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Five Tricks of Deflection used by Jewish Power to Divert Our Attention from Jewish Supremacism and Its Evils — How Jews both work with China against White America and make White America focus on China

We need to Name the Jew. Why not? Jews always name the White, even for things whites are not responsible for.

The Jewish Way has five main strategies for making whites suck up to Jewish Power and not see the light.

1. Blame White Supremacism and ‘systemically racism’. This puts whites on the moral defensive and always eager to prove they are not ‘racist’, meaning whites are afraid to make any criticism of Jews and blacks. BLM is largely Jewish use of blacks to guilt-bait and castrate whites. ‘White Supremacy’ is also useful to Jews as the ideological and iconoclastic glue that holds various nonwhite groups and self-flagellating(aka virtue-signaling) white proggies together.

2. Russia Factor. Trump won in 2016 because so many people were upset with globalism pushed by Jews. But lest more people realize this, Jews pushed the notion of Russian Collusion. In other words, Trump didn’t win due to legitimate grievances and validity of nationalism but because Russia cheated on behalf of Trump, aka “Putin’s puppet”. Of course, Russia did no such thing whereas Jews defrauded the 2020 election — they stole it out in the open and could get away with it because they control all media and institutions — , but that’s how Jews play the game. If Jews do bad and people get upset, Jews blame the problem on Russia (deemed vile in the eyes of libby-dibs because it won’t bend over to globo-homo, the most sacred crusade for many idiot progs who can’t even defend the meaning of womanhood from tranny-tyranny).

3. China or the Chi-Coms. Here, Jews play a more devious game. When it comes to ‘White Supremacy’ and ‘Russian Collusion’, almost all Jews openly and loudly say IT’S EVIL WHITES or THE RUSSIANS. Jews of both parties blame Russia, Russia, Russia. In their paranoia, they hate Russia as a template for sovereign white nation that defies Jewish globalist hegemony.

But when it comes to China, Jews play it both ways. Most Jews on the Democratic side will be somewhat muted in their China-bashing. They will do it but pull their punches because they see China as a necessary partner in the globalist undermining of White West. And Chinese know Jews control the US and work with Jews as the New Masters of America. (Chinese know they must do this on a hush-hush basis as Jews don’t want to be named, but this means people notice the Chinese hand but not the Jewish one, meaning China gets all the blame.)

This is useful to Jews because China will be blamed for all that goes wrong in the US even though Jews are often the main culprits. And bashing ChiComs is a red meat that Jews allow for white conzos who are too chicken to name the Jew, black, or homo. So, while Jews don’t quite join in the pile-on against China (and even pretend to defend Chinese from ‘racism’ and ‘xenophobia’), they don’t use their formidable control of media and institutions to suppress white conzo attacks on China; usually, they tolerate it and even encourage it while keeping their own hands ‘clean’. While Jewish media power will jump on and savage anyone who dares to criticize, however mildly, Jews, homos, and blacks, it pretty much tolerates any level of China-bashing.
This way, Jews win both ways. By acting friendly to China, they use it as a partner in Jewish globalism against whites. But by letting white conzos growl at China, Jews take no blame, all of which falls on the Chinese. (Conzos are like masochistic jealous jilted lover who will do anything to win back their Jewish master-hubby who is dilly-dallying with dragon lady Suzie Wong.) It’s a smart move by Jews. Jews outsource China-bashing and China-goating to white conzos. Take the election fraud of 2020. Jews did most of it, but conzos blame China(and Iran and even Venezuela, and some even mentioned Pakistan). Jews know that white conzos are much frustrated in the New America controlled by anti-white Jews, and these conzos need some outlet to vent their spleen against. As white conzos are too afraid of Jews, they need something to bash, and it’s usually Russia(among libby-dibs) and China(among conzo-wonzos).

4. Iran and Muslims or the Neocon thing. This may have declined in value over the years. Also, these days, libby-dibs are more likely to support More Wars than the Conzos are. Libby Dibs control all the Deep State and love the game of power; they are more gullible when it comes to so-called ‘mainstream news’, which is really Jewish Supremacist propaganda, not least for More Wars for Israel. Still, even though Conzos aren’t as war-crazy like in the post 9/11 Dubya years, many of them still love to growl at Mooooooooslims in the manner of Samuel Huntington’s CLASH OF CIVLIZATION(and in the hope that if they bark at Muslims loudly and long enough, they will prove their worth to Jewish masters who will pet them on the head and offer more doggy biscuits). Never mind this CLASH wouldn’t have existed but for Wars for Israel and Mass Immigration to Europe(pushed by Jewish forces and their cuck minions).

