“Hitler – my hero.”

Written by Adam

I had an employee by the name of John Tinkler, who occasionally said: “Hitler. My hero.” I thought: “What is wrong with this man?” But Johny Tinkler was a good thinking man. So why did he say this?

A few years latter, I had a look at Adolf’s life. Here are some extracts to be found:

This is from Adam from Weyawega:

Many people don’t look at what Hitler did before the Holocaust and World War II, they usually overlook all the good he did before he was corrupted with rage. He was a very inspirational person to many Germans and people of different nationalisms. Hitler overthrew an entire government and then improved Germany to the point when could potentially take over Europe. From when he was an Austrian farm-boy to when he became Fuhrer, he made history of his own without killing any Jewish people or anyone else.

Before Adolf was old enough to work, he had a rough childhood. He lived with his parents, step brother and sister, and his two younger siblings. After a while, his step brother ran spotlight as he was now the new target for his father and, being the eldest male child, he was watched more closely at school and in public. This was sort of stressful to the young Hitler at the age of seven.

When Hitler went to school, he attended school at the local monastery. This monastery is most likely the place he got the swastika from as they were all over the walls and support beams as a play on words. The founder of the monastery had them there because his last name sounded like the German word for swastika, Hakenkreuz, (www2.dsu.nodak.edu) Hitler himself was strong in some subjects but lacked skills in many others. When it came to recess, Adolf would gather his friends to play cowboys and indians. Back then it was very common for German and Austrian boys to play cowboys and indians as they read books about the American midwest.

Adolf Hitler – the great orator.

As Hitler aged, he grew out of children’s games even though he still read the books when he was Fuhrer. Now that little Hitler was all grown up, he had to find a job that suited his skill set. After a short period of time, he became a civil servant like his father. This didn’t last very long as not to much later, he was inducted into the German Worker’s Party for his substantial speaking skills and wide influence. The party was on its downfall when Adolf joined, but as he became more popular among the people, the party grew rapidly and gained the attention of the Nazi organization. Soon the German Worker’s Party became national and was now a political party in Germany. When the party hit that point, they elected Hitler to be the economic leader. Hitler, still on the prowl for power, used economic upheaval to rally the thousands of people who were affected. Once Hitler had all these people rallied, he sided with the Nazi’s in an attempt to overthrow the German government. Hitler, with the help of General Erich Ludendorff, marched on the Beer Hall Putsch with 2,000 armed Nazi’s. Their power grab failed and they were later tried for treason and sentenced for five years jail time.

Adolf was release after nine months for good behavior, and upon exit, he reestablished the NSDAP in Munich, Germany. This was a political party that followed the Fuhrer principle. The Fuhrer was the leader, he would have his deputy, and the national Reichsleiter heading nation wide government departments. When the National Elections came around the Nazi’s devised a plan to help Hitler gain some votes. They planned to get the massive amount of small town voters to vote for Hitler for chances of a better life and standard of living. If the plan would have worked, they would have gained 18% more votes than before. Adolf Hitler ran against Paul Von Hindenburg and lost by only 2%, (44%-42%). Hitler still had a very powerful political position as Paul chose Hitler as his chancellor. When Von Hindenburg passed away, Hitler was easily the chosen successor. He had finally went from farm-boy to a Political Powerhouse.

Now that you have heard this part of the story, I’m fairly sure you have an understanding of why Adolf Hitler is my hero. I look up to is great accomplishments and not all of the people who died during his rage in World War II.

Now a quote from Adolf:

“My spirit will rise from the grave, and the world will see I was right”

Adolf Hitler

Now a piece from Reinhard:

Today is the one hundred twenty fifth birthday of the greatest Aryan of all time.  The amazing thing about Adolf Hitler is that his reputation in the Jewish controlled nations (which is almost all of them) is just the opposite of reality.  There has probably no Leader in the history of the world that has been lied about more than Hitler.  The man who gave Germany and the German people a new life, and Europe a new beginning,  has been so completely demonized that very few people realize that this Great Man stands practically alone, among Historic World Leaders as a man of Genius, Vision, and Courage.

The truth of Hitler’s place in history can be discerned by looking at the condition of Germany before 1933, when Hitler took the reins of power.  Hitler raised the German Nation up from the depths of despair and catapulted Germany into a new age of prosperity and strength.  After a few years of the new barter system that Hitler instituted, Germany was the most powerful nation on the European continent, and one of the most powerful nations on Earth.  Unfortunately, the usury free economic system of National Socialist Germany was not to be allowed to exist as a permanent fixture, as it would have transformed the world, and made the Jewish Usury System obsolete.

