An open letter to war criminal – General David ‘Betrayus’.

Written by Joe Cortina


By Joe Cortina

You sir – are a despicable war criminal mass murderer. You are the quintessential serial killer of civilians and a disgrace to your uniform – your country — and your God — if you ever had any honor to God. You have wittingly and willingly been a major accessory to one of the biggest crimes of the past century! You may ‘believe’ in God — but then so does the Devil.

Your superior — Admiral Fallon, said it best when he exposed you for the brown-nosed sycophant you really are — when he identified you as: “an ass kissing little chicken shit” I unanimously second that accurate assessment. Real men despise people like you.

Just how many pieces of silver have the Jews paid you to be our Fuhrer’s puppet, General? I hope the price was worth the countless thousands and hundreds of thousands of innocent lives you are responsible for snuffing out — ESPECIALLY THE CHILDREN. You know of course — General — that a vast majority of those helpless innocent victims whose murders you so eagerly ordered were CHILDREN! You know – helpless lovable little kids – like my grandchildren. Do you ever tire of washing the blood off your hands?

You act like your Jewish masters — you talk like them — you murder innocent children like they do in Israel– you lie like them — so — what are you? I think you are at heart, a mirror-reflection of your masters — They, and we both know who we are talking about here, have a name for the goy that are their useful idiots like yourself — even IF you do hold a Doctorate degree — you are STILL their useful idiot — a shabbus goy!

You may have a chest full of medals sir — but not ONE OF THEM was for doing ANYTHING in defense of MY country against ANY mortal enemy of The United States of America. The ONLY truly mortal enemies this country has ever had AND STILL HAVE — are the COMMUNISTS — and their Zionist allies. You have never served my country ONE DAY in harm’s way against our TRUE MORTAL enemies sir — NOT ONE DAY!

Of course the Communists were the ‘creation of the Godless Zionists’ whom you serve. THAT IN ITSELF IS HIGH TREASON GENERAL! You have betrayed every informed wise and decent man woman and child in this nation. You are the best civilian murderer and destroyer of sovereign nations that the Jews can buy. You are either a traitor OR a complete imbecile. A traitor if you are aware of what the Jews have done to our freedoms and continue to fight for him OR — an imbecile if you are STILL SO IGNORANT as to not be aware of your treason.

I may not have achieved the power and recognition General — but at least I can hold my head up high – and with HONOR. Unlike you — I served MY country – with honor – NOT the filthy Godless criminal scum in ISRAHELL. Unlike you, sir: — I risked my life and voluntarily placed myself in harm’s way with HONOR. Unlike you — General baby butcher — my conduct caused no innocent death — no destruction of innocent civilians and no insane war against those who have not done us, nor EVEN intended us, no harm.

I was training infantry combat troops in preparation for war against a REAL enemy in 1962, General. I was only a lowly Lt. back then – but I did a man’s job to the best of my ability and there were REAL enemies then. The best that your treasonous Jewish friends could do back then was to side with ANY and ALL Communist causes and conflicts. That was before the Zionists had gained T-O-T-A-L control of our media — or government — our total finances — our education system – our military leadership — our Congress and finally our President — lock stock and barrel. You were learning how to tie your shoes and read and write then. A LOT of the men I trained died at the hands of those allied with the Jews while you were playing marbles and hide and seek. I PERSONALLY had a hand in the training – as instructor and company commander, of over a thousand men — and there was not one, count them – ONE Jew in that entire mass of young soldiers. Your precious Jewish friends were too busy taunting and spitting on them as they returned home from battling the Communists — those who even did make it back.

If you had an ounce of integrity or a grain of moral courage, you would have stood up to that murdering lying blaspheming Zionist Jewish scum in the White House of SHAME and said: “HELL NO. I WILL NOT DO THESE EVILS AGAINST MANKIND AND THE LAWS OF GOD AND ALL THAT IS DECENT.” But, the morally spineless ass kisser that you are — you could not resist the power and the notoriety – and just DO THE RIGHT THING — could you?

I won’t bother with epitaphs of damnation because you have ALREADY damned yourself – and YOU WILL PAY General In this mortal life – or in a greater justice – YOU WILL PAY!

