A Rant: Things not taught in history.


Unequivocally yes. Almost entirely fiction, at least how most western people have been conditioned to perceive it. To understand it, you really need to do more than a school education or history channel binge to know what happened.

WW2 was an extension of an ideological war began in the teens and twenties more than anything, and most of the jews killed were active participants and belligerents fighting for communism, and had spent a good two decades prior to ww2 subverting and infiltrating much of Europe in order to bring about Marxist states to enslave.

There were numerous Civil wars and revolts, counter revolutions and overthrows. From Finland to Hungary, Germany no exception, the 1920s and 30s in Europe has been completely erased from normal study because it begins to really make you sympathize with nazis. Central and East Europe was a complete disaster while Americans were living it up at home.

Three things routinely happened people generally have no clue about;

1) Countries like Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, etc, which were oppressed by communists, starved, land stolen, houses taken, imprisoned for speech, etc, once Germans came to town the locals often unleashed widespread reprisals, round ups and executions of communists on their own. It just so happened jews somehow managed to be a shockingly high percentage of these bolsheviks. (In case you ever wondered why Ukraine still holds some reverence for nazis and their divisional symbolism, it’s because they were liberated by them and allowed to join in the revenge party. It’s not an inexplicable mystery why so many Ukranians are literal nazis 80 years later.)

2) Communists formed partisan groups and stay behind networks of unmarked, non-uniformed militias. These partisan groups didn’t merely attack uniformed Germans independent of the red army, they would raid towns, rape, pillage, and murder, and then try to blame it on the Germans, which has stuck since the winners write the history..there was even a red army paper released after the fall of the soviet union that outlined how atrocities were to be staged and blamed on the Germans…as you can imagine that didn’t receive a warm welcome in the indoctrinated historian community. When partisans were found, they were to be executed by Germans, if the locals didn’t do it first. The Germans never hid from this, to them these were legal executions of armed criminals. They just also, again, so happened to be overrepresented by jews by…a lot.

These reprisals are the bulk of what we view as the “holocaust”. This part of the holocaust was very real, the executions happened, into the tens and hundreds of thousands across europe. Those spared execution, or the families of those were to be sent back for slave labor. That is very true. The world was a very different place. Everyone knew their fate if captured for such crimes, hince if you ever wondered how people could just sit there and be executed like lemmings, it probably beat being a slave or being tortured.

Everyone on the eastern theater played for keeps, surrender was hardly an option for anyone, especially partisans and saboteurs, or German troops for that matter, who were routinely tortured and executed themselves, things that make the Japanese death marches look like a vacation.

3.) Ah, the camps, can’t forget about the camps! Don’t you know 6 gorillion died to delousing chambers with wooden doors with gaps and windows with chemicals that killed lice, not humans. Oy vey…

Typhus, starvation, and allied bombing created the horrid conditions the allies stumbled upon in 1945 at the camps. There was no state left, no infrastructure, no food, no supplies, Germany was under total war, annihilation, eradication by this time. The Germans depended on trains. Every train that dared move was under instant air attack. Sadly enough, there was a documented instance where a train moving pows and camp prisioners was strayed so badly by allied fighters that everyone on board died. It was also documented as a German atrocity, despite the innumerable .50 caliber rounds lodged in the train everywhere…

Cities like Dresden, firebombed to kill women and children for sport, as every train station, hub, food bank, fuel storage, every thing you can imagine could be deemed a military target, had already been destroyed by the time allies reached the camps. In these conditions, Germans were barely surviving, how do you think prisoners would fair? It’s a miracle they kept allied POWs in decent enough condition as long as they did.

You can question the validity of having the camps in the first place, and the justice system that put them there, and I’m with you on that…but it’s clear from the marxist “Frankfurt School” that infiltrated the American Government (also, somehow disproportionately jewish) and zionists that ww2 was finally the chance to have a logical basis to eradicate European states and bring communism to the world, and they’ve achieved these goals and are blatant about it, they actually award a Kalergie award to EU members who can import the most non-Europeans while fulfilling communist goals. (Kalergie, also happened to be Jewish, wrote a book dedicated to how to genocide Europeans by turning Europe brown and embracing communism)

Thus, everything you think you know about ww2, is utter bullshit, and everything the nazis warned about, is coming to fruition in real time, before your eyes. From the LGBTQ-trans children nonsense, to the importation of millions upon millions of non-europeans,none of this is some new post modern ideological fad, this was orchestrated before the nazis took power, in fact, to a large degree, its exactly WHY the nazis took power. You don’t magically get Nuremberg rallies and widespread support just because you have a mustache. On another day we can discuss why nazis had crosses and bible references on their combat equipment, and “God is with us” on belt buckles, but that might be on another level altogether for you, but all those “nazi occult” fanfiction documentaries are bullshit too. Christianity was embraced, and the eradication of evil was a primary focus of the nazis.

Remember learning about those evil nazis burning books…did you ever question what those books were? I’ll give you a hint, it’s the same kind of books moms at PTA meetings are being investigated by the FBI for speaking out against. Books on pedophilia, transsexuals, marxism, talmudic satanism and things like that. Nazis eradicated pedophiles and marxists from polite society after a decade of pedophilia, transsexuals, child prostitution, and marxist indoctrination over society.

The common people had enough. That’s the ww2 you don’t learn in school, and instead learn the jewish marxist version of history. Ever wonder why you’re instantly called “far right” and “nazi” just for speaking out against pedophilia, mass migration, and child sexual mutilation? It’s because they know something you don’t.


For the record I would recommend anyone commenting to disagree looking into:

– the consequences of the Treaty of Versailles (as well as the Sykes-Picot agreement)

  • German lands given to Poland and their treatment.
  • German lands given to Czechoslovakia and their treatment.
  • How the Allies (primarily Britain) acted in the 8 years leading to the war.
  • Hitler called for peace talks TWICE but was denied by the UK.

I don’t know about black troops, but there were Muslim troops I know of. I could maybe believe black, but haven’t specifically seen/read of it (Ger previously had African colonies so not impossible). And it’s true, look at his rhetoric in speeches and literature, he was never affirming his own race over any other to degrade them, he only spoke about Germanic peoples being in one nation and being strong etc.

Happy reading! I would recommend looking at ‘Revisionist’ literature over the past 80 years (that which is available anyway).

“The North American population consists overwhelmingly of Germanic elements which have mingled very little with inferior colored peoples and this shows a very different sort of civilization and culture from Central and South America. In Central and South America, the mostly Latin (meaning people of Italian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese origin) settlers mingled, sometimes on a large scale, with the people who were native to the area. This one example by itself clearly and distinctly shows us the effect of racial mixture. The racially pure and almost unmixed Germanic peoples on the American Continent have risen to become the master of their land. He will remain the master as long as he does not yield to blood pollution by mixing with lesser races.” Mein Kampf, Ford translation p.188.

NAtional ZIonism.

Hail to the Austrian painter.

Hitler knew of the intentions of the Jews, now they control all the media, entertainment, industries and international organizations in the world.

Speaking German would have been a true blessing at this point.

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