Free speech is fundamentally “anti-Semitic”

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Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad may be the most important political figure in the entire world. He is certainly the most courageous, righteous, and honest statesmen that I’ve ever encountered. He is clearly not afraid to speak the truth about organized Jewry, their power and influence in the world, and their weaponized buzzwords used to stifle any criticism or honest discussion of their criminality and nation-wrecking agendas, which we have documented in previous blog posts here.

The honorable Malaysian Prime Minister recently addressed the Global Leaders Forum at Columbia University, which truly enraged the Jews. The organized Jewish community had been hoping that Columbia University would cancel his scheduled appearance at the prestigious forum, and continued to condemn his presence when Columbia commendably refused to back down. Ronald Lauder, the President of the World Jewish Congress, sent a letter to Columbia University stating he would encourage his friends to “immediately cease any of their contributions to your institution until such a time anti-Semitic despots are no longer welcome on your campus.” What nerve these people have!

His speech had nothing to do with organized Jewry, his views on the alleged “Holocaust” during WWII, or “anti-Semitism”, but of course an obnoxious Jewish student asked him a question about his views on these topics. His response was epic.

“I’m exercising my right to free speech” – Dr M on Holocaust denials.
Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad contended that he’s merely exercising his right to free speech for questioning the number of victims of the Holocaust, a stance widely accepted as anti-semitic, in response to a question from the floor at Columbia University’s World Leaders Forum in New York on Wednesday. Dr Mahathir, who is in town for the 74th Session of the United Nations General Assembly, also recalled that a journalist had been jailed for disputing the numbers.

How do you not love this guy? The Algemeiner reports:

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad defended his right to express antisemitic views in the name of free speech in remarks to Columbia University students on Wednesday.

Speaking to a packed audience at the university’s Global Leaders Forum, the 94-year-old leader — whose decades-old conviction that “the Jews rule the world by proxy” has never wavered  — also refused to say whether he accepted the fact that six million Jews were murdered during the Nazi Holocaust.

Why can’t I say something about the Jews, when people say nasty things about me and about Malaysia?” Mahathir complained, as he responded to a powerfully-worded challenge posed by a member of the Columbia chapter of Students Supporting Israel.

The Malaysian leader went on to argue, “When you say ‘you cannot be antisemitic,’ there is no free speech.” […]

Indeed, if one cannot openly criticize Jews, question and dispute the official “Holocaust” narrative of WWII, engage in serious, scholarly research into the background and ideology of Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany, or make “anti-Semitic” and “hateful” statements about Jews and other minorities, then there is no free speech, as the Prime Minister powerfully and correctly stated. Anyone with the ability to think critically should be able to engage in serious, scholarly research into any topic of interest to them.

The very concept of free speech, certainly from an American perspective, revolves around specifically protecting individuals expressing controversial and dissenting political, historical, social or racial perspectives, ensuring they are allowed to express their point of view without violence being inflicted upon them or without the government interfering or harming their ability to do so.

How telling it is to have to be reminded of this basic bedrock principal of American political traditions by the Prime Minister of an Asian country. The only American politician I’m aware of speaking out on this issue is Tulsi Gabbard, who has commendably addressed the idea of free speech and the tech tyranny we see unfolding in America.


Makes one wonder why Malaysian planes keep dropping from the sky.

Gary Neil
It is not anti-semetic to point out what the Jews are up to.The Jews are not semetic.The Jews say them selves in the 1925 Jewish encyclopedia,volume 5, page 41,”Esau Edom is modern Jewry.” and for a more modern quote you can go to the Jewish Almanac 1980, page 3 were the Jewish Rabbi says,”Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a Jew or to call a contemporary Jew a Israelite or a Hebrew.” So from the Jews own mouths they admit that they are not of the tribes of Israel and say that they are in fact of the tribe of ESAU. The Jews whoreship at the whaling wall in the state of Israel. The wall was built by King Herod who the bible says was an EDOMITE (of the tribe of ESAU) which makes it plain that what the Jews have said is correct that they are ESAU EDONITES and NOT ISRAELITES.

