Could Muhammad be a Greater Inspiration Than Jesus Christ for White People in the Future?

Could Muhammad be a greater inspiration for white goyim than Jesus Christ in the challenges of an uncertain future? By this, I don’t mean Islam, nor am I suggesting that Muhammad was a greater figure than Jesus. I’m not all too familiar with the details of the Islamic faith. Like most people, I know the general outlines of who Muhammad was, what he achieved, and how Islam means a great deal to its believers, around two billion people. Also, I only have a basic sense of how Islam is different from Christianity or Judaism and how Islamic history, for better or worse, developed in conflict with Christian history.

So, why raise the question as to how Muhammad may serve as a great inspiration for White National Liberationists in the struggles to come? It is mainly for one simple reason. Muhammad was a non-Jew who founded a great religion inspired by religions founded by Jews: Judaism and Christianity. That fact alone is HUGE. Even though Christianity won over non-Jews, most significantly the Europeans who made it into the most powerful faith on Earth, it was totally founded by Jews. So, all Christians — unless they happen to be Jewish converts to Christ — are really worshiping a religion envisioned and enacted by the Jewish spirit and imagination. Therefore, Christians are merely spiritual servants of Jews.

Sure, we can argue that Jesus, the Disciples, and Paul were rejected by the Jewish community. We can argue that the Disciples and especially Paul turned against the Jews and placed their hopes with pagans who might be converted to the New Faith. And we can argue that pagans, having been converted to Christianity, came to both spiritual and material greatness in their own right. They also gained power over Jews who, in turn, came to detest Christianity as a faith twisted, perverted, and stolen from them by the Arabs and Europeans by way of Jewish traitor-heretics: Jesus, His Disciples, and especially Paul.
That is all true. Jews wholly rejected Jesus and the Disciples, and the Christian Faith became a deeply meaningful religion to the Europeans and Arabs(before Islam came to dominate the world of the latter).

However, the history of Christianity implies that the Jews and Only the Jews are capable of prophecy and of receiving the divine light. The great prophets of the Old Testament are Jewish. And Jesus was born a Jew, and all His Disciples were Jewish. And Paul was Jewish. Therefore, Christianity, though coming into its own as a great religion among Europeans, totally relied on the vision, imagination, and oratory of Jews.
Of course, over the long span of history there were many great gentile and/or European thinkers who analyzed, interpreted, and advanced Christian theology. St. Augustine of North Africa is perhaps the most important. Later, there were Martin Luther and John Calvin. And many others.
Still, they were not prophets or founders. They were interpreters or polemicists, intellectual servants of Jesus and other Jews who were wholly responsible for founding the New Faith. With Christianity, one can never get away from the nagging sense that non-Jews simply haven’t the reach and the depth to be prophets, to be touched by the divine light, and to be inspired by spiritual destiny. The fact that all those Europeans became good Christians means that, no matter how intelligently they could interpret the texts, no matter how many machines they could build, and no matter how many battles they could win, they weren’t capable of the profoundest creative will: To prophesy the true purpose, to behold the true light, and to forge the truth faith. As long as Europeans/whites cling to Christianity, they shall be servants of the creative, prophetic, and visionary will of another people, one with prophetic prowess and visionary power.
Even in our time, Jews come up with the Big Ideas(even if terrible), whereas most whites either proselytize them, analyze them, or critique them. There have been some first-rate conservative criticism of Jewish-conceived Ideas and Agendas, but it’s only a reaction to another’s vision, not a competing vision. The side that only reacts to the initiatives of the other side can never win. It can only slow down the progression of the Agenda.

So, even as European Christians became the most powerful people on Earth and even scared Jews out of their wits at times, the undeniable fact was that Jews had made the fire that burned in the white soul. Jesus, the Disciples, and Paul may have found a way to make the fire burn brighter, but it was from the original Jewish formula. So, when we look at the entirety of European Christendom, it is a story of a people who could not make a fire of their own and came to live off the fire of another people all these years. To be sure, Europeans tended the fire in wonderful and even genius ways, but it was never their fire. They didn’t make it. Jesus and other Jews made it from the original fire of the Rabbinical Jews.
Of course, from the Jewish Perspective, Christianity could only be a perversion of the True Faith. The idea that the almighty God would manifest Himself in the body of a carpenter-preacher sounded like Judaism crossed with paganism with its notion of the demigod, half-god and half-man. If it seems absurd that a man could be a ‘woman’, it seemed downright crazy to Jews throughout history that some guy could be God Himself.

