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Douglas Murray – ‘The Incoherence of LGBTQI+’

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Renowned author and social critic Douglas Murray argues that our modern fixation on group-identity politics ‘strips the individualism out of individuals’. Murray ridicules the common interpretation of society as based upon interest groups divided by gender, sex, sexual orientation and race. Douglas Murray is a prolific British author and journalist. He has been contributor to The Spectator since 2000 and has been associate editor of the magazine since 2012. He has also written regularly for numerous other outlets, including: the Wall Street Journal, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Sun, The Evening Standard, and the New Criterion. He is a regular contributor to National Review and has been a columnist for Standpoint Magazine since its founding. His latest book, ‘The War on the West’, was published in May 2022.


Galloping Goose
As a lesbian I wholeheartedly agree with this man’s argument. It’s exhausting trying to navigate dating and friendships in “the LGBTQ community” because you have to tow the line, be inclusive of every group who wants a spot under the umbrella of that community, and you have to first and foremost identify as part of the community. My sexuality is a small part of who I am and I refuse to play identity politics with people who want to define me by putting me into so many little boxes.

Political Junkie
Groups don’t have rights. Individuals have rights

A Blox
I’ve been saying this for years, as a gay male I do not ‘identify’ myself LGBTQ. I am simply gay, have a long-term male partner and live a ‘normal/everyday’ life. If my sexuality is private and a small part of who I am, why does it have to be at the forefront of my identity? My identity is based off who I am as a person not who I decide to sleep with behind close doors. People homogenize everyone under one banner of “Gay people” or “women”, “blacks” etc. as if every single person within that ‘category’ will share the same views, opinions, and lifestyles. It’s beyond myopic and ignorant to think that way. Love everything that was said in this video. Trust me, put multiple gay or bi men in one room and you will see none of them are alike. Women from culture to culture have very different opinions on different subjects also, as goes for every other group in this world include white men. Not all white men are powerful CEO’s/rich/power hungry POS as the woke left tries to portray them.

Alberto Gutierrez
As an American of Latin American descent, I never felt connected to all Hispanic Americans.

Just finished reading The War on the West which I found rather depressing but recommend 100% as one of the most important books of our time. The message is clear. Stop just complaining about these issues but make your voice heard before it’s too late.

Emerging Events
The key point Douglas doesn’t say is that these people who decide why something progressive is ok, (e.g. male weightlifters winning the female category), are the same ones who promote themselves into leadership because they know best.

Dorothy B.
I’ve been making this argument for years. I am not the black community and I speak my own views and cannot speak for others. I am not proud to be black as that is simply a representation of my parents genes. I can only be proud for what I made happen by my passion and Labour consistency and contentiousness

alya hamzah
In my experience, non heterosexual ppl tend to think their sexuality is a major part of their personality and often impose and overshare it to others when it is unnecessary to do so. Nobody needs to know what you like to do behind closed doors and with whom in the privacy of your home.

We need more people like Douglas to turn around our woke society. Who ever believes that dividing a nation into small groups of people with a focus on their own special interest would make a nation strong. Division never brings strength and confusion never brings clarity. Our schools are very much to blame for the lack of teaching children to think and reason and to contribute their skills in making our nation prosperous. Instead we are focusing on every special interest group, every minority, every word that might be offensive to someone in one of those groups and even changing the meaning of established words. And then we wonder why our nation is falling apart.

Pilgrim of many Pilgrims
As a Trans women I totally get this, I don’t want a label that is manufactured by society to “include” me. I have a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria and that is the fact that I adhere to, I just need to be left alone to live my life in the way that allows me to be free of mind crushingly hatred of my assigned gender. I have finally found peace but it doesn’t make me an LGBTQI activist it just makes me be who my mind tells me I am, an individual!

Douglas Murray is one of the great thinkers of our time.

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