‘Feminism is a Disease’

Written by Andy

Welcome to my page! I hope you find it uplifting and enlightening. My name is Zack Strong. I created this page as an educational tool to expose the dangers of feminism, and to promote traditional marriage between a man and his wife, to defend the patriarchal family order as established in the holy scriptures, and to advocate for greater unity between men and women – particularly between husbands and wives.

Feminism is a Satanic philosophy that, at its core, is anti-family and anti-Christ. As such, it is clearly a tool of Lucifer and his minions to deceive and enslave mankind. Any idea, program, or policy that undermines the traditional family unit – which is the foundational building block of society – is destructive to both individuals and society, and furthers the Luciferian agenda. Beginning with Adam and Eve, Satan has attempted to pit men and women against each other in an effort to destroy both and frustrate God’s plan for the happiness and success of His children.

In our day, Lucifer has nearly succeeded in uprooting society by sabotaging families. His chief tool has been communism. And as the historical record proves, feminism is but an offshoot of communism.

Feminism is a vile ideology that preaches hatred and revenge. Its fruits are pride, promiscuity, bitterness, loneliness, depression, divorce, broken homes, abortion, smaller families, competition between the sexes, confusion, and societal chaos. Feminism teaches women to adopt the worst characteristics of men and then claim they are empowered and equal. It teaches women that they don’t need men, and that they should be “independent women.” By applying simple logic, we see how destructive feminism is designed to be.

In addition to sharing secular learning, I will share religious knowledge freely on this page. I am a devout Christian and a proud member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Therefore, apart from utilizing Biblical teachings, I will dip into the LDS Church’s vast reservoirs of wisdom to help prove my points and teach true principles.

I hope that everyone, despite what they may think of my opinions and points of view, will be respectful. Please refrain from swearing or vulgarity of any type. I will remove and/or block you and your comments, should I feel that they are legitimately hateful, filled with profanity or slurs, sexual in nature, or excessively belligerent. My goal is to teach and inform, so character assassination and name calling are counterproductive and will not be tolerated. As long as you abide by these standards, feel free to disagree with me all you want and to tell me, in a coherent and respectful way, why you disagree.

All I ask is that you sincerely investigate the things I say. Be intellectually honest. Apply the sage advice attributed to Aristotle: “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” If, after having fully and honestly investigated what I have presented, you disagree, more power to you. Isn’t free will and personal agency wonderful?

Finally, I hope that every time you leave my page, you feel uplifted or enlightened in some small way. Thank you for your support and God bless you and your family!

P.S. As a precaution in case Facebook deletes this page (as they have deleted one of my other pages), you can find me and contact me at https:// theamericancitadel. com/ Thank you.

Zack Strong
November 26, 2016.

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  • You wanted this feminists and females as a result of feminism, will be the main casualties. Men’s reverence toward women, just because they were women has faded and continues to decline. I grew up in a time where women were special, almost sanctified, just because of their gender. It wasn’t always perfect of course, but women occupied a special place in society. Feminists have largely destroyed that regard that men previously had and they have only themselves to blame. They are not going to enjoy the results.

  • “It was then that I realized we’re in a turning point of history where men no longer held a reverence for women like they did in a previous generation.”

    “‘Men are disgusted by women in almost every way today.’ These were the words of a distressing, yet eye-opening conversation I recently had with a long time male buddy of mine.”

    “For instance, when my friend mentioned his observation of wives and girlfriends humiliating their partners, this is, in essence, a reflection of the larger cultural trend where women are encouraged to emasculate men.”

  • Most men would have thrown themselves between the 800 lb elk and the woman without any concern for their safety. It’s sad that it has come to this. The relationship between men and women as it used to be has been ruined.

    It is a liberation of men to not be the caretakers of women’s needs.

    Chivalry was slavery of the man’s mind.

    Chivalry is the idea that men should feel women are more important than them. That is feminism’s core idea. The only difference is for them is they push it to extreme vilification. In chivalry its ‘we love men as long as they treat us like were more important’.

  • Feminism has a tradition of self-victimization and infantilization. Are we to assume that the only path of happiness for a woman, is to be single, childless, and above all, to blame men for all grievances? Feminist logic allows them to call it: “liberating”.

    Men in the past were far less anti-women, to the point that they viewed women as morally and ethically superior. Men were sickeningly pro-women. Many authors called women: “the better sex”. It is feminists that attempted to revise history and make it seem as though men in general wanted to “oppress” women and that society was organised for that purpose. What they’re essentially doing is what a parent does when they keep accusing a well-behaved child of being “bad”. Eventually the child is going to say — “Okay, well if you think I’m bad then fuck you, I’ll show you bad.” — If there ARE anti-women subcultures forming today, it is absolutely and entirely the fault of hateful, vile history-revisionist feminists.

  • Amanda Diaz Steele
    I’m in a master of social work program. In the beginning, at almost every class, I clapped back at female professors (most are female) about how we are creating oppression. Most hesitate before making their comments now, one and a half) years in, because they know I’m going to rebuke them. Some have stopped all together. My classmates no longer engage in their anti-male rhetoric with me. It can be stopped, we just need women to stand up to it!

  • Frank Woeckel
    Destroying as many men as possible is the open announced end goal of the feminist. These government sponsored feminist terrorists announcing it openly when they are saying: “Only a dead man is a good man.” As far as these feminist terrorists are sponsored by the government, the government is clearly the enemy of men. Without their governments feminists would have no power.

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