or nice vehicles. Jesus didn’t care if a person wore rags or had a donkey or walked. He loved everybody!!! And He certainly didn’t care about some stupid ball game!

Mosheh Eesho Muhammad

Capitalism is value for value exchange. If it is NOT that, don’t call it that.
You don’t call evil people as “degenerated good people”.

I don’t think sensuality, say like enjoying getting a professional massage or sunbathing on the beach or kissing your significant other are sinful behaviors at all. I think seeking only pleasure at the expense of others in life is a sin.

Joe Hemstock
You need to experience true worship not twice dead tradition.

Well said. Not only Sunday but every day is what I am striving for. It’s easy to forget to include our Father in everything we do on a daily basis with all the distractions around us. But the rewards are Eternal…

“That’s why you have millions of abortions, a ton of divorces, and fewer marriages and births in general.” The Taliban is right about women.

Even the arch-atheist Ayn Rand got it. She called out in her nonfiction that monetary/materialistic valuation is just a shadow representation of deeper love, ethical value, and conviction.

STUNNING REVELATION from the HOLY SPIRIT! The Image The Beast and Satan’s seat.

Michael Witcoff
Daily reminder to become Orthodox ☦️

Applying for the job of John the Baptist 2.0?

Tal Salsa
Capitalism = non-coercive trade.
Anything NOT capitalism is objectively immoral.

“We all deserve to perish eternally”?!?

It’s this mediaeval thinking that caused the decline in the number of Christians. People during that age lived in terror of ‘getting it wrong’, without knowing what that actually means. The Roman priests were always obfuscating the meaning of the holy book, twisting it to suit their organisation’s lust for power and wealth. When England broke free of the tyrannical grip of the Roman Church, it sent a shock across the continent, encouraging others to begin thinking for themselves, rather than recite parrot-fashion the orthodoxy preached by the ‘man in a robe’.

Maybe the OP deserves to die, but I don’t nor do those I like.

On a side note: Everyone perishes eternally. There’s no coming back from death.

I couldn’t agree more. I am 51 years old. Not an “old geezer” by any stretch. Still, I think it is offensive to see all these churches holding services where even the leadership don’t bother to put on “Sunday best” anymore. And I absolutely loathe to see women on worship team, or leading the children away to Sunday school, wearing form-fitting clothes like leggings and skinny jeans. This is obscene. Modesty is what is appropriate for women in the Church.

I think that if Jesus gave his absolute best for us, ought we not do the same for Him? At a bare minimum, we should dress better. The whole point of dressing casual was to get across the point to ‘seekers’ that the Church isn’t a scary place. We all sit around with our ripped jeans and drink coffee during the worship time and wear man buns and have whole sleeve tattoos. We’re just like you, oh sinner of the world. And while a person can come out of sin and experience the transformative Grace of God–that is the point–it is TRANSFORMATIVE. Cover up those tattoos. Wear a suit and tie, or skirt/dress. I had a pastor who used to say that if you are in God’s Army, you put on His uniform–you don’t look like the rest of the world anymore. I think there is a lot of truth in that.

Rhyme For Reason
Remember the sabbath and keep it holy. The Catholics can keep their mark of ecclesiastical authority over “all” religious matters. I’ll take God’s day, thanks. For a post about being sincere to God you’d think you’d be more familiar with scripture.

I’ve been studying the Amish. Their system of worship is far more like the Early Church than just about anyone else. They worship in homes and partake of the Communion together. They pursue humility before God. They separate themselves from the world to avoid its polluting effects. They practice adult baptism by immersion.

Blue Belle
My husband and I were discussing the Amish way of life the other day and how having a much simpler life gives way to focus on the Lord. I don’t think the modern lifestyle has done any of us any favors in developing our relationship with the Lord.

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