Divorce American Style

In the 60′s, they made an Italian movie titled “Divorce Italian Style”, starring Marcello Mastriani (it is a pretty good black humor movie, with english subtitles). The talk associated with it was how ridiculous it was for Italians, so heavily influenced by the Catholic Church, to have to resort to extreme measures to rid themselves of unwanted mates. This movie, via humor, subjected those who did not believe in divorce, to subconscious ridicule.

A few years later, they made a Hollywood movie entitled, “Divorce American Style”, with Dick Van Dyke and Debbie Reynolds. This was also an entertaining movie, but, it was also a subconscious weapon against traditional Americans by making it seem like divorce was almost commonplace and it was also commonplace to reduce a fruitful and hard-working father and husband to sheer poverty (child-support, alimony, etc.).

It was a few years after these two movies (which were very popular back then), that a wave of divorces came about, practically in every state.

I watched as several of my friends and coworkers found themselves at the mercy of “family courts” (so-called) due to the emotional instability of their middle-aged wives, who were driven to feel “unfulfilled” from all the media crammed down their throats. I knew several of these wives and I wouldn’t have believed it, even a few years earlier. These folks were all brought up in traditional America, with traditional American values, and, it was an ugly transformation that drove them to call a lawyer on their husbands (good men all).

As this was going on, my own wife, also brought up very traditionally, was beside herself that these women (many of them her friends), one by one, were ‘siccing a lawyer after their husbands, getting the house, car, and payments for nothing, and then becoming sluts in a vain attempt to get “fulfilled”. It made me a little nervous, but, at least, my own wife saw through all this and so I felt reassured that I would be spared that fate.

Wrong! Sooner or later, no matter how level-headed and loyal a woman is, with constant badgering from all avenues, even they will give in. I got the same treatment, although I managed to get ahead of the curve and minimize my loss.

I had a heart-filled conversation with my aged grandmother about this during those times, and she allowed as how she herself, way back when she was in her 30′s, and overcome with so many children and so much poverty, had wanted to leave my granddaddy. She confessed that she actually had thoughts along those lines, but, as she said, “there was nothing I could do about it back then”. Then she smiled and quickly added, “I’m mighty glad I didn’t”.

From all this I see clearly that Americans, absent the pervasive influence by jews and other malignant “progressives”, would never had allowed divorce to become so widespread – it is in the nature of ordinary Americans to stick it out with the “love of your youth”, and forgo these foolish ideas about “fulfillment” and regaining youth. Women should never be given enough options to destroy their husbands and the future of their children, and even their own future – they are just too unstable when enduring hard times.

The traditional marriage vows of “love, honor, and obey”, need to be re-instilled in the psyche of our young women. Men need to also understand their duty to live up to the “love, honor, and obedience”, of their wives. We have veered way of course over the last 50 years – so far that I have doubts about being able to find our way back.

I suspect there will be a harsh period of turmoil before traditional family values are restored, after 50 years of such an assault on our centuries-old cultural values.

Even though there are some men who want only to be head-of-household and apply all the fruits of their labor to their wives and children, there are many more men of age who grew up seeing the horrors flung down upon good men (sometimes their own fathers), and, for these young rascals, any let up on women’s rights (so-called) would result in massive abandonment as these rootless men would bed down any consenting female they could, promising her anything she wanted to hear, and trucking on to the next one.

These harsh “family laws” have been so destructive to the good nature and family-oriented instincts in men, that it would probably take a generation to flush out the wild hairs that have been seeded.

If these family laws are to be set aside, then, be prepared for a large number of children whose fathers are nowhere to be seen, at least for many years before traditions finally get restored into the psyche of the American man. Its going to take a long time and it will be a very hard road.

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