The Second World War was forced on the German Reich by the Jewish Money Power.  Neither the leaders of American Jewish Capitalism, nor the leaders of Soviet Jewish Bolshevism desired to see a monetary system that by-passed the big Jewish Bankers, and based its economy on the productivity of the workers.

It must be remembered that the socialism of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich was in no way similar to the egalitarian socialism of Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, or Stalin.  In Germany, the Race and the Folk were the basis of everything.  “The Common Good before individual need”  was the theme of the New Folkish State that Hitler established on the ruins of the decadent Wiemar Republic:  a degenerate Jewish culture that probably rivaled the decadence of modern day America.

Comrades, this year, the birthday of this Great Aryan Leader falls on Easter Sunday.  Let us resolve that Aryan Man will finally be resurrected and transformed into the Man of the coming Age of Light.  Aryan man shall no longer be crucified on the Cross of the Jewish Usury System, but shall institute a New Social and Economic System that will be a Spiritual, as well as a material blessing for the totality of Aryan Humanity, and all other inhabitants of Planet Earth.  HAIL THE RISING SUN OF ARYAN SOCIALISM.  HAIL THE UNCONQUERABLE SUN!!!

ADOLF HITLER:  Sieg Heil.  Sieg Heil,  SIEG HEIL!!!


Now part of a piece by Noble:

In Germany, at the start of the movement, in 1920, there were millions and millions of Germans who thought of themselves as “socialists”, concerned for the “collective”, but were in the manipulating clutches of International Jewry.  Rather than fight any more battles than he had to, Hitler said, in effect, to these millions, “If you must be ‘socialists’, let us not be Jewish ‘socialists’ (Marxists); let us be ‘National Socialists’, meaning a national society.  Let us be ‘socialists’ for Germany, not the Jews.”

It worked!  Millions and millions of good men and women who had been seduced into Communism by the Jews were won back to their own people and the Natural Order of healthy group living by Hitler’s methods.  National Socialism respects the Natural Order!

The Renegade Tribune

Some more from Noble:

The ongoing and constant vilification and demonization of Adolf Hitler in the Jewish-controlled media is utilized to prevent & discourage the disclosure of Hitler’s (German) Economic & Social miracle, which, during his reign, kicked out the parasitic influence of International Jewry.  The paradigm, which Hitler’s NSDAP (National Socialist German Worker’s Party) ushered in, was so ahead of their time that it boggles the mind.

The NSDAP, if not stopped, could have eventually brought in free-energy technologies and encouraged many nations of the world to eliminate the practice of usury, avoid the global central banking system and rid their countries from the reins of Jewish Supremacy.

The potential of National Socialism was demonstrated on the ground, and not just in theory.  No matter if mistakes were made, no matter if Germany’s National Socialist government experienced some internal and external issues, the economic and social power of National Socialism cannot be denied.  Long live National Socialism!

National Socialism is not (Jewish) Internationalism… National Socialism, being that it is in harmony with Natural Law, can apply to any homogeneous racial group (nation), acting in its own racial self-interest.  However, nations within the White race, who built Western Civilization, are no doubt the best suited for National Socialism, as evidenced by their monumental historical, social and cultural achievements, despite many setbacks and life-threatening challenges to the race as a whole.

This plan, which is the opposite of (Jewish) “internationalism”, can be utilized by any race & homogeneous society that seeks self-determination via National Socialism.

Hitler’s National Socialist Germany was constructed around the “fundamentals” of National Socialism.  National Socialist governments of the future do not have to dogmatically follow the exact footsteps of the Third Reich.  The “fundamentals” of National Socialism should suffice; conditions on the ground will establish the particulars.


Hitler inspired, organized, and pulled off a relatively peaceful “revolution” – a revolution which took far fewer lives than the American Revolution, and an insignificant number of lives compared to any revolution ever pulled off by the Jewish Bolsheviks.

Hitler’s revolution, as he promised in Mein Kampf, was 100% legal and legitimate.  It was the formally expressed “will of the majority” of the German people, sanctioned by both the top executive officer of Germany, von Hindenburg, and by the German “congress”, the Reichstag.

Hitler had many opportunities to seize power by force, and could have done it easily in 1931.  But Hitler believed that a revolution against the will of the people, a revolution that gains power only by force, cannot long endure.  He believed that a leader is an enemy of civilization unless he has the will of his people behind him.  Hitler won the hearts & minds of the German folk.  That’s the way to do it!


Hitler was not blind to what was going on overseas by the real warmongers who are still warmongering:

“The war now proposed is for the purpose of establishing Jewish hegemony throughout the world.”