To give folk an idea of how destroyed this sty and it’s people have become, read this letter written by James Traficant, from his prison cell. This is how true heroes are treated in this sty. Further, because of the COMPLETE ownership of the media, (including text books), how EASY it is for Satan’s Synagogue to keep us ignorant of their tyranny. Below the end of the letter, I’ve included a link to the Rosenthal interviews. VERY disclosing;


April 17, 2003 —
Most of the people who write me say they cannot understand why the government targeted me with such a passion. Every rumor and innuendo that any political opponent would plant and foster became public and, before long, developed into an indictment without any physical evidence — only the testimony of subjects who were able to avoid jail by fabricating falsehoods about me. Lies and half-truths became ‘facts;’ and ultimately became a 10-count indictment. My evidence, that would have proved they were lying, was not allowed to be presented — either before the Congress or the Federal Court! However, I know why I was targeted: I was not afraid of the government, and I had learned too much! The beginning of all of this was my first trial, in 1983, when I became the only American in history to defeat the U.S. Department of Justice in a RICO case — pro se (representing myself), and me not being an attorney. They were embarrassed! The straw that broke the camel’s back was when I proved that John Demanjuk was not the infamous Ivan the Terrible of the Treblinka death camp in Poland. The government was stunned and in shock. The real Ivan was nine years older, taller, and had black hair and a scar on his neck; his name was Ivan Marchenko. My investigation, in conjunction with John Demanjuk’s beautiful family, proved not only that John was innocent, but also that the Justice Department knew he was not guilty — even before they took him to court!

Shame, shame!! They lied to the court — gave false testimony and presented false witnesses — knowing that he would be put to death! Shame!! The Justice Department then came after me with revenge, and a passion! I lost my respect and my faith in our government. Because this case was ‘too sensitive,’ Congress would not even hold a hearing on my evidence . . . Congress, all of them, at the time — turned their back, worried about reelection!!
The Democrats were in charge then, and they knew of my investigation in Congress . . . hoping I would abandon it! I did not! I sent my findings to the Israeli Supreme Court — and they had no choice: They released John Demanjuk! In fact, they delivered him to me at the airport in Tel Aviv, Israel, and I personally brought him home, along with his son, his son-in-law, and Israeli bodyguards! I am proud of what I did. No one else, in the House or the Senate, would even talk to the family — afraid of media power and the vindictiveness of the Justice Department. But even today, John Demanjuk is still being persecuted. Shame!
The government agents that destroyed Demanjuk’s life should be in jail! That was just the tip of the iceberg. When people saw what I had done for the Demanjuk family they came to me with information so powerful that it is hard to believe. The government knew I was getting sensitive information that could damage the American people’s confidence in the government. It may all sound far-fetched, but the government knows that I know — and so they had to ruin my voice by destroying my credibility. I may yet divulge this information if I can get the proper forum.
As you know, I was the dreaded enemy of the I.R.S. My legislation in the last I.R.S. Reform Bill changed the Burden of Proof law. Before that, you had to prove you were innocent in a tax court. The burden of proof was on the taxpayer. The I.R.S. said you owed . . . but the I.R.S. did not have to prove it. Unbelievable! Now that the I.R.S. has to prove their charges, the following statistics tell the true story: Comparing One Year Before the changes to One Year After: 1. Wage Garnishments dropped from 3.1 million to 560,000; 2. Taxpayer Property Liens dropped from 680,000 to 161,000; 3. Foreclosures on individual family-owned homes dropped from 10,063 to 57! That’s right: only 57 homes in all 50 states! Fact is, the I.R.S. was seizing our homes — over 10,000 every year — when they had neither proof nor the right to do so! Congress allowed the I.R.S. to intimidate us and frighten us. Think about it! And then maybe you can begin to understand why I love America but hate the Government — and why the Government hates me. The Justice Department had to get rid of me, but I’ll be damned if I would back down!
America is in trouble . . . not from without, but from within! The Central Government has become too powerful. Citizens fear the Government. This is wrong. This is dangerous! I know the Government covered-up and promulgated LIES about Waco, Ruby Ridge, Pan Am Flight 103, Hoffa, and JFK. The Government knew I was right when I called Janet Reno a traitor. Janet Reno sold us out when she refused to investigate a $10-million payoff to the Democratic Party from a general in the Red Chinese Army.
Think about it! And the Government knew that I had known why Reno was forced to betray America! I’m proud that I tried to do something about it! Someday the truth will come out. (I hope China never attacks us!)

–(Signed) Jim Traficant, former Democratic Congressman from Ohio

When asked how they proposed doing this, he said:

“At first, by controlling the banking system we were able to control corporation capital. Through this, we acquired total monopoly of the movie industry, the radio networks and the newly developing television media. The printing industry, newspapers, periodicals and technical journals had already fallen into our hands. The richest plum was later to come when we took over the publication of all school materials. Through these vehicles we could mold public opinion to suit our own purposes. The people are only stupid pigs that grunt and squeal the chants we give them, whether they be truth or lies.”

