Hitler Was Financed by the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England

Written by sergpodzoro

Translated from Russian. The original is to be found at: ru-polit.livejournal.com

More than 70 years ago was the start of the greatest slaughter in history.

The recent resolution of the parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE fully equalizes the role of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany at the outbreak of the Second World War, except that it had the purely pragmatic purpose of extorting money from Russia on the contents of some of the bankrupt economies, intended to demonize Russia as the successor state to the USSR, and to prepare the legal ground for the deprivation of her right to speak out against revision of results of war.

But if we approach the problem of responsibility for the war, then you first need to answer the key question: who helped the Nazis come to power?

Who sent them on their way to world catastrophe? The entire pre-war history of Germany shows that the provision of the “necessary” policies were managed by the financial turmoil, in which, by the way, the world was plunged into.

The key structures that defined the post-war development strategy of the West were the Central financial institutions of Great Britain and the United States — the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve System (FRS) — and the associated financial and industrial organizations set out a target to establish absolute control over the financial system of Germany to control political processes in Central Europe.

To implement this strategy it is possible to allocate the following stages:

1st: from 1919 to 1924 — to prepare the ground for massive American financial investment in the German economy;

2nd: from 1924 to 1929 — the establishment of control over the financial system of Germany and financial support for national socialism;

3rd: from 1929 to 1933 — provoking and unleashing a deep financial and economic crisis and ensuring the Nazis come to power;

4th: from 1933 to 1939 — financial cooperation with the Nazi government and support for its expansionist foreign policy, aimed at preparing and unleashing a new World War.

In the first stage, the main levers to ensure the penetration of American capital into Europe began with war debts and the closely related problem of German reparations.

After the US’ formal entry into the first World War, they gave the allies (primarily England and France) loans to the amount of $8.8 billion.

The total sum of war debts, including loans granted to the United States in 1919-1921, was more than $11 billion.

To solve this problem, debtor countries tried to impose a huge amount of extremely difficult conditions for the payment of reparations at the expense of Germany.

This was caused by the flight of German capital abroad, and the refusal to pay taxes led to a state budget deficit that could be covered only through mass production of unsecured Marks.

The result was the collapse of the German currency — the “great inflation” of 1923, which amounted to 578 (512%), when the dollar was worth 4.2 trillion Marks.

German Industrialists began to openly sabotage all activities in the payment of reparation obligations, which eventually caused the famous “Ruhr crisis” — Franco-Belgian occupation of the Ruhr in January 1923.

The Anglo-American ruling circles, in order to take the initiative in their  own hands, waited for France to get caught up in a venturing adventure and to prove its inability to solve the problem.

US Secretary of State Hughes pointed out:

“It is necessary to wait for Europe to mature in order to accept the American proposal.”

The new project was developed in the depths of “JP Morgan & Co.” under the instruction of the head of the Bank of England, Montagu Norman.

At the core of his ideas was representative of the “Dresdner Bank” Hjalmar Schacht, who formulated it in March 1922 at the suggestion of John Foster Dulles (future Secretary of state in the Cabinet of President Eisenhower) and legal adviser to President W. Wilson at the Paris peace conference.

Dulles gave this note to the chief Trustee “JP Morgan & Co.”, and then JP Morgan recommended that H. Schacht, M. Norman, and the last of the Weimar rulers.

In December, 1923, H. Schacht would become Manager of the Reichsbank and was instrumental in bringing together the Anglo-American and German financial circles.

In the summer of 1924, the project known as the “Dawes plan” (named after the Chairman of the Committee of experts who created it – American banker and Director of one of the banks of the Morgan group), was adopted at the London conference.

He called for halving the reparations and solved the question about the sources of their coverage. However, the main task was to ensure favorable conditions for US investment, which was only possible with stabilization of the German Mark.

To this end, the plan gave Germany a large loan of $200 million, half of which was accounted for by JP Morgan.

While the Anglo-American banks gained control not only over the transfer of German payments, but also for the budget, the system of monetary circulation and to a large extent the credit system of the country.

By August 1924, the old German Mark was replaced by a new, stabilized financial situation in Germany, and, as the researcher G.D Preparta wrote, the Weimar Republic was prepared for “the most picturesque economic aid in history, followed by the most bitter harvest in world history” — “an unstoppable flood of American blood poured into the financial veins of Germany.”