US Brigadier General George Van Horn Moseley, March 29, 1939

The Allies had some evil streaks:

“Kill! Kill! In the German race there is nothing but evil; not one among the living, not one among the yet unborn but is evil… Use force and break the racial pride of these German women. Take them as your lawful booty. Kill! As you storm onward, kill, you gallant soldiers of the Red Army.”

Ilya Ehrenburg, Jewish advisor to Stalin

And yet again they are employing force to ‘break the racial pride of these German women.’

The war against Germans has not finished! This girl didn’t get raped but got the spitting treatment. There is no respect for white indigenous German girls whilst Germans are denounced as racists if they oppose Muslim immigration.

Crazz writes that:

Adolf Hitler had witnessed how the Jewish bankers had tricked Europe into The Great War, and then bled it dry with the treacherous Versailles Treaty. When he came to power in 1933 he could see they would try to do it again, so he repeatedly petitioned Churchill — and the Pope, and Stalin — for peace, to try and avert a destructive war.

Now a quote from a jewish writer:

“Germany must perish! By word of science, as the best means of ridding the human race of its misfits.”

Theodore N. Kaufman, March 24, 1933 (An American Jewish businessman and writer known for his eliminationist views on Germans.)

More from Crazz:

Adolf Hitler, Revisited
It is time to start thinking the unthinkable: time to wake up to the reality that everything we’ve been told about about Adolf Hitler is a monumental lie: that far from being the great evil of the 20th century, Hitler was engaged in an epic struggle against the most monstrous anti-human agenda the world has ever known. An agenda that is still playing out. Since the mid-20th century, the world has only ever heard one side of this incredible story. The story of a boy from an ordinary family whose ambition was to become an artist, but who’s destiny was to rise to the greatest heights of power, to become one of the most influential men who ever lived. And when the curtain of lies is finally pulled aside, we behold a man of courage and compassion, to whom we all owe a huge debt.

When Hitler was elected in 1933, the German people had no work, no money and were starving. A wheelbarrow full of 100 billion-mark banknotes could not buy a loaf of bread at the time, and many Germans were living in shacks after countless homes and farms had been seized by the International Jewish Bankers who had deliberately crashed the German economy.

Hitler changed all that. Within months he had put millions back to work. The Nazi government completely outmaneuvered the Jewish banking cartels by issuing its own debt-free currency, uncontrollable by international financial interests. WORLD JEWRY immediately responded by declaring war on Germany, starting with a global boycott of German goods—but in spite of this, within two years, the German economy was flourishing and Hitler had becomes an inspirational hero to his people.

In response, the World Jewish Congress and the Zionist leaders succeeded in initiating World War II, which resulted in the deaths of 60,000,000 people:

Here began the modern European Genocide — a systematic eradication of the peoples, cultures and traditions of ethnic Europeans that continues to this day with the Jewish-orchestrated “refugee” invasion and forced multiculturalism of Europe. When we begin to dare to think for ourselves and uncover the truth about Hitler’s Germany, we quickly realise that notions of a ‘Master Race’ and a ‘Final Solution’ are not German but Jewish concepts. The truth is that it is THE JEWS who consider themselves the Master Race — and the eradication of all non-Jews, starting with the Islamic invasion of Europe, is their Final Solution!

http://www.exohuman.com/wordpress/2016/04/the-conspiracy-against-hitler/ (now disapeared!)

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  • Why not Genghis Khan? That guy literally came from nothing and conquered, killed, and pillaged more than Hitler. Or Stalin, you wanna talk power? Stalin controlled more territory than Hitler, defeated Hitler, and killed about ten times more people. I’m just saying, as far as monsters go, you set the bar lower than you could have.

  • but the allies are the real criminals look what have they done in japan they have been nuked and Algeria 2 million people are killed from that France and the Britain who sold Palestine to the Jews……………who is the criminal now???

  • His destiny was to rise to the greatest heights of power, eventually becoming one of the most influential — and maligned — men who ever lived. The real Adolf Hitler was actually a compassionate visionary, a much-loved hero to his people, who’s only “crime” was to stand up to the evil, anti-human cancer of World Jewry — a cancer that afflicts our planet to this day!

  • “There will come a day, when all the lies will collapse under their own
    weight, and truth will again triumph.”—Joseph Goebbels

  • You need to learn the terrible truth about the rape, torture, slavery, and mass murder inflicted upon the German people by the Jewish-controlled Allies during and after World Word Two. This is the biggest cover-up in world history.

  • Both world wars were brutal and barbaric. Both were initiated and supervised by the international Jewish bankers, who tricked the U.S.A. into the fighting each time, on a promise for a homeland for the Jews. But the inhuman, monstrous campaign of annihilation inflicted on the millions of innocent German women and children in WWII is almost impossible to comprehend—until we realize that the Jews were behind it.

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