Many Conzos still knee-jerkedly support Israel as the ‘last outpost of Western Civilization’ against the Moooooslim barbarians. It’s seen as ersatz crusade. And more Libertarian types argue we must hate and even kill bushels of Mooooooslims because there’s less feminism and ‘gay pride’ in the Middle East; and Israel is so great and awesome because it puts on the biggest ‘gay’ parades in the world — this is what passes for ‘conservatism’, aka cuckservatism, in the West. (Never mind Iran ensures more rights and freedom for women than Saudi Arabia does, which goes to show that these libertardian arguments take backseat to ‘what is good for the Jews’.) As long as enough white conzos and white libby-dibs are into neo-crusade mentality(for whatever reason, e.g. ‘Muzzies are terrorists’, ‘Support and defend Israel’, ‘women’s rights’, ‘Christians vs Muslims’, ‘Assad gasses babies and eats them for lunch, and must go’ etc), Jews can direct white energies away from Jewish Power toward the Mooooooslims.

5. Use globo-homo as front and proxy. Multi-Culturalism was part of Jewish bait-and-switch. Initially, Jews attacked Western Civilization and the White West by calling for appreciation and celebration of ALL Cultures, especially those of key minorities. But, Jews showed no interest in the real values of Hindus, Arabs, Muslims, East Asians, North Africans, and many other groups. But then, why should they? Most cultures around the world tend to be conservative and traditionalist, at least relative to the deracinated West. Jews used Multi-Culturalism only to the extent of rallying nonwhites(as victims) into a coalition against whites(as perennial villains). It was never about any genuine appreciation of different cultures. Indeed, the globo-homo and tranny-tyranny cult has proven the lie of Multi-Culturalism. Instead of promoting various cultures equally, Jewish Power favors ‘gay pride’ uber alles. US embassies don’t fly banners saying PALESTINIAN LIVES MATTER. Only Jewish Identity and Black Identity get equal billing with globo-homo. The rest are all sideshows or mere backdrop. As most cultures around the world are anti-‘gay’ agenda, Jews know that true Multi-Culturalism would be mostly anti-globo-homo and tranny-tyranny. So, instead of urging homos to respect other cultures, Jews demand that all cultures change their values and alter their attitudes to welcome, promote, and celebrate homo decadence and tranny degeneracy. Jews especially target the urban affluent and/or educated in cities around the world as such types tend to be most deracinated, rootless, status-conscious, and eager to conform to global trends emanating from Jewish-run metropoles. This is good for Jews because they totally control the money and brains behind globo-homo and also because homos and trannies are avid allies of Jews as both groups have much to gain from spreading rootless globalism and vain cult of narcissism around the world. Globo-Homo is essentially proxy of Jewish Hegemonism. Furthermore, globo-homo is a useful diversion for Jewish Power. If people direct their outrage at ‘gays’ and trannies, Jews themselves get less abuse. Jews are also devious. While the bulk of Jewish Power pushes globo-homo, Jews also take on the token role as opponents of globo-homo. Thus, Jews hedge their bets and even fool dimwit or sappy conservatives into believing that Jews are on their side.

Now, the sad fact. Jews attack whites, Russians, Chinese, and Iranians(& Muslims), BUT none of them dares mention that Jews rule America and are behind this madness. Just like Jared Taylor of American Renaissance, they are afraid to Name the Jew. Even Russia, China, and Iran, despite their national sovereignty, dare not name the Jew.

Why not? They fear Jewish power because Jews control the West. Whites, conzos and libby-dibs, are so reverential toward and protective of Jews that any naming of Jewish Power by Russia, China, or Iran will be construed by most white cuckservatives and wuckerals as ‘ANTISEMITISM’ or ‘NAZISM’!!
Russia, China, and Iran know that Jews control white people’s minds in the West, and they don’t want ALL THE WEST to be against them. So, they choose not to name the Jew who has the power over institutions and individuals in the West and can turn the Idiot White West against any nation. Jews are the cowboys, whites are the cattle to be herded this way or that way. But as long as whites play cattle to Jewish cowboys, their main role is as meat headed for the slaughterhouse.


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