Flatter America

The Jewish Narrativists radically idealized the founding of the US.

Initially, such idealization seemed to flatter the Anglo-Americans. After all, Jews were patting Anglo-Americans on the back for having founded and built the greatest nation on earth with the noblest set of principles. It’s no wonder Anglo-Americans like Theodore Roosevelt sucked it all up from Jews like Israel Zangwill. Anglo-Americans failed to understand that they were being hustled. Jews were rolling out the red carpet before them as a trap only to pull it from under their feet when they got on it. If Jews said US was created as the most perfect nation and if Anglo-Americans fell for this bait, then it was only a matter of time before Jews began to berate Anglo-Americans for having failed to live up to such perfection. If someone praises you as perfect and if you accept the praise, he can then inspect you more closely and then accuse you of failing to live up to the ideal of perfection. So, when Jews were praising America (as envisioned and built by Anglo-Americans), the more sensible thing for whites would have been to reject such praise and realistically say that America is no Eden and wasn’t meant as such. Rather, it is a continuation of Western Civilization (especially that of Anglo-tradition), which itself is a continuation of human history filled with all manner of tragedies as well as triumphs. Then, Anglo-Americans and whites in general could have evaded the Flatter-Flatten Strategy of the Jews.

Indeed, beware most he who comes to you with praise. He gives you empty praise to stoke your vanity while planning to take your pride and property. You gain empty words in exchange for a real world. And in the end, you even lose the words of praise because, after all, your world was taken away on the basis that you are not worthy of those words. Jew says to Anglo, “You’re perfect.” Flattered Anglo lets Jew into his world. Jew then says, “You’re not all that perfect”, meaning that the Anglo isn’t deserving of pride of property. So, to appease the Jew and hear more words of praise, the Anglo hands over more and more of his world to the Jew. But the Jew only complains more, and in the end, the Anglo has given everything to the Jew. And then, the Jew takes back even the word (of praise) as well since, as things played out, the Anglo wasn’t the perfect person deserving of his property, his world.

It is because of the Neo-Edenism of the American Narrative that the moral failures or shortcomings of the US seems so horrific and traumatic. Everything depends on context. After all, how come the eating of the Forbidden Fruit seems like the worst thing in the Bible even though far uglier and horrific things happen later? I mean, how can eating a fruit be worse than fratricide, rape, wars, eradication of populations, and ceaseless bloodshed in the later stories? It is worse because Adam and Eve did an imperfect thing in a perfect world. It’s like belching at a classy dinner in a fancy restaurant is far worse than farting like crazy at a drunken frat party. Bible is filled with wars and other horror, but they are terrible things done in a fallen world. In contrast, Adam and Eve disturbed the order of a perfect world.

Similar dynamics shape our view of American History (that has come to inform ALL of Western Narrative as the entire world is being Americanized) given the prevailing neo-Edenic vision enforced by Jewish Power. Because of the over-idealized vision of the Edenic ‘Proposition Nation’, we believe the US should have been perfect from day one. It should have been a utopia of freedom, liberty, equality, justice, happiness, bounty, and peace. But in fact, the some of the Founders were slave-owners. And their intentions weren’t entirely noble or idealistic. There was a huge discrepancy between their rhetoric and their deeds. None of this should surprise us since the Founders and the men of the time were humans with their flaws and imperfections. But within the neo-Edenic context of the utopian Proposition-ism, all their failings are magnified, especially as PC becomes shriller as shaped by the pushy personality of Jews, savage personality of blacks, bitchy personality of feminists, and hissy personality of homos. (And yet, these groups could be falling into neo-Edenic traps of their own making. The way they bitch and whine, you’d think they’re pure and perfect angels un-besmirched by history. But all one has to do is assemble the Black Book on each of them, like a Black Book was compiled on communist crimes by French former-communists. And then, they can be made to look dirty and stained as their real histories are so at odds with their professed innocence and ‘eternal victim-hood’.) Of course, the Jewish mind-trick couldn’t have been possible if the Anglo/American mind hadn’t been instilled with Protestantism that promoted conscience, reform, and rectitude. It is no accident that the Protestant World came to lead the crusade in abolishing slavery all over the world. Jews sensed that the Northern European Protestant Mind had a Will to Progress and Redress that was lacking in most cultures, including that of Jews of course. So, by flattering this good-and-noble side of Protestant Northern Europeans, Jews could ingratiate themselves into the Order as aids and admirers. But once ensconced within the Order, the Jew could keep pestering the Anglos about all that is imperfect and wrong. And having been accepted into the Order, the Jew could use his wits to gain financial supremacy over the system and gradually buy off one Anglo leader after another… until it is the Anglo elites who are held by the Jewish purse-strings. And with all that money, Jews also buy up much of the media and use the power of information to shame and defame Anglos while presenting themselves, the Jews, as faultless angels.

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