The consequences of this were not slow to appear.

This was primarily due to the fact that the annual reparations were to cover the amount of debt paid by the allies, formed by the so-called “absurd Weimar circle”.

The gold that Germany paid in the form of war reparations, was sold, pawned, and disappeared in the US, where it was returned to Germany in the form of an “aid” plan, who gave it to England and France, and they in turn were to pay the war debt of the United States.

It was then overlayed with interest, and again sent  to Germany. In the end, all in Germany lived in debt, and it was clear that should Wall Street withdraw their loans, the country will suffer complete bankruptcy.

Secondly, although formal credit was issued to secure payment, it was actually the restoration of the military-industrial potential of the country. The fact is that the Germans were paid in shares of companies for the loans so that American capital began to actively integrate into the German economy.

The total amount of foreign investments in German industry during 1924-1929 amounted to almost 63 billion gold Marks (30 billion was accounted for by loans), and the payment of reparations — 10 billion Marks.

70% of revenues were provided by bankers from the United States, and most of the banks were from JP Morgan. As a result, in 1929, German industry was in second place in the world, but it was largely in the hands of America’s leading financial-industrial groups.

“Interessen-Gemeinschaft Farbenindustrie”, the main supplier of the German war machine, financed 45% of the election campaign of Hitler in 1930, and was under the control of Rockefeller “Standard oil“.

Morgan, through “General Electric”, controlled the German radio and electrical industry via AEG and Siemens (up to 1933, 30% of the shares of AEG owned “General Electric”) through the Telecom company ITT — 40% of the telephone network in Germany.

In addition, they owned a 30% stake in the aircraft manufacturing company “Focke-Wulf”. “General Motors”, belonging to the DuPont family, established control over “Opel”.

Henry Ford controlled 100% of the shares of  “Volkswagen”.

In 1926, with the participation of the Rockefeller Bank “Dillon, Reed & Co.” the second largest  industrial monopoly in Germany after “I.G. Farben” emerged — metallurgical concern “Vereinigte Stahlwerke” (Steel trust) Thyssen, Flick, Wolff, Feglera etc.

American cooperation with the German military-industrial complex was so intense and pervasive that by 1933 the key sectors of German industry and large banks such as Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank, Donat Bank etc were under the control of American financial capital.

The political force that was intended to play a crucial role in the Anglo-American plans was being simultaneously prepared. We are talking about the funding of the Nazi party and A. Hitler personally.

As former German Chancellor Brüning wrote in his memoirs, since 1923, Hitler received large sums from abroad. Where they went is unknown, but they were received through Swiss and Swedish banks.

It is also known that, in 1922 in Munich, a meeting took place between A. Hitler and the military attache of the US to Germany — Captain Truman Smith — who compiled a detailed report for his Washington superiors (in the office of military intelligence), in which he spoke highly of Hitler.

It was through Smith’s circle of acquaintances Hitler was first introduced to Ernst Franz Sedgwick Hanfstaengl (Putzie), a graduate of Harvard University who played an important role in the formation of A. Hitler as a politician, rendered him significant financial support, and secured him the acquaintance and communication with senior British figures.

Hitler was prepared in politics, however, while Germany reigned in prosperity, his party remained on the periphery of public life. The situation changed dramatically with the beginning of the crisis.

Since the autumn of 1929 after the collapse of the American stock exchange was triggered by the Federal Reserve, the third stage of the strategy of Anglo-American financial circles started.

The Federal Reserve and JP Morgan decided to stop lending to Germany, inspired by the banking crisis and economic depression in Central Europe.

In September 1931, England abandoned the gold standard, deliberately destroying the international system of payments and completely cutting off the financial oxygen to the Weimar Republic.

But a financial miracle occurred with the Nazi party: in September 1930, as a result of large donations from Thyssen, “I.G. Farben“, Kirdorf’s party got 6.4 million votes, and took second place in the Reichstag, after which generous investments from abroad were activated.

The main link between the major German industrialists and foreign financiers became H. Schacht.

On January 4th, 1932, a meeting was held between the largest English financier M. Norman, A. Hitler, and von Papen, which concluded a secret agreement on the financing of the NSDAP.

This meeting was also attended by US policymakers and the Dulles brothers, something which their biographers do not like to mention.

