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Feminism has sold a lie

Written by Andy

The world has been sold a false narrative on what types of relationships are fulfilling. Popular culture promotes sexual imagery and narratives encouraging casual encounters. But human biology and basic needs show that tradition may have deeper wisdom on what makes a happy relationship. This is according to Lauren Chen, who hosts a popular YouTube channel under her own name. Chen explains how modern education, modern entertainment, and even peer pressure are causing young girls to make poor decisions they often later regret in life. Chen also discusses her own work to educate others, which has helped people live more happily and develop healthier relationships.

Why Hookup Culture Is a Sham That’s Making People Miserable by Lauren Chen

It is a dangerous lie: “If men can do it, we can too.” They used to say: “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.” It was a way of suggesting that men and women are different. I often say: “It is the differences between men an women that make the relationship interesting.” We are not the same, we are different. Men and women must realize how different they are in their communication styles, their emotional needs, and their modes of behavior. The consequences of sex are quite different for men and women. What is nine minutes of heaving for a male is nine months of gestation for a woman along with a lifetime as a mother. The male can potentially run away. A functional society needs some method of controlling the habits of males. This was done through tradition bound to culture promoted during upbringing. Women supported it by keeping the legs closed until the male got on his knees and begged the woman to marry him with the implication that he would dedicate his whole life to supporting her. He effectively pledged his income for life to her needs. She reciprocated by keeping her pussy intact until a suitable male got on his knees. I would be fairly confident that my father never slept with another woman than my mother. I was born the appropriate number of months after their marriage. The tale that men were promiscuous does not hold water as women would not let the males into their pants, certainly not in the average village. If it happened, it was on a minor scale.

If one looks at the animal kingdom, the task of every male is to chase females. It is almost the only task of males. It is entirely natural for males to chase females. The rules changed when we became civilised. Males had to show worthiness. This was generally an ability and willingness to support the female. It took advantage of male’s habit of ‘falling in love’ with a female. Females are more switched on in the love department. The system used the males to police the males.

Males still chase after females, but the rules have been changed by women’s demand. The standards have been discarded, and men do not need to pledge a lifetime of financial servitude to a female to get into the knickers. A little ‘game’ is all that is needed. Feminism sold women down the river.

What has changed is that women have collectively lowered their standards to the point where men don’t even have to work for it anymore. The illogic of Feminism abounds. By its own logic, Feminism did not bring women up to the level of men, it brought women down to the level of men. I usually word it quickly as: “Men are toxic. We want to be like men.” If the entirety of the males in the animal kingdom are chasing pussy, the precious item is pussy. Some pussy commands greater value. Eighteen-year-old girls are valued higher than twenty-eight year olds. Twenty-eight year olds are valued higher than thirty-eight-year-olds. It’s biology. It’s the animal kingdom. We can’t change Darwin.

A male is valued for various qualities which include good genes along with an ability to provide. You can watch numerous of these video interviews and high in the girl’s answers is the man’s earning capacity. I remember some young males of about twenty-four asked me the question: “Andy. Where can we find ‘good’ girls?” To clarify, I replied: “What do you mean by good girls?” They said: “You know what we mean. A girl that is not going to sleep with your best mate the next week.” I suggested ballroom dancing and church. What is striking about the answer was the lack of trust that these young male had for females. They did not trust the girls they currently met not to go sleep with one of their mates in the near future. It is the standards of girls that have eroded. Males have always been opportunistic. It is even a mating tactic. Breeding for males in the animal kingdom can either be by producing as many offspring as possible and tolerate survival of the fittest. Or it can be restrained and producing a smaller number of high quality well adjusted offspring. A difference can be seen between third world breeding habits and Western habits. A clash oof breeding habits occurs when the two meet under ‘diversity’.

It is not men that created hookup culture, it was women that said: “Yes.” that caused it. It can be argued that the majority of Feminist sprookers were Jewish women, but the propaganda was pushed by the males that ran the media. The one part of Feminism that the Feminists never talk about is its roots.