Anyway, consider Elvis Presley, the King of Rock n Roll. He got so rich and famous, one of the most iconic and legendary entertainers of the 20th century. But all said and done, despite his charisma and undeniable talent, his core act — what made him famous in the first place — was an imitation of black rhythm-n-blues. So, no matter how big and famous Elvis and his imitators got, there was no getting around the fact that they ‘stole’ the fire from black music that provided the basic crude that fueled the heart of Rock n Roll. Whites could only co-opt it and make it their own. To be sure, ‘black music’ in America couldn’t have come into existence without the influence of white musical idioms and instruments. There was no Jazz, ragtime, and blues in Old Africa(or in other parts of the New World where blacks came under different influences, mainly Latin). Still, the jiggity energy that animated rhythm-and-blues was essentially African.

Now, one can argue that white people made something even better out of black music — in ingenuity, brilliance, and experimentation, the Rolling Stones surpassed the bluesmen who inspired them — , just like the Europeans expanded the scope of Christianity that would never have occurred to Jews. Consider the Notre Dame Cathedral, the music of Johannes Bach & Handel, and the many tomes & artworks that enriched the profound themes of Christianity.

And yet, neither Christianity nor Rock n Roll can be claimed by white people as their own organic child. It’s like a family can adopt a child and raise him to grow smart, sturdy, and even spectacular, but when push comes to shove, one must admit that the child was not born of the family. He was taken from another family.

In the Argentinian film THE OFFICIAL STORY, a military officer and his wife do their utmost to raise an adopted child with love and care, but as the wife discovers, the child was taken from her natural parents who’d been executed/murdered by the military junta.
Jews have ambivalent feelings about Christianity. On the one hand, it is the child that they threw out or sought to kill in its cradle; but it somehow lived and passed over to Arabs and Europeans who raised it to grow into a great religion. On the other hand, Jews see Christianity as their own child that was ‘stolen’ by another people. Jews didn’t want the Christian-child but then came to resent the fact that it found a place among another people who raised it to become the most powerful religion on Earth. (At the same time, Jews felt great pride in knowing that even Christian-European Anti-Semites had a religion only thanks to the imagination of Jews. In other words, no matter how much white Christians impugned and denigrated the Jews, there was no getting around the fact that white Europeans would have no great faith if not for the ‘Christ Killers’. As a further bit of irony, not only did the Jewish Community produce Jesus and the Disciples, but there would have been no Christianity if the Jews had let Jesus live. Jews killing Jesus was the very birth of Christian mythology.)

But all said and done, there is no getting around the fact that, as long as Europeans/whites cling to Christianity, they must live with the reminder that they, as a people, have been living under the spell of another Tribe, incapable of envisioning and founding a spiritual vision of their own. In science, whites have proven their genius and brilliance. In arts and architecture, whites have surpassed all other peoples. And despite the huge influence black music has had since the 20th century, the greatest and the most sublime music was made by Europeans, especially the Germans. And the bulk of the greatest literature was written by Europeans/whites. Europeans were great warriors, adventurers, and entrepreneurs. Also, Europeans were the masters of philosophy. They also developed some of the most amazing mythologies ever. Possibly, Greek mythology is the summit of human imagination. (Germans came closest to the prophetic model, and one could argue that Friedrich Nietzsche, Richard Wagner, and Carl Jung were at least semi-prophets in their own ways, and of course, Jews in the Germanosphere had the most prophetic impact on the modern world, with Karl Marx being the biggest of them all. It explains the friction that led to the great conflagration in Central Europe. It also explains why Jews have been especially hell-bent on snuffing out the German fire, and it seems they succeeded. The once great German soul, in radiance and darkness, is now just a big hole, a total embarrassment to mankind.)