On January 14th, 1933, a meeting between Hitler, Schroder, Papen and Kepler took place, where Hitler’s program was fully approved.

It was here that they finally resolved the issue of the transfer of power to the Nazis, and on 30th January Hitler became Chancellor. The implementation of the fourth stage of the strategy thus begun.

The attitude of the Anglo-American ruling circles to the new government was very sympathetic. When Hitler refused to pay reparations, which, naturally, called into question the payment of war debts, neither Britain nor France showed him the claims of the payments.

Moreover, after the visit in the United States in May 1933, H. Schacht was placed again as the head of Reichsbank, and after his meeting with the President and the biggest bankers on Wall Street, America  allocated Germany new loans totaling $1 billion.

In June, during a trip to London and a meeting with M. Norman, Schacht also sought an English loan of $2 billion, and a reduction and then cessation of payments on old loans. Thus, the Nazis got what they could not achieve with the previous government.

In the summer of 1934, Britain signed the Anglo-German transfer agreement, which became one of the foundations of British policy towards the Third Reich, and at the end of the 30’s, Germany became the main trading partner of England.

Schroeder Bank became the main agent of Germany in the UK, and in 1936 his office in New York teamed up with the Rockefellers to create the “Schroeder, Rockefeller & Co.” investment Bank, which “Times” magazine called the “economic propagandist axis of Berlin-Rome”.

As Hitler himself admitted, he conceived his four-year plan on the basis of foreign financial loans, so it never inspired him with the slightest alarm.

In August 1934, American “Standard oil” in Germany acquired 730,000 acres of land and built large oil refineries that supplied the Nazis with oil.

At the same time, Germany  secretly took delivery of the most modern equipment for aircraft factories from the United States, which would begin the production of German planes.

Germany received a large number of military patents from American firms Pratt and Whitney, “Douglas”, “Curtis Wright”, and American technology was building the “Junkers-87”.

In 1941, when the Second world war was raging, American investments in the economy of Germany amounted to $475 million. “Standard oil” invested – 120 million, “General motors” – $35 million, ITT — $30 million, and “Ford” — $17.5 million.

The close financial and economic cooperation of Anglo-American and Nazi business circles was the background against which, in the 30’s, a policy of appeasement led to world war II.

Today, when the world’s financial elite began to implement the “Great depression — 2” plan, with the subsequent transition to the “new world order”, identifying its key role in the organization of crimes against humanity becomes a priority.

Yuri Rubtsov is a doctor of historical sciences, academician of the Academy of military sciences, and member of  the International Association of historians of world war II.

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  • mefed47
    I constantly hear and read materials about the intrigues of the Anglo-American imperialists, about their intrigues, provocations, villains, the organization of bloody riots and coups around the world. The goal of everything is simple: power and profit. And after all, everything works out for them, it is they who, with their unrighteous riches, stand at the top of the human community, they, pressing the secret springs, rule it with their fates. Involuntarily, the thought creeps in: are not the Cossacks sent from the world behind the scenes all of these many whistleblowers who persistently and professionally convince us that the Anglo-Saxon financial leeches always and everywhere win, so it was in history and will continue to be so. And resistance is useless, otherwise they will grumble like other insurgents, but helpers and allies in the robbery of the world will still receive their crumbs from the master’s table, enough for a modest life.

  • sergpodzoro
    Your cockroaches are your cockroaches )). You divorced them yourself, you fight them. )) But why do you ascribe your cockroaches to others? Moreover, at the same time, you think that you toss them up … ))

    Heartland (Eng. Heartland – “core”, middle earth; from heart – heart + land – earth) CENTER FOR PEACE, which unlike the USA, Britain and Europe under any cataclysms – small and large glaciations, warming and droughts, floods, nuclear war, pole change, plate movement, etc., etc. and further down the list, the World Center is not threatened. Here modern civilization was born, here the main resources are concentrated.

    Guess two times where is the CENTER OF PEACE? Have you looked at the world map? Do you get it?
    Now remember how in childhood you played the king of the hill.
    That, I think, is enough for your understanding of geopolitics.

