Black lies matter

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Marxists, Anarchists and their affiliates have joined the BLM movement to create a race war.

Black Lies Matter

The Black Lives Matter movement started in 2013 after Trayvon Martin – a young black lad – was shot dead by a neighbourhood watch officer in Florida. The person who shot Trayvon is George Zimmerman.

When the news broke of a young black lad shot dead in Florida, mainstream media outlets immediately manufactured a racial motive, much like they have done with the tragic death of George Floyd. Mainstream media in the USA reported that a “white man” shot Trayvon Martin – something that Black Lives Matter continues to do to this very day.

The trouble is that the “racial narrative” has spun well and truly out of control. Mainstream media have been race-baiting in the USA for years, Democrat politicians in the USA have been race-baiting for years. Hollywood continues to support fake racial narratives every single day. Now the USA has exported a toxic blend of Black Supremacy, Black identity politics, Black Nationalism and Black victimhood here in the UK when we don’t have the same issues of race in Britain.

Well now we do, and it’s all based on LIES!

All Lives Matter

Nobody is saying there isn’t racism here in the UK; nobody is saying that racism doesn’t exist; nobody is saying that racially motivated attacks don’t happen here either. Black Lives Matter say race issues are common, systemic even, even here in the UK, we challenge any Black Lives Matter leader to name just ONE LAW that persecutes people on the amount of melanin a person has. The BLM movement peddles lies and disinformation creating tensions between Whites and Blacks; this is done with deliberate intent for the sole purpose of pitting people of the white and black communities against each other.

Here is the “white” man George Zimmerman. According to Black Lives Matter, he is a “white supremacist”. They completely ignore his mixed-race background and the fact that he identifies as “Hispanic”. They went with a false flag attack on “whitey” instead. Tell us, does George Zimmerman look “white” to you?

George “Whitey” Zimmerman

This is just one of many many lies that Black “Lies” Matter peddle to create tensions and hatred between the white and black community, not only in the USA but also here in the UK and Europe. Anyone watching the Black Lives Matter “peaceful protests” aired on mainstream news outlets will know (if they dig hard enough) there is very little that’s peaceful about them.

Black Lives Matter leadership run the movement like a black chapter of the Ku-Klux-Klan. The leaders are radical black socialists who want to burn everything down to the ground while they chase the phantom of white supremacy. Back in 2015, the Democrats (the equivalent of Labour here in the UK) passed a resolution to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

The DNC said, and we quote:

“[T]he DNC joins with Americans across the country in affirming ‘Black lives matter’ and the ‘say her name’ efforts to make visible the pain of our fellow and sister Americans as they condemn extrajudicial killings of unarmed African American men, women and children,”

Well, the Democrats have a history of racism, it’s not new, it’s still there alive and well, deeply embedded within the Democrat politic. Hillary Clinton (a Democrat and two-time presidential candidate for the Democrat Party) had a “good friend” who recently passed away; his name was Robert Byrd.

Here is Hillary eulogising for her “friend and mentor“.

To all those people who have been suckered into this radical lying left-wing Black Lives Matter movement. To all those black folk who have bought into its Marxist race-baiting divisive narrative – TR.News presents to you….

Robert Byrd – Grand Cyclops In The Ku-Klux-Klan

The black community in the USA and in the UK are being used by left-wing politicians.


We won’t apologise for saying that.

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  • Andrew Hamiltonsteem

    Black Live Matter is an inherently racist organisation. The very name itself is racist.
    All lives matter, not just black lives.
    It engages in racist attacks on everyone who is not black.
    The organisation should be outlawed.

  • They want to divide the population, and after they want to give the solution. I hate communists all them are terrorists, as Churchill said in the past, ” A communist is like a crocodile: when it opens its mouth you cannot tell whether it is trying to smile or preparing to eat you up” . Left Wings are a disgrace for the humans, for the world, for the nations, they should disappear for ever.

  • We need to put all of this vileness in context . . . we live in a country where the vast majority of its citizens, many of whom are highly educated, STILL believe that Osama bin Laden showed up on 9/11 with 19 lap-dance Arab buddies, and collapsed in free-fall THREE building with TWO planes . . . these so-called “American” still believe and act-out their daily political/social lives on that premise…and that 9/11 stuff is just a sample. So what is the big surprise when those same cattle allow black thugs and white thugs, and jew thugs, and commie thugs, and MEDICAL THUGS, and ACADEMIC THUGS, and MILITARY THUGS, and whatever thugs to run roughshod over everything ? Think about it this way . . . the karma that we will endure just might be justified…especially if that spiritual repayment includes a servility so complete as to allow the filth currently taking place in Seattle, etc. !!!

  • saiyaman

    The thing which pisses me off is that they’ve really riled the normally laid-back Brit up! And the smart ones are totally on board with you, Tommy lad, in that they are outraged but they can see the same trap which has been laid out (ie don’t rise to it). But it could stoke up some racial tension from less-restrained people. This week has been a bit of a sorry episode in our history. Not necessarily because the Colston statue was removed in such a manner (it was a highly divisive issue for the locals), but because of the inaction of the police over it which has saw, for example, the good (older) citizens of Poole defend their local statue.

    Going back to the Colston Statue, I managed to catch the fact that the petition site 38_degrees held two petitions in 2017. One was to REMOVE the Colston statue (11kish votes, but 1k or so signed just after it was ripped down). The other was to KEEP the name “Colston Hall” (7,228 votes; the opposing one got 2.2k votes and won). This petition was deleted last Sunday, by the way, as it was “wrong” to host it in the first place (aka “cancel culture”). Have the screenshots if you want to see. I actually have no qualms about “Colston Hall” committing to a name change in 2017, which they understandably reiterated their commitment to recently, but TECHNICALLY the people of Bristol voted to keep the name! It will never happen, but can you imagine if 7k protestors marched upon “Colston Hall”, ripped down the new name from the wall, spray-painted “Colston Hall” in its place and then threw it into the dock? I’m coming from a democratic POV here, by the way.

    Going back to the defending of statues, my local one is on the “Stop Trump” hit list. I can assure you that none of the people organising it have been there, and it was actually erected within the lifetime of a handful of constituents. Do their opinions not matter? (ironically, it is a Labour constituency so, sadly, the party may make some sort of blanket decision to “appease” people)

  • stacy2020

    South African President is using Fake Covid 19 as a excuse to bankrupt all white/ndian/colored peoples small business’s and white farmers are getting BRUTALLY TORCHED and RAPEID and nothing gets stolen. Wake up world South Africa is the blueprint for the rest of the WORLD and the South African Government “Cyril Ramaphosa” “ANC ” NELSON MANDELA’S PARTY” is funded and looked after by George Soros and the World Bank. White people are law bidding citizens and the ANC who WERE/ARE “TERRORISTS” just wants to kill seek and destroy. Every ANC politician is a Billionaire and they have not done one hard days work. So world maybe by watching this WORLD go so chaotic you can see I little what the WHITE South Africans have been dealing with daily! And believe me when i say this that South Africa is WAY worse and chaotic and every day is getting worse!

  • bilbo1965

    TrayVon Martin is the biggest Dog Whistle in history! This is a Marxist Lie enacted on the world to Divide and Conquer Society for the NWO to bring in their UN Agenda 20/30/50….Fight back!

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