But in the long run, mythologies cannot hold a candle to a religion. Mythologies, though communal religions in their time, eventually came to be regarded as folklore, metaphor, or fantasy. Civilizations outgrew them.
In contrast, religions and deep faiths are forever. Even the brightest light of reason and science cannot rid the world of faith and religion. It is in the art of creating religions that Western Man has failed(or been suppressed under the weight of Christianity).
It was the Jews who came upon the art of spiritual fire-making. White spirituality has amounted to little more than tending the fire sparked by Jews. Therefore, as long as white people mainly look to Jesus, the Disciples, and Paul for inspiration, they will be spiritual captives of another people, especially those who mean them harm. They will have failed to become prophets themselves.
The story of European Christianity is filled with scholars, saints, priests, scribes, missionaries, and teachers. But there are no prophets because white Christians succumbed to the vision, imagination, and prophecy of the Jewish heretics who came to form the core circle of the Christian founding.

In contrast, Muhammad did something truly remarkable. The key factor was that Muhammad was not Jewish(or even a Christian). He was a pagan Arab who, rather than striving to be accepted into the Jewish community or converting to Christianity, had the strength of will, both daring and reckless, to found a new religion. Unlike all those Europeans who knelt at the feet of Jewish prophets, Muhammad chose to be a prophet on his own terms. He learned about the great faiths of Jews and Christians, sought the divine light, communed with God/Allah, and received & presented the True(and Final) Version of the Way of God.

The West failed to produce a man of such will. Perhaps, in this regard, the Semites, Jewish and Arab, just have more ‘sand'(no pun intended). They have more gristle in their soul-gizzards to grind things down and reconstitute them into something else.
If the West swallowed whole hog the Jewish-founded faith of Christianity that passed through its spiritual digestive system mostly intact, the Semito-Arab Muhammad digested Judaism and Christianity to the point where they could serve as nutrients for something new and different. Thus, Islam was born. Even though it could not have existed without Judaism and Christianity, it was more than an interpretation of those established religions.

Europeans dared not challenge the Messianic prophecy of Jesus, the Disciples, and St. Paul. While they could pray to God and hope to earn His blessings, they didn’t dare to come face-to-face with God and be the new prophets or messiahs. For them, the Old Testament and the New Testament were the Core Canon. All they could do was hope to understand it, interpret it, build on it, and live by it.

In contrast, Muhammad had the Semito-Chutzpah to be the next prophet, indeed the Final Prophet, and lay down the real definitive Message from God/Allah. To put it in vulgar terms, Muhammad had bigger balls than all the European Christians who left behind so many books and arts in service to the Faith founded by Jews. (Granted, Muhammad’s claim of being the Final Prophet robbed all future Muslims of the prophetic will, something that is now owned only by Jews because they still await the messiah whether in the spiritual or secular sense.)

Anyway, it now appears that Christianity is finally nearing the end of its life-span. Mainline churches are totally worthless and more about worshiping homos & trannies and Magic Negroes than God and Jesus. Evangelicals are low-IQ morons whose main theme is “I Luv Israel ”. The Catholic Church is a den of closet-homosexuals, pedophiles, Third World leeches, and flakes like the current Devil Pope Francis. Third World Christianity is a hodgepodge of ugabuga superstition in Africa or prayer for higher social status in Asia.

So, what is there? Should white people turn to Islam? Of course not. Islam simply isn’t compatible with the European soul. What about Mormonism? It is essentially a useless stillborn cult-religion that is neither Christianity nor a new religion. In some ways, the founders of Mormonism were comparable to Muhammad in that they had the daring to claim a New Message from God.
And yet, Mormonism also claims to be an extension of Christianity, and the Latter-Day Saints insist they are good Christians. Mormonism is now essentially a Cult of appearing moral and respectable in habits and manners WITHOUT any substantive search for deeper truth. In a way, it’s understandable why homos and Mormons are so useful to the Deep State. Both groups are aspirational in status and privilege but have traditionally been regarded with suspicion and/or revulsion. Therefore, the fact that the powers-that-be and the respectable institutions have embraced them has made them more grateful, more eager to serve with utmost conviction. The eager anxiety of outsiders allowed to be insiders.