    Heartland – is a basic concept of a geopolitical concept, voiced on January 25, 1904 by British geographer and Oxford University professor Halford J. Mackinder in a report to the Royal Geographical Society and later published in the famous article “The Geographical Axis of History”. This concept was the starting point for the development of classical Western geopolitics and geostrategy. However, the term “Heartland” began to be used in the concept starting from the book “Democratic ideals and reality” (1919), replacing the “axis of history” /

    And Russia fell apart, its two parts, the ON and VKM, fell under the Horde’s rule, and the Russian kingdom perished in the Time of Troubles, and the Russian Empire collapsed, and the USSR collapsed, huge and great troubles happen every 50-60 years, but only each time Russia reborn A new level, and takes higher and higher, and become more significant.

    That’s why she is Russia and the CENTER of PEACE. And it will always be so.

  • Translated from Russian:
    The dumb cotton pesdobol did not hear that under the peace agreement, draconian restrictions were imposed on Germany in the size of the army – 100 thousand people. including generals, cooks and orderlies, a ban on aviation, tanks, etc.
    And it was the Soviets that helped the Germans circumvent this ban by organizing training and research centers in the USSR.
    And it was Stalin who forbade the German Communists from entering into an alliance with the socialists, which led to Hitler’s power.


    May 13 2016, 04:12:58 UTC Edited: May 13 2016, 04:13:32 UTC

    Again, you – EMPTY, suffered;))

    The USSR trained the cadres of the German army, that’s true. But cooked against Hitler and for the World Revolution.
    Telman (Communists) and Hitler (National Socialists) – these were two forces. And tell the tale about socialists to yourself for the night. World War I colorfully showed how quickly socialists become NATIONAL-SOCIALISTS. And they do not differ from each other.
    If you mean the socialists of Jewish nationality, then this is still a lot of crap.

    There is nothing to blame for the mirror, if the mug is crooked :)))

    The Jewish elite directly participated in the financing of Nazism.

    The example of Warburg’s friend Mine is just one of many.

    On the advice of Mine, Warburg left for the United States, where his brother Paul, a theoretician of the US Federal Reserve, and nephew James, who was also actively involved in Hitler’s financing, settled in.

    Warburg performed exactly the same role as a “signalman” in the United States, which performed Hess in Britain.

    IG Farben’s subsidiary, the American IG Chemical Corporation, was opened in the USA in 1929 (renamed General anilin and film in 1939), through which the American bank JP Morgan gave loans to I. G. Farben in Germany, which in turn provided sponsorship to the Nazis.

    I.G. Farbenindustri, the main supplier of the German military machine, who funded Hitler’s campaign for 45% in 1930, was controlled by Rockefeller’s Standard Oil

    “I.G. Farbenindustrii” – the brainchild of Warburg

    Gas CYCLONE from “I.G. Farbenindustri” is gas – gas chambers for Jews.

    So there are some Jews for whom BABKI is above all, who strangle for BABKKI and all strangled and helped, but in fact killed other Jews.

    Serey Supervision.

    Let’s go knocking on other doors.
    After all, besides you – “JEWISH”
    There are “Worthy Jews” in the world

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    what a funny pesdobol -You again, EMPTY_ EMPTY, again you empty it in front of the mirror and grimace in jumping and grimacing :))).

    After the revolution, the German revolution took place in Russia. Germany was proclaimed a republic. On November 10, the Berlin Council created an interim government – the Council of People’s Commissioners – consisting of representatives of two working parties: the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) and the Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany (NSDG).

    In Germany, the movement for the socialist revolution, for the establishment of the power of the Soviets and the immediate socialization of the means of production, as in Russia, was spearheaded by the Spartak group, whose members were members of the NSDG. The group was led by Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg. The polarization of forces began in society with an obvious, however, advantage in the direction of the government. The first All-German Congress of Soviets in December 1918 refused to support the slogan “All power to the Soviets” and called for the holding of elections to the Constituent Assembly, scheduled for January 19, 1919.

    In early January, the Communist Party of Germany (KKE), created by the Spartacists, raised a rebellion and tried to establish control over Berlin and a number of other cities, giving rise to an open armed uprising of its political opponents. On January 1, opponents of the Spartacists established full control over Berlin, and on January 15, Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg were killed. The Constituent Assembly elections held on January 19 gave victory to the right and centrist parties, the Communists generally boycotted these elections.