Come on ‘peachy’ — Are you so vain — or just stupid? Is it that hard to envision an analogous situation here in MY country where a powerful foreign force – say the Red Chinese who lets say – were at the time vastly superior to us in technology and weaponry – decided to ‘liberate’ us poor backward AmeriKan Yankee fools from our domestic political ‘capitalist’ oppressors.

Then they just invaded us on some idiotic lie pretext of their security (death rays) – raped our women – tortured us – murdered hundreds of thousands – made homeless tens of millions – destroyed our most sacred national treasures – left out country in agony despair and ruin and had their lying propaganda media in China inundate their people with lies about how happy we corrupt capitalist fools were about being “liberated” – not “occupied”. OH and they had a catchy name for their mega-crime — “OPERATION AMERIKAN FREEDOM” Sound familiar General? Shame on you sir — for promoting that filthy, cruel Zionist inspired lie.

Then of course there would be the Chinese PLA counterpart to you — say we call him General Wang — and this general keeps telling the Chinese press that the PLA must keep the USA in the agony of occupation for another ten YEARS and then ANOTHER TEN YEARS – meanwhile the Chinese government is stealing our natural resources and impoverishing our nation. Our freedom fighters would of course be called “TERRORISTS” (for trying to rid our country of the Communist invaders). Are your lies beginning to ‘show’ General ‘Betrayus’

The PLA would make friends through any means – money, intimidation, fear etc of local AmeriKan puppet country sellers who might be willing to betray their own country and side with the invaders. If any of these treasonous scum were harmed by REAL patriots (what you and your ilk call terrorists in Iraq) it would be depicted in China as more terrorist activity which would then of course justify the PLA leveling entire American neighborhoods or even cities and killing every man woman and child (collateral damage of course – a popular Jewish term) – and then brag about their victory and make heroes of the PLA animals who committed these war crimes in the name of “liberation” . Oh and I almost forgot — the PLA never found any ‘death ray’ weapons as the ‘Chairman’ of Red China had proclaimed. But of course with so many stupid uneducated masses of dumbed down morons in China – it really didn’t matter that the Chinese had murdered millions of innocent people and destroyed a Western culture based on lies and greed. After all the Chinese are Godless Communists and why should they give a rat’s ass about the mass suffering of less than human Americans. Am I making you uneasy General?

This is EXACTLY WHAT YOU and our young killers in uniform HAVE DONE IN IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN (places like Haditha and Falluja sound familiar – General ‘Betrayus’?).

You do not fight for me or my family or any learned moral decent American I know. The only people that are ‘protecting’ by your crimes are the stinking Israelis – and I spent enough time there to see what sadistic treasonous murdering criminal lying godless immoral scum they REALLY ARE!

Ever hear of the USS Liberty massacre General? What’s the matter – I thought that we ‘fellow paratroopers’ had a little more guts than the average guy. Scared that if you ever criticized your cold-blooded murdering Jewish handlers you might damage your precious career? Oh – Excuse me – You are a four star Gen officer and the men murdered by your Zionist friends were only lowly navy ‘swabs’. How thoughtless of me to even insinuate that you should be concerned with trivia.

I could write a book on the subject – but you get the idea General. IN TRUTH — you ARE nothing MORE THAN A WAR CRIMINAL — a destroyer of civilization — a rapist — a thief – a murderer. You SCUM! YOU FILTHY MURDERING SCUM. You and filth like you are responsible for the deaths of EVERY CHRISTIAN MURDERED BY THE JEWS IN THE MID-EAST AS WELL – and you know it!

You make the Japanese commanders who ordered the ‘death marches’ at Batan and Corregador look like childish pranksters by comparison to the crimes you have committed in the name of the Jews. I pray that the countless souls of the innocents you have had murdered haunt you for the rest of your miserable cowardly meaningless life. The human misery and suffering of innocent civilians by your hand have not gone unnoticed by God. You can bet on that Mr.!

You are not a ‘man’– you are a spineless sadistic ass-kissing worm – and I would be pleased to tell that TO YOUR FACE. IF – you WERE a REAL man – you would have long ago told that miserable stinking war criminal Bush and his cabal of treasonous Jewish/Zionist thugs to go to hell! May God save this country AND OUR HELPLESS VICTIMS from the like of you.


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