Archbishop of Mosul, Iraq, feels sorry for Europe.

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The Archbishop of Mosul, Iraq, feels sorry for Europe:

In the East, we often look at Europe with envious eyes. But we have retained natural values: the defense and promotion of the family, living faith, pride in our identities and our roots. All things that I see slowly disappearing in Europe. I said it in the European Parliament: “I am more afraid for Europe than I am for Iraq”. Here, in some ways, we have lost everything; here, you neglect the importance of your treasures, your cultures, your civilization. And you sometimes give way to fundamentalist or Salafist movements that gradually impose their ideologies on those around them, to become bearers of hatred and disrespect for the countries that welcome them.

This approach must be the first. Secondly, one would have to be short-sighted not to see that Europe is naive in the face of terrorism and uncontrolled and unattended immigration. As a human and Christian, I believe in the primordial place of the neighbor and to immerse it. They will always find in me the heart of a brother who loves them. I am also in love with European cultures: they will always find in me a friend who advises them. Not all these people come to love you, or to serve the countries that welcome them. If you do not control and fight the outlaws, and those who refuse the values of your country and human rights, and impose their own laws, you will lose your way of life, your culture, your peace. For Catholics, naivety is not charity, prudence is. It is indispensable to have an eye for love, and an eye for prudence, this is how you are invited to look at migration.

As for terrorism, if you do not make it disappear by law and firmness, it is you and your children who are exposed to the danger of kneeling.

When asked: “Are you worried that Christians could face persecution also in the Western world?” , Archbishop of Mosul replies:

They have suffered persecution and for a long time. I am a Dominican. I know that the congregations were expelled from France at the beginning of the 20th century. It was necessary for the religious to give their lives for their homeland in the war trenches so that they could return to France. It was Father Henri Lacordaire, a lawyer and Dominican who re-established the Order in France in 1838, who preached to live “God and freedom.

Europe is becoming the sick child of the modern world, because it is moving away from its faith and its cultural and religious roots.  By dint of turning away from the Church and its heritage, it falls in love with the worst fundamentalist, lax or individualistic ideologies, as long as they are opposed to those who built it. This is an immense sorrow for those who love Europe. A pain that will be repaired only through education and culture, through knowledge and the coming out of a false vision of secularism, which must not be instrumentalized to oppose God and spiritual values.

Secularism is the distinction between God and the State, not opposites. “Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and to God what belongs to God,” he said, our Lord Jesus Christ. (Mark, XII, 13-17).

We must fear false gods, slavers, violence and the sword, and not turn away from the God of love and peace. Christians all over the world are undergoing a real ordeal, and always give martyrs, because of the fanaticism of a god of sword and violence. Unfortunately, you also have your martyrs murdered by the same ideology and by the same fanatical groups. All over Europe, people are falling because of the expansionist Islamist ideology. Father Hamel and his assassination, like many other innocent victims in Europe, should have been an occasion for awareness and vigilance. Too bad that was not the case. Europe: Wake up 


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