Does Islam persecute Christians?

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While Islam claims to be a religion of peace, it is important for non-Muslims to understand exactly what the word “peace” means to Muslims. Islam teaches that someday there will be world peace but that it will only possible when the world is united through Islam. In other words: Muslims are taught that world peace is only possible if Islam rules the world.

Mandate: Regain Lost Territory

Islam teaches that any geographical area that has ever been ruled by Islam must again be ruled by Islam. Basically, any territory that Islam has ever occupied in the past is still considered to be their territory even if they do not control it. Consider the area that the Islamic Ottoman Empire used to control… that is the area they still feel entitled to control. It is the duty of every Muslim to work toward regaining all the territory that was lost so that Islamic law (Sharia law) is restored to those areas.

Goal: World Domination

In regards to regaining lost territory, Islam requires that all Muslims work toward the day when the entire world will be ruled with Islamic law. Each Muslim is expected to be ready to do their part in helping Islam to rule the world. What exactly their part is depends upon the level power that Islam wields in the geographical area that each Muslim is located.

Strategy: When Muslims are a Minority

Muslims are taught to follow the strategy that their prophet Muhammad employed. If Muslims are a small minority in their geographical region, they are to live in quiet harmony with non-Muslims. As they gain strength in numbers, they are to begin to demand special treatment due to their religion (e.g. special food, the building of mosques).

Strategy: As Muslims increase in Numbers

As they increase in numbers, they are to insist on being allowed to follow Islamic law in their geographical area. Since most western non-Muslims are ignorant as to what Sharia law entails, they foolishly grant their request. Non-Muslim countries are clueless as to how completely opposite Islamic law is from Western forms of government or basic concepts of human rights.

Strategy: Lie to non-Muslims

The truth about Islamic teachings are veiled with lies to the Western world. Islam permits Muslims to lie to non-Muslims. If Muslims lie in order to further Islam, lying is considered to be a righteous act. Because Islamic doctrine is so very different from most other religious doctrines, foreigners are woefully naive as to what will happen as Islam gains strength in the non-Muslim countries.

Strategy: Deceive & Conquer

Islam only permits peace treaties if they are temporary (less than 10 years). Peace treaties are only permitted for whatever period of time is needed to gain an advantage over their enemies. When the Islamic community is strong enough to conquer their enemies, they are taught to do so with violent force and without mercy. That is what Muhammad did and they are taught to emulate him.

The Koran and hadith teach these strategies/principles to Muslims
and mandates that faithful Muslims obey

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