    On April 13, the Communists established Soviet power in one of the lands of Germany – Bavaria and proclaimed the Bavarian Soviet Socialist Republic. The following year, right-wing supporters of the restoration of the monarchy staged a rebellion in Berlin. The rebellion failed due to the protests of the workers. In 1923, the Communists organized mass protests by workers in Saxony and Thuringia, and raised a rebellion in Hamburg.

    Most of the leaders of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) and the Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany (NSDG) were Jews. Chancellor Ebert, who signed the offensive and objectionable to Germany treaty of Germany, was a Jew. One of the main delegations signing the Treaty of Versailles was the friend Schacht mentioned by me Warburg, who financed the formation of Nazism in GERMANY.

    In 1922, Soviet Russia signed the Separate Rapalli Agreement with the Weimar Republic, which did not even suspect that it would become the forerunner of the Third Reich. With her, the USSR maintained industrial and military contacts until the beginning of the 30s. Therefore, talking about cooperation with Nazi Germany and the Wehrmacht in 1922–1933 is not just incorrect, but simply LITTER. Moreover, VERMAHTA also did not exist during this period, the Red Army interacted with REICHSVER – the army of the Weimar Republic.

    The USSR believed that the Communists would win in Germany and REICHSVER would be the main force in the struggle for the Mirovtsy revolution, including the fight against Nazism.

    Hitler did not come to power until 1933, and then cooperation between Germany and the Soviet Union was terminated. Hitler, becoming chancellor, found himself an ally in France. France strengthened the power of VERMAHTA, and not the USSR.

    Your photo from 1939 when ALL EUROPE BECAME Fascist, after having finished playing in PASSING AGGRESSOR. Having signed ALL EUROPE (from France to Poland with the Baltic states) from Germany the PAKTS on non-aggression from 1934 to 1939, the USSR was the last to sign such a pact with Germany.

    The same pictures but with the poles can be pulled. At that moment when Hitler and Pilsudski pulled Czechoslovakia.

  • Comment translated from Russian:
    You moron. What kind of cooperation?
    Trade between non-aggression pact countries. So what?
    American companies traded through third countries with Hitler even after the United States entered the war. And after the war, Ford generally sued the US government PAYMENT for the fact that the Allied aircraft bombed its factories that worked in Europe for Hitler. :)))
    “I.G. Farbenindustri” and many others who were under the control of the Jews worked for Hitler throughout the war.

    ALL EUROPE WAS Fascist, then when the USSR signed the Non-aggression PACT with Germany.
    Prior to this, ALL EUROPE has signed EXACTLY the same pacts with GERMANY.
    The 1934 pact of Pilsudski and Hitler had far-reaching plans both in the Baltic and Ukraine.

    The USSR in the League of Nations FIRST proposed to sign the EASTERN PACT on peace with all countries of EUROPE, but the USA, France and Britain INCREASED Nazism for the war against COMMUNISM

    FRANCE brought up VERMAHT.
    Poland did not allow the USSR to help Czechoslovakia.
    Poland divided Czechoslovakia with Germany.
    Poland wanted to share with Germany EUROPE and the USSR.

    Pétenovskie FRANCE was an ally of Hitler ALWAYS. SS divisions Charles the Great and the 33rd Grenadier SS division Charlemagne.

    Poland wanted to share others with Hitler, but they shared it.
    The USSR regained land through the line of CREASON. Which Poland seized UNLAWFUL.

  • According to Czechoslovakia.

    Mutual Assistance Treaty 1935 – signed in Prague on May 16 by the USSR Ambassador to Czechoslovakia S.S. Aleksandrovsky and the President of the Czechoslovak Republic E. Benes. In its text, this agreement is similar to the Soviet-French. the 1935 treaty (see Soviet-French treaties and agreements). The only exception was Art. 2 protocol on the signing of the agreement, which stated that both provinces recognize, “… that the obligations of mutual assistance will be valid between them only because, subject to the conditions provided for in this agreement, assistance to the Party – the victim of the attack will be provided by France.” Thus, the treaties of the USSR with France and Czechoslovakia acquired the character of a tripartite agreement, which could become the basis for creating collective security in Europe to repulse Nazi aggression. However, when in 1938 fasc. Germany demanded the exclusion of the Sudeten region from Czechoslovakia, only the USSR declared its determination to come to the aid of an ally in accordance with the treaty. Moreover, in September. 1938 Owls the pr-in informed the Czechoslovakian that it was ready to assist Czechoslovakia if it resisted the aggressor, even if France refused to help it. Poles refused to miss. But bourgeois. pr-in Czechoslovakia refused to accept owls. sentence. Under pressure and french. pr-in it capitulated to fasc. Germany (see Munich Agreement 1938).