The Jewish creators and pushers of Social Marxist Feminism [1]:

  • Gloria Steinem (1934- ); founder, Ms. Magazine.
  • Bella Abzug (1920-1998); Civil rights and labor attorney elected to Congress (House of Rep.) from New York City; served 1971-1977.
  • Betty Friedan (1921- ); feminist leader and author of the book “The Feminine Mystique” (1963).
  • Shulamith Firestone (1945- ); Canadian feminist. Wrote “The Dialectic of Sex” (1970).
  • Andrea Dworkin (1946- ); radical; apparent lesbian. Author of the book “Intercourse” (1987).
  • -Susan Brownmiller (1935- ); U.S. feminist. Wrote the book “Against Our Will” (1975).
  • Susan Faludi (1959- ); author of the book “Backlash” (1992).
  • Naomi Wolf (1962- ); advisor to Al Gore in the 2000 U.S. presidential election.
  • Emma Goldman (1869-1940); early U.S. feminist.
  • Ernestine Rose (1810-1892); b. in Poland; early feminist.
  • Phyllis Chesler (1941- ); U.S. feminist; author of the book “Woman’s Inhumanity to Woman” (2002).
  • Judy Chicago (Cohen) (1939- ); U.S. feminist. Author of the book “The Dinner Party” (1996).
  • Robin Morgan (1941- ); U.S. feminist. Former editor-in-chief, Ms. magazine.
  • Letty Cottin Pogrebin (1939- ); U.S. feminist; co-founded Ms. magazine.
  • Gerda Lerner (1920- ); b. in Austria.
  • Annie Nathan Meyer (1867-1951); U.S. feminist.
  • Maud Nathan (1862-1946); sister of Annie Nathan Meyer; U.S. feminist.
  • Geri Palast (1950- ); chair, Committee on Women in the Global Economy; U.S. feminist.
  • Rose Schneiderman (1882-1972); b. in Poland.
  • Anita Pollitzer (1894-1975); U.S. feminist; pal of artist Georgia O’Keeffe.
  • Gene Boyer (no birthyear available); a founder of N.O.W.; president of Jewish Feminists; U.S. feminist.
  • Lucy Komisar (1942- ); author of the book “The New Feminism” (1971); U.S. feminist.
  • Karen Nussbaum (1950- ); (apparently Jewish); leader of 9to5- National Association of Working Women.
  • Eleanor Flexner (1908-1995); (apparently Jewish–relative is a Zionist); U.S. feminist.
  • Riane Eisler (1931- ); b. Vienna; author/feminist; . Author of the book “The Chalice and the Blade” (1987).

According to Radical Feminist Naomi Weisstein, the Jewishness of the women’s liberation movement was a source of ‘embarrassment,’ there were simply too many of them to ignore (Antler 1). This was an issue many feminists groups throughout the United States plainly did not talk about.

“Some call it Marxism — I call it Judaism”

(Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, The American Bulletin, May 15, 1935).

What we have seen with Feminism is the usual Marxist tactic of dividing people against themselves. Marxism was never a way to run a country. It was always a way to destroy a functioning nation. The Jewish Nazarene tabled by Luke[2] states:

If anyone comes to me and does not hate their father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters–yes, even their own life–such a person cannot be my disciple.”

Luke 14:26

This comment is quite out of context with the bulk of the New Testament which leads us to puzzle how it got in there. The Muslims claim that the testaments were ‘corrupted’ by Rome. Is this one instance?

The Jewish Maurice Samuel in his book: ‘You Gentiles’, tells us as it is:

“We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you do will meet our needs and demands. We will for ever destroy because we need a world of our own, a God-world [Jewish World Order]”

“We [Jews] have a national God. In the heart of any pious Jew, God is a Jew.”

For the Jews, this ultimate world desire is expressed as a World Communist Dictatorship.

And, just to be clear, Rabbi Harry Waton informs:

The Communist soul is the soul of Judaism. Hence it follows that, just as in the Russian revolution the triumph of Communism was the triumph of Judaism….”

(A Program for the Jews and Humanity, Rabbi Harry Waton, p. 143-144).

Feminism was for the main part, started by leftist Jewish women. The fact that they were Jewish matters more than the fact that they were women.

The “empowerment of women” was one of the slogans invoked. The fake objectives created an embitterment of women. Men were ‘blamed’ for the despicable ‘fact’ that females get pregnant. The narrative never put it the other way around. Biology was ignored. Science was ignored. Truth was ignored. Logic was ignored. But women fell for it. Men are designed to chase females, and so they fell into line. These Feminist Jews created as story where the female role in reproduction was an demonstration of ‘male oppression’. Biology was ignored. A quick visit to the monkey cage at the local zoo will demonstrate the female role in mating. The female monkey wiggles her backside in front of the target male to coax him into action. And as I walk down the street in summertime, the cleavage and tight pants are everywhere. When I natter to girls learning about life, I mention that girls stand near the male they want to chat them up and hope that he makes a move. The girls choose who is going to chat them up. When he talks giverish, they say: “Yeees.” … “Yes” … “Yeeees” until he settles down from his hormones and talks sense. The Feminist story was the emotional poison that turned gullible White women into what we now see as the shrieking, repulsive, anti-White, genocidal fruit-loops that we suffer today.

