Bobby Fischer, World Chess Champion.

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First of all, we have to understand what communism is. I mean, to me, real communism, the Soviet communism, is basically a mask for Bolshevism, which is a mask for Judaism.

Bobby Fischer. World Chess Champion.

Bobby Fischer was the greatest American chess player in history. He may have been the most talented chess player to have ever played the game. His mother, Regina Fischer, was Jewish, fluent in six languages and had a Ph.D. in medicine. Some people believe that Bobby Fischer was the result of an affair between his mother — who had been married to Hans-Gerhardt Fischer at the time of his birth — and a notable Jewish Hungarian scientist named Paul Nemenyi. His mother was forced to raise both her son and daughter alone.

A a young person, Bobby Fischer began to dominate chess in the USA. At the age of 13, he became the U.S. Junior Chess champion and played against the best chess players in the United States. At fourteen years of age, he became the youngest U.S. Champion in history.

The Soviets were some of the best chess players in the world. At the time, there was what was called a ‘Cold War’ between the ‘West’ and the U.S.S.R. In 1972, the U.S. found a weapon in its Cold War against Soviet Russia. The U.S.S.R. had dominated the Chess World Championship since 1948. It’s unbroken record was seen as proof of the Soviet Union’s intellectual superiority over the West. In 1972, Fischer ended that intellectual superiority. He beat the USSR’s greatest chess master,the then world chess champion Boris Spassky. Booby was a true master. Many say that there has never been a chess player as great as Bobby Fischer. Even in current times, his games are analysed and studied. 

By the Jewish rules of Jewishness, Bobby was Jewish because his mother was Jewish. His brilliance extended into other areas. Whilst his tactics at chess were applauded, his analysis of Jewish activities stood against the message from the mainstream media. Rants, such as this, upset those that don’t like to be criticized.

My main interest right now is to expose the Jews. This is a lot bigger than me. They’re not just persecuting me. This is not just my struggle, I’m not just doing this for myself… This is life and death for the world. These God-damn Jews have to be stopped. They’re a menace to the whole world.

Bobby Fischer

For making such comments, he was described as: “his mental health was slowly slipping away.” As is usual, the content of his comments were not analysed, but his health and character were attacked as in the following: “Fischer had spewed a slew of anti-semitic comments to the press.”

Talking about 9/11, on Philippine airwaves, he blasted:

“I say death to President Bush! I say death to the United States! Fuck the Jews! The Jews are a criminal people. They mutilate their children. They’re murderous, criminal, thieving, lying bastards. They made up the Holocaust. There’s not a word of truth to it… This is a wonderful day. Fuck the United States. Cry, you crybabies! Whine, you bastards! Now, your time is coming.”

Bobby Fischer. World Chess Champion.

‘They mutilate their children.’ would be his reference to practice of cutting off a young boy’s foreskin without the owner’s permission.

Even at the age of nineteen, he spoke his mind concerning women and chess:

“They’re all weak, all women. They’re stupid compared to men,… They shouldn’t play chess, you know. They’re like beginners. They lose every single game against a man. There isn’t a woman player in the world I can’t give knight-odds to and still beat.”

Maybe he was correct that: “There isn’t a woman player in the world I can’t give knight-odds to and still beat.” Is it a mental illness to state something that may actually be true? A lot of men say this sort of thing in male company in a type of talk they call “Man Talk”. It is not ‘hateful’ because men still love women. Witness the hateful lines in modern music. Here is Eminem:

“I’m the illest rapper to hold a cordless, patrolling corners
Looking for hookers to punch in the mouth with a roll of quarters”

Even Taylor Swift sings:

‘She’s an actress/But she’s better known for the things that she does on the mattress.'”

Snoop Dogg rapped in 1992:

“Bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks / Lick on these nuts and suck the dick / Gets the fuck out after you’re done,”

Children listen to this stuff when they walk past you in the street with their ear phone wrecking their eardrums. Yet, Booby Fisher was blasted as un-hinged for commenting on woman’s chess ability!

In 1962, Bobby Fischer created a controversy with his comments in an article that he wrote for Sports illustrated. It was titled, “The Russians Have Fixed World Chess.” He accused three Soviet grand-masters of agreeing to draw their games against each other before a tournament. This comment took the whole chess world by storm. However, it is now generally believed to be correct.

The most common opinion is that Booby had schizophrenia. A likely theory is that Russia used the power of sound to drive Bobby Fischer to insanity. He demonstrated internal suffering suspiciously soon after his match with Russia. Fischer began making long, anti-Jewish rants, even though his own mother was Jewish – but so does Brother Nathanael. In addition to the rants, he would read and quote Mein Kampf, an autobiography written by Adolf Hitler. Well, there is no sin in reading or quoting Mein Kampf. One cannot judge Mein Kampf without reading it. Reading and quoting Mein Kampf id not an indication of insanity. It is perhaps more insane to condemn someone for reading it when one has not read it themselves.

Some people believe that he was never really insane. Infrasonic sound can cause insanity, brain damage, and hearing loss. It is used as a weapon. Bobby Fischer suffered from the same symptoms. His symptoms appeared around the same time that he challenged Boris Spassky, a Russian world chess champion. Russia was not keen that an American might win world title. They smeared Bobby’s name through propaganda. 

Fischer demonstrated insanity only after his match against Russia, although he had a bad temperament before the match.

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