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Written by Andy

“My brothers in Christ, defend your faith and do not smile in the face of Muslims because they hate you and they wish to kill you but trust in god that we will defeat our enemies in Christ name amen.”

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre about Islam.

Yes our lord Jesus said in the holy bible:

“Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.”

Matthew 10:34

What about Judaism?

We will impose Noahide Laws Rabbi Yisrael Ariel.

How can the Church make buddy buddy with Islam or has our Christian paradise become a mess? Indeed, all Christians know that Heaven is mainly frequented by humans of good will. Good people. That criminals, fornicators are welcomed into Hell. However, in Islam, criminals, suicides, terrorist murderers go directly to the paradise of Allah. They are seated on his right and receive sixty virgins as gifts for their crime. How can the Church defend Islam, whose paradise is very much like our hell?


No one should live in danger from another’s religion. We should not be in fear of our neighboring countries. Warlike steps were taken in the past and they were mostly at the tip of a sword or the barrel of a gun or whatever was the latest technology of fear. The latest technology is not the pulpit of the synagog or the temple or the mosque or the compromised church, but the loud speaker of the mass media. As I travel the world, I see the same news with different talking heads and different languages. The television has become ‘Satan’s Pulpit’ as it spews forth all that was previously un-Christian. As humans, we ignore history at our peril. And that history was tied to the religions. The kings may have ruled nations, but the religions ruled the hearts and minds of the people. So the king, wishing to be known as a good king, would rule the nation along the guidelines of the religion. We should not disconnect from the religious identities that are our history. Most of the history was good but like all things human, the Church was taken off the rails by bad influences, often foreign and hostile influences. The demand of the people would eventually bring the train back onto the tracks. We need our Christianity more than ever as we are pounded from all sides by ‘Satan’s Pulpit’.

Under the cover of current crisis, we must be wary of the implementation of the Noahide Laws. Under the guise of ‘good for the world’ a two tier set of laws favouring the Jewish people would be implemented.

The Talmud encourages Jews to commit all manner of criminal activity without fear of punishment, but the Jewish Encyclopedia states that the penalty for Gentiles who violate even one of the seven Noahide Laws is death. Note the disparity. ‘Due process’ is not required in the criminal prosecution of a Noachid / Gentile and the death penalty does not apply to Jews,

Carlos Martine

The Chabad Lubavitch claims that Jews enforcing the Noahide Laws and overseeing their execution will reverse the moral degeneration of mankind and restore the world to the pristine conditions that existed in the Garden of Eden before the fall of Adam and Eve. Their marketing ploy is that their utopian “new world order” of peace and universal brotherhood will reverse the moral collapse and the global chaos engulfing mankind.

Carlos Martine

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