Read more of the Rosenthal interview here;

Understand this, the PRIVATE kosher FED RES has their own collection agency – the PRIVATE IRS. For over 100 years the government has been complicit in stealing from/killing us for their Jew owners. More heinous? This sty has used us to gift-wrap the world for the Jew by military actions to FORCE nations into accepting the Jew banking tyranny. Isn’t it “odd” that virtually every nation dubbed “evil empires” refused to enslave their people with the Jews’ central banking scam?

I think a thank you is appropriate to all the too few with honor enough to oppose Jew evil/tyranny.

Rene Stover
One should take a serious look at the large number of Pro Jewish, Pro Israeli organizations there are, and they all come right down to using the Politically adopted and adapted word meant to defame anyone who tells the truth about the crimes against humanity by these organizations and by the politically oriented Zionists. The word Antisemitism has become a word with no actual meaning due to it’s over use, as a weapon to circumvent one’s right to freedom of speech. Look at Germany and other nations of Europe where it is now illegal to deny the holocaust, or to say anything derogatory against the Jews or Israel, even when it may be the truth! To make it even worse, the same government that creates laws against the freedom of speech, and funds these Tax Exempt organizations, use the Tax Payer’s money to do it! Equal rights means just that, equal rights for everyone unless they have been convicted in a court by a Common Law Jury of one’s Piers, of such a crime where they may loose their freedom, and not just for a chosen few, who can get away with saying what ever they want, without fear of being held accountable for what they say or do!

The true and functional definition of “anti-semite”:
1) Anyone who discovers the truth about jews and has the courage to tell others.

If we can clearly see that the truth is busting out into the open, surely the jewish powers can see this happening as well. The acceptance of the facts about WW2 & holocaust revisionism, the terror events by the jews themselves (King David Hotel, Lavone Affair, JFK, 911, etc), and the international jewish banking mob are really angering the jews. At this point they’re trying to buy as much time as they can before they enforce their international super government on the entire world because that’s what’s coming. They’re trying to stop or slow our movement of informing the world before it’s too late. They’re going to do to us what they (their Bolshevik grandparents) did to the Russians and later to the Germans. They see whites and Christians as their number #1 enemy that must go first.

Thank you for showing this to me [so clearly] yet again. little i can do, and yet enough that the truth be shewn. one thing to remember in all this is the TIME it takes for us to come around to these realizations. for me, it was 9/11 that first rocked my little boat. that alone took 5+ years to ‘get to me’! I didn’t have the internet yet, [a little bit challenged, I am], but someone gave me a dvd. then someone else, another. but this didn’t bring me even close to what is said here. antisemitism is a powerful ‘guilt shield’ that keeps us, collectively, from even taking a look at claims that the ‘chosen’ are a malevolent force, attacking all who are not their own [and often ‘their own’ too!]. it may have taken another six(?) years for me to first see evidence of the holomodor [on the internet now] and have the ‘Russian’ Revolution revealed as primarily Jewish controlled. in my approaching these claims, i was almost sick with guilt at them, first by henry makow [a jew himself, i noticed much later], and also david duke. [wasn’t he famously a ‘hater’?] this is 6 years after my 9/11 dvd ‘dope slap’! like a snail! but it was truly with a sense of shame that i pursued such anti-semetic claims. only a sense that this info held water, and that so much was wrong in our world [afgan, iraq wars just for one] helped me to ‘waste my time’ with these haters. years later, this feeling of guilt remained, though everything that i found in my web travels [alex jones (still a great awakener for so many!) and other ‘gatekeepers’ not withstanding!] only helped to reinforce for me the reality that my country and our world were indeed under siege, and that the media and the u.s. gov’t are virtually owned and controlled by this force, secret to the vast majority. archibald ramsay’s book “the nameless war” is a recent find for me, and further resolves me to this view. but the level of organization ‘we’ are up against is overwhelming, and those [even friends and family] who would give us a hearing, few, -mostly because the danger is not in their face [yet] and the simple fact that the ‘guilt barrier’ we have all been indoctrinated into is so strong that they cannot even countenance these claims. the point is that once individuals are motivated to break through that, the trail is long before they can begin to see the true scope of this, and while many may start to look, our country and europe are being ravaged from within. and many haven’t the time to look… andrew carrington hitchcock show, y’all! and check out ‘last american vagabond’ too… the pain of knowing’s better than the bliss of ignorance

david vb
Mahathir Mohammed has been a hero for a long time, his critique of the world economic system has been spot on, it is a wonder “they” never bumped him off…..

Off topic but I think Michael Walsh would be a top notch interview, you should try to get him on. He has written several scholarly works dealing with WW2 , rehabilitating the 3rd Reich,
National Socialist economics, The Bolshevik revolution and murder of the Romanov’s, The Rhodesian Bush war and de-colonization, The Frankfort School, and so much more. Most of his book are still up on Amazon.

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