The illogicality in Feminism abounds. I detect that people can be persuaded by illogic as easily as by logic. The goys are gullible.[7] Consider the presidency of Bill Clinton. Feminists supported this man, despite credible accusations of rape by more than one woman. Feminism condemns behaviors in men seen as ‘masculine’, but supports woman with ‘masculine’ traits and behaviors. These masculine traits are illogically empowering to women. Feminists generally support the immigration Muslims. Islam is the most hostile culture toward women’s rights. Islam has a culture where female genital mutilation is the most common. Whenever the Feminist message conflicts with the Politically Correct agenda on race, the Feminists put women’s issues aside in favour of anti-White Political Correctness. These oddities are expected by those that are derided as Conspiracy Theorists. Yet, the real conspiracy is of Jewish origin. Feminism is one of the weapons designed to bring down the Western Christians. We are witnessing the wrecking of Western Civilization and the extinction of White people by our own women.

What is novel is that Western White Feminsts has supposedly established ‘gender equality’ in the workplaces and in the political sphere. This has now moved to the next stage. During the French Revolution, many of the females that marched with pitch forks on the Palace de Versailes causing King Louis to step down were subsequently given a visit to the guilatine to loose their heads. The Jewish feminists and their non-White participants are taking over the feminist movement. The White women who did the bulk of the dirty work are being derided with accusations of “racism”.

Feminism is now turning on white women. A search on Yandex for ‘white feminism’ will take you into a dismal dark place.

The latest “intersectionality” social justice warrior campaign rails against “White Feminism.” That’s right, White Feminism. Because every single bit of life, society, and culture must now be parsed into political subsections… [3]

The organisers at the top are pulling the race card on the White Feminists. The Feminsits are attacking their own. Nothing new to anybody that has read the Communist Manifesto or the incoherent jiberish from a Jewish man called Marx.

White women enjoy a lot more privilege than their counterparts of color by virtue of a system that is still heavily biased in their favor. ‘White feminism’ is the kind of feminism that focuses solely on the issues that white women face, without addressing the fact that they do have advantages. [4]

Because modern feminism is so inclusive, it now demands that White Feminists, “shut the fuck up.”[5]

The war on White Feminism.

Some classic Feminine illogic:

there’s an implied “Only” in the middle of White Feminism. [6]

Just as hate speech against males was acceptable, hate speech against white people is now acceptable:

it’s important to recognize the power and danger of white women’s tears. [6]

Some very special vitriol:

Just earlier today a WOC (woman of colour) shared a post in a vegan activist fb post that called on vegans to stop comparing animal slaughter to the lynching/slavery of black Americans, and the pushback from white vegans was pathetic.

They are dividing Feminism by colour. White women’s views are subject to scrutiny. They even have names WOC as ‘woman of colour’ to aid the discrimination. Black women suffered terribly under Feminism. Their family structure has been decimated. Here is some self defacement:

Full disclosure: I am a white woman. And I find white people’s fragility and feelings overwhelming and disappointing and frustrating and pretty shitty, honestly.

What I try to communicate to other white people: Sometimes, the entire world does not revolve around us white people and that is okay. Sometimes, we are not invited or welcome in certain spaces and that is okay. Sometimes, people who are not white will criticize white people in general and that is okay, too. And it’s okay for us to feel something about all of these things but it’s not okay to shut the very real and very important conversations down because of our feelings. Because our feelings about every fucking topic in the world are just not that important.

If our hurt comes from a place of guilt, we need to address that guilt and the wrongs we have done and continue to do and not lash out at the people who are bringing up why we should feel guilty.

Black slavery was the sale of Blacks enslaved to Blacks and on-sold to Jewish slave traders and transported on Jewish owned and operated ships. It was Western White Christian countries that fought and banned slavery. Ignored is the large numbers of Whites that were enslaved even into the the West Indies. Sex slavery is in large part the enslavement of White girls. The problem is particularly bad into Israel, the self proclaimed Jewish state. zzz source

A search for ‘i hate white people’ on Yandex is very revealing.

[1] https://www.deathofcommunism.com/feminism-is-jewish-social-marxism/
[2]  Luke’s presentation of Jewish religious markers: circumcision, temple worship, sacred space (Jerusalem, synagogues) and sacred time (Sabbath), Scripture, and myth. It argues that Luke renders Jewish practice and belief, outside of Jesus’ interpretation, as relegated to the past, insignificant, corrupt, or co-opted by Jesus and his followers.
[3] https://legalinsurrection.com/2015/08/the-war-on-white-feminism/
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[7] Goy is Jewish slang for cattle as in Western White Christian. Shicksa is Western White Slut preferably fair haired. T-shirts are printed with ‘Shicksas are for practice.’

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