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A Russian Priest on Domestic Violence.

The term “domestic violence” itself appeared in Europe in the sixties of the last century (1960s). It was born within the feminist movement. The feminism movement is a movement that destroys family values.

If a nation destroys a family, that nation may soon disappear. Because the ideas of feminism provoke a sex war. It is like an arm fighting a leg. It is clear that in this case the body does not survive.

Now with the help of such specially engaged people from Europe and America here in Russia, it has started to gain strength. Even some church organizations, out of their ignorance, receive grants to implement the topic of domestic violence into consciousness and the Russian person too.

We have very big problems within the family — as the legacy of the Soviet government. Because, according to communist religion, in it’s originally conception — the family should disappear entirely and the children should belong to the state.

That is why kindergartens and boarding schools have emerged in our country. The state should be the educator, and men and women should all go to work and become government workers and servants. The family itself – it is not considered as a gift from God — but as a certain institution that was a thing of history, but in a new ‘communist’ society must disappear.

This communist trend has led to the severe destruction of the family. It has caused a massive increase in abortions. In the twenty years since abortions were first allowed in Russia, Russia has become a field for such an experiment. But now communism is almost dead, but the new trends have the same source: liberalism, feminism, and democracy which all lead to Christian peoples degradation.

Archpriest Dimitri Smirnov


This is the same iconic slogan as “exploitation of the proletariat” of the early Marxists. By using the term ‘Domestic Violence’, the implication is that males damage females. Males, when pushed to the limit, are prone to physical action. Females tend to use psychological action. Married males report more psychological problems than unmarried males. Success and failure are heavily attached to a man than to a woman in our society. The woman only needs to undermine one of these to cause psychological distress to them male.

Violence is violence, wherever it occurs. When we became civilized, violence was banned amongst the citizenry, and the state created a monopoly on violence. Violence is a punishable act by the state. We associate civilized society with being less violent. The term ‘domestic violence’ is like a slur against all men when used by the ilk that freely uses the phrase: “Toxic Masculinity”. Who do the women expect to police the violence? Men have to punish men to satisfy women. The one-sided-ness has magnified to the point that males are considered guilty by accusation. The problem for women in this is that males are very reluctant to make commitments to women. I often say: “The easiest thing for women to do is the pass exams and get a job, the tables are tipped in their direction. The hardest thing for women to do is find a male prepared to marry them.” By contrast, I was in Georgia, a nation to the south of Ukraine, nd in a matter of a few days, two young males asked if it was acceptable to ask their recently found girlfriend to marry.

And don’t forget, domestic violence is not a male only thing. Women also commit domestic violence against men.

To a male, even divorce is considered a failure. When a man is divorced, he is considered a failure. When a women is divorced, she escaped from a bad male. The lack of logic is appalling. She chose the man in the first place. We are dealing with anti-male propaganda. I have recognised for most of my life that the propaganda was pro-woman and anti-male. I accepted it and dealt with it.

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