He Cheats

Written by Pearl Davis

Man cheats.

Option A:

  • Leave
  • Your child is more likely to go to prison, be abused, drop out of school, or run away from home.
  • Now you’re a single mom on the dating market.

Option B:

  • Work through it!!!
  • Your child grows up in two parent household.
  • You have a husband!!!


Option B is probably the better choice!


Pearl Davis
Now the women are messaging me in secret saying I’m right and they have worked through cheating !!!!

Pearl Davis
No I don’t think men should cheat and sleep around !!! But the average chick has a million guys giving her attention all the time!!! The hypocrisy!!!!

Pearl Davis
All the women whining about how cheating can’t be worked through are just the ones who failed at it!!! Women will never publicly say it but they work through and accept it all the time !!! You can either get over cheating or not get over it and make your kid grow up in a single mother home!!

Pearl Davis
The alternative to not accepting cheating is divorcing and having your child grow up in a single mother home!!!

  • more likely to go to prison
  • more likely to be sexually abused
  • more likely to run away from home
  • more likely to have mental problems!!!

Get over it ladies!!!!

Pick better men is the message Pearl. Not let your men cheat and have the children grow up in an emotionally broken home. You’re pandering to horny men who want a tradwife they can manipulate and cheat on, and not being a role model at all to women. It’s gross.

A child should have a right to be raised by both parents. If mom wants out it should be hard. Our society tells mom to do whatever makes her happy. But she has options. The child has no options when their father is made a visitor. Mom can wait for the child to grow up before putting her own happiness above the happiness of the child.

So my then 10 year old daughter asking her dad “why don’t you love my mommy anymore” when he refused to acknowledge me sitting next to him… I should have just stayed so she could continue to see an unhealthy and unhappy relationship?

Yes. It would be better for the child to have both parents. Could you be happy? Maybe, maybe not. But you both would be there. The alternative, to make one of the child’s parents a visitor is worse in all but the most extreme cases.

I wholeheartedly agree, children should be the priority and as a society it should be unthinkable to deviate from marriage vows.

The happiness of a child is to learn what a relationship should be like. A cheating parent is not it.

Pearl Davis
He realised he needs to stop dating feminists.

Pearl Davis
Half these crazy ladies are mad because they got cheated on and are divorced or alone and we’re never told that maybe that had a part to play or that it could’ve been worked out!! Now they’re alone with cats!! Don’t listen to them they’re lying!!

Pearl Davis

Pearl Davis
College makes women think they’re smarter but they’re actually dumber !!!

Pearl Davis
Government legally punishes men for leaving marriage!!! Men don’t want kids to suffer so they stick it out! Wife refuses to sleep with husband!!

Pearl Davis
College lowers the birth rate!! 70% of women go to college Christian’s leave not Christians! Some surveys have put college women sleeping with 7 men a year! The birthdate drops as we educate women! College makes us dumber but makes us think we are smarter! College is feminism!
Alita: “This whole mindset of if a woman goes to university she’s going to be promiscuous is lower tier mentality. PATHETIC. A woman who wants to be a whore is going to be one regardless of whether she gets an education or not. A good woman will stay a good woman regardless.”

I wouldn’t say birthrates drop as we educate women, because college isn’t really education.

I think there are great reasons to go to college. But there are a lot of college degrees that don’t have much value or purpose. And to obtain a degree, you are required to take a lot of “bloatware” classes in subjects that don’t impact your field of study.

Unfortunately job entry require credentials but in reality many of the jobs don’t require what’s learned while getting credentials to do them, it’s a filtering system, but there’s no way in without going through it.

My sister’s feminist anti-white professors told her that “white men beat their wives”, that women should focus on career and never rely on a man. That was Frankfurt school subversion in full swing back in the 80s. Today she’s never wed, childless and miserable.

Women are influenced by the environment they are placed in because they cannot internalize a moral code, whereas men can. However, IF a man has not yet internalized a moral code and goes to college, his new environment will likewise sway him.

Only 30 years ago college was where we all met the loves of our lives… not anymore. Birth control pills make women more masculine with a higher sex drive.

A lot of the girls I knew in college were hooking up with a different dude every weekend.

I became a PhD candidate researching nanofluidics, and I’ve started telling young people that most people are better off not going to college.

College campuses are akin to Sodom and Gomorrah.

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