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Church and state should never be separated.

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In 1290 King Edward I of England expelled all the Jews from the Kingdom with an edict. Only 16,000 of them left. The rest pretended to be Christians but clandestinely continued to practice Talmudic Judaism and Old Testament to interpret rabbinical attitude. They also smuggled back the expelled Jews in the following centuries until the mid-17th century with the advent of dictator Oliver Cromwell. In the meantime, these “Christian” Jews (Marrani) influenced English culture in “reformed” or Anglican faith. In the 16th century in England the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob becomes the English God. Old Testament Heroes Replace Catholic Saints. English Judaism thanks to the rabbinical translation of the Bible. In fact, the English “puritans” are born, that is, Old Testament Judaism. They follow the sacred ‘Scripture’ which became a pretext for greed because “they followed the Old Testament to the letter for the reason they saw their own faces reflected in it”. Puritanism meant the end of Christian morality and the importation of the “Jewish habits”. Consequences were repression of social morality to a low level. This was manifested at home and abroad. It spread poverty to unleash the British Industrial Revolution, which caused the Soviet Communist Revolution. Poverty was supposed to become typical of British life from there on for centuries, just so that we could bring a revolution and international political movement, determined to overturn the medieval view of the world and replace it with something new. (Barbara Tuchman American History)

Something new meant to justify greed, gluttony, pride and sensuality i.e. later known as liberal super-capitalism that would bring revolutionary power all wealthy by stealing Church property. Decided to imitate the Jews both in theology and in economics, so there were the progress in finance thanks to the international collaboration of Jews and this collaboration took place in many ways. Like Jews, even wealthy families supported heretical forces in religion and liberalism in politics. In economics this meant “wear”.

England became a “second Judea. In fact, the most important families, used the Bible with heretic rabbinical translation, now everyone had the right to interpret the Bible in their own way, in other words, a justification for their involvement in wear, pride and the sensuality and why they used their economic means to consolidate their political power.

Freedom of interpretation, also in other areas of life, however the powerful determined what was true. The ecclesial link that united England and Rome was cut, the one that united the English between them was also fatally weakened, because once England stopped being Catholic, it favored foreigners (as it happens now with the Europe of Maastricht) who supported the new government against the natives and against those who didn’t clearly understand what was happening (like today in Italy the PD and 5stelle voters), in fact both the dissidents and the clueless were swept away by the same foreign tide that favored the immigrant over the native. A coalition of the Elites. England thus became more powerful than all the countries in the world thanks to the transformation of finance, much more powerful than the armies of Philip II of Spain.

Individualist materialism i.e. super liberal capitalism “conservative revolution”

Marx had rightly understood “the beginning of super-capitalism was the robbery of the wealthy English of Church property”

The robbery continued when the wealth of the church was put at the service of finance (Mammona), that is when English family, who became rich by grabbing ecclesiastical properties, decided to compete for the Jewish monopoly ico about dressing and getting into business. Just like it happened in the Italian revival.


The church should not bend to the state, as it is doing now, through the traitors of Jesus Christ that are inside

It is the Church that does not have to accept all the proposals of the State. Especially if they go against the laws of God…

And who said it?! In Italy (and not only) the Age of the Commons probably corresponded to the period of greater splendor of Christian society, then? And the time and spiritual power were well separated…

The Bankers (the usurers) divided them. The fault is English.

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