Bombs — America’s weapon of choice!

Written by Andy

On 1945-08-06, there was a despicable bombing of the Japanese city of Hiroshima using an experimental nuclear bomb. Three days later on 1945-08-09, America bombed the city of Nagasaki.

Little Boy’s atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, the equivalent of thirteen thousand tons, destroyed about seventy percent of this beautiful city.

The explosion wrecked everything within a radius of one and a half kilometres from the epicentre. The temperature at the epicenter reached three thousand degrees. Right after the tragedy, eighty thousand people died. By the end of 1945, the number of victims had risen to one-hundred-and-forty thousand.

Many injured were killed due to lack of medical care. Those who came to the city to help also died from the effects of radiation.

Three days later, the atomic bomb Fat Man (“Fat Man”) was dropped on the city of Nagasaki from an altitude of five-hundred metres. About seventy thousand people were victims. Half of the city was completely destroyed.

On 1945-08-15, Emperor of Japan, Mitinomiya Hirohito, announced surrender. “The continuation of the war threatens to destroy the Japanese people”, the emperor said in his message.

According to the US, the death toll in Japan reached one-hundred-and-seventeen-thousand people. Japan claims that nuclear bombing caused half a million deaths.

Those who managed to survive after the nuclear explosions in Japan were named Hibakusya. This category includes not only survivors themselves, but also the second generation — children born to women who experienced the explosions.

Atomic bombing caused prolonged psychological disorders in “Hibakusya”. I is also difficult to treat diseases such as cancer, teratomorpha (ugliness), and disability.

Analyses taken from Hibakusya are used today in assessing the level of infection and safety at nuclear facilities.

But the nuclear bombings were only a new, more severe form of bombing. America had been using barbaric bombing using ordinary bombs on the fire-prone the capital of Japan, Tokyo. There were even more victims there.

From World War II, bombing has become a favorite style of waging war by Americans. Germany recieved a particularly violent and prolonged bomb festival by America. The beautiful city of Dresden, had a death list according to different data sources from 135 to 250 thousand inhabitants during the bombing on 1945-02-15

Let all wars be cursed along with those vermin that organize and ignite them. Many people of homo sapiens will die whilst we allow these Neolithic savages to have sway over our messages of peace.


Matthew Perrine
I use history to show the difference between communism and facism. It can be hard for people to see the difference based on them both being very authoritarian in nature. But historically, you see that communism is the slow creep of that left wing authoritarian bullshit to control how we live. Fascism is a right wing authoritarian response that develops in response when peaceful negotiation and democracy are no longer options with the communists. It’s the only way to root them out. A fascist dictator is also the only dictator in history to voluntarily cede power when their work was complete.

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