There is something a bit too ‘pat’ and ‘wholesome’ about Mormonism. Notice how Mitt Romney passes himself as a good Mormon because he adheres to all the Mormonic do’s and don’ts. I’m sure he doesn’t drink and acts like a 1950s conservative dad at home. But look beneath the shell of respectability, and what you find is a lowlife slimeball and sleazebag in business and politics. He sort of reminds me of the gentile Studio Boss in HAIL, CAESAR!(a Catholic to be sure) whose idea of repentance as a good Christian is centered around trifles like quitting cigarettes while being utterly oblivious to his complete immersion in the sordid and lurid world of Hollywood.

The Amish seem devout in their faith, but the double-whammy of ‘technophobia’ and anti-intellectualism means they will never play for real power and influence, thereby remaining irrelevant despite their growing numbers. At least the growing Jewish Orthodox Community is politically linked to secular Jewish Power. The Amish, in contrast, just want to be left alone.

Anyway, the future is a big question mark. Christianity is essentially a spent force. Mainline Christianity is a homo worship, Catholicism is a closet-homo, Third World, and New Age mess. Orthodox faith and practice are more stable but essentially a museum piece. It is about preservation, not rejuvenation. Evangelicals are too dumb to comment on. Mormons are a bunch of cultists.
Ironically, because of their negative association with polygamy and other scandals, the latter-day-Mormons have been so obsessed about coming across as more-normal-than-normal, a strategy also adopted by homos (at least some of them) who are eager to present themselves as the New Normal because so much of homo culture has been associated with debauchery, disease, and death.

But, such striving for ersatz normality by Mormons and homos make them fundamentally dishonest and unwilling to face the true nature of what they are. The fact is Mormonism began as a crackpot pseudo-religion founded by a charlatan. Still, its latter-day-success attests to the power of persistence, diligence, and earning potential. With enough members and dollars, the Mormons became impossible to ignore, just like the homos later… and that may be why more Mormons are warming up to ‘gay marriage’. Neither Mormonism nor Homomania has anything real at its core. They are sham cults whose ‘respectability’ owes to the outward appearance of ‘normality’ attained via blind loyalty to the powers-that-be. The CIA is teeming with both groups.

We are living in dark and strange times but also very exciting times. It turns out there is no End of History. The Left is now a joke, essentially a worship of Homos and the idea that Rachel Levine is a ‘woman’. It’s about infantile chanting of slogans such as ‘Diversity is our strength’ and ‘Inclusion, goo’. Jews promote Globo-Homo as the new faith, but how long can such idiocy last?
Even mainstream culture is being pornified. For most people, Pop Culture is their only culture, and a cancerous form of Political Correctness, ‘wokeness’, is the entirety of their world-view.

Nothing is certain in our times. Even as PC tries to make us worship Diversity, Globo-Homo-mania, Shoah Biz, and Magic Negro as new religions, most people find no great or deep meaning in them. Also, the sheer power of Pop Culture has a way of trivializing everything. When Jews tell us, in equal measure, to remind ourselves that Dylan Mulvaney is a ‘woman’ and that ‘six million died in the Holocaust’ — or that we owe it to ‘six million dead Jews’ to support tranny fantasies because refusing to do so may lead to another Holocaust or ‘trans-genocide’ — , we are living in some kind of Clown World.

It points to a great spiritual, moral, and visionary vacuum in the post-soul of latter-day-modernity. So many are grasping for meaning and truth but don’t know what it is, where it is. So, the future will likely be the age of new prophets and new covenants. The old formulas no longer speak to us, the current formulas are decadent or demented, and future visions have yet to be discovered.

Anyway, in striving to find new visions and new truths, white people might look more to Muhammad than to Jesus. While Jesus was a Jewish prophet-Messiah in the long line of Jewish prophets, Muhammad was an Arab(a non-Jew) who DARED to take on the role of a prophet. No white man in history ever dared to look so deep and far, indeed to the extent of INDEPENDENTLY founding a great religion. European Christians, incapable of being prophets themselves, merely accepted and served the prophetic will and reach of the Jews. This has to change if the white race is to survive in times ahead.

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