Douglas Murray on Islam

Written by Andy

Best of Douglas Murray Amazing Arguments And Clever Comebacks Part 4


Love this man. I’ve been centre-left but the leftists who like to pretend mass immigration isn’t a problem, that islam isn’t a problem in a free society, have pissed me off for years. We need more like him in the public eye.

Steve Gascoigne
Douglas Murray has the guts our politicians lack.

Mark Danielle
Wow, just an insanely amazing line (paraphrase): “To call Islam a religion of peace is a statement of hope, to elevate hope to truth, and that history tells us is bad.” Shit, that’s just good.

Steven Krenz
I’m really glad my fellow atheists are finally speaking out against all religions not just Christianity. For so long my fellow secularist cozy up to Islam and it’s sickening.

Mass Immigration is Bad For Britain

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