    You, moron, don’t manipulate the dates here. Dates essentially do not change.
    ALL EUROPE signed pacts with Hitler even more advanced than Stalin had signed.
    ALL EUROPE WAS Fascist – INITIAL. France did the Wehrmacht. England supplied the dough. Edward VIII did not hide his fascist views at all, and only probably did not kiss Hitler when he visited him.
    Fascist Europe surrendered to Hitler: Austria, supported the fascist Franco in Spain, surrendered the Sudetenland, torn Czechoslovakia. Memelsky Krai in Lithuania. Etc.
    Fascist Europe fed and nurtured the BEAST of Hitler to fight COMMUNISM and the USSR.
    But Hitler gobbled up Europe.

    Datki show. That Fascist Europe initially kissed Hitler on the gums and divided other countries. Datki show how Fascist Europe set Hitler against the USSR.

    For France and Poland, the war began in 1939, but for Czechoslovakia, Austria, and Spain much earlier.

    But what if this is not a section of Europe.
    The signed Covenants and the policy of appeasement of the Aggressor – the Beast, that this is not a division of Europe.
    Support for Anschluss of Austria, supported the fascist Franco in Spain, surrendered the Sudetenland, torn Czechoslovakia. Memelsky Krai in Lithuania. Etc. = – What if this is not a division of Europe before the war.
    the British government officially recognized the Anschluss of Austria, and four days later the US government did.
    The Pact of Hitler and Pilsudski – what if this is not a section of EUROPE?

    In the same 1935, armed aggression of European fascism began: Italy, without declaring war, began military operations against Ethiopia. March 7, 1936 Germany occupies the Rhine demilitarized zone. But at the same time in Spain in February 1936, the Popular Front won the parliamentary elections, which included broad democratic forces – from Communists to Catholics. In late April – early May 1936, the French Popular Front won the election. This was a challenge to fascism. In July 1936 the fascist rebellion began in Spain.

    And what about Europe? Europe feeds HITLER, MUSSOLINI and FRANCO.

    Who attacked Czechoslovakia and tear it up? Germany, Poland and Hungary. At the same time, France and England and Italy gave it a cover in Munich in 1938.

    It all began with the “FACT OF FOUR” 1933 after Hitler arrived.
    – A “pact of consent and cooperation” between England, France, Italy and Germany; signed in Rome 15. VII Mussolini and the ambassadors of France (de Jouvenel), England (Graham) and Germany (von Hassel).

    The initiator of “P. h.” was Mussolini, who invited the British Prime Minister MacDonald and the Foreign Minister Simon to Rome and handed them 18. 18. 1933 a draft treaty between Italy, Germany, England and France. The project provided for the possibility of revising peace treaties, recognizing the equality of German arms rights and making a similar decision with regard to Austria, Hungary and Bulgaria, pursuing a policy of cooperation of the four powers in all European and non-European issues, including colonial ones, as well as the impact of participants pact to other European countries. Mussolini’s project “P. h.” was an important stage in the revisionist policies of Italian fascism.

    Moron, they already wrote to you whom the USSR helped.

    The USSR helped – the German Chancellor, HEBREW Ebert, and the socialists, the Reichswehr, and not Hitler and the NATIONAL-SOCIALISTS and the Wehrmacht, whom France helped.

    The USSR did not militarily cooperate with Hitler.
    In 1922, Soviet Russia signed the Separate Rapallo Treaty precisely with the Weimar Republic. With her, the USSR maintained industrial and military contacts until the beginning of the 30s. … to talk about cooperation with fascist Germany and the Wehrmacht in 1922-1933, .. just NONSENSE. .. VERMAHTA also did not exist in this period, the Red Army interacted with REICHSVER – the army of the Weimar Republic.

    Stalin helped the Hebrew Socialist Eber and Reichswehr.

    And ALL Fascist Europe helped Hitler, National Socialism and VERMAKHT.

    Stalin did the right thing. Europe wanted Hitler to gobble up the USSR and finish World War I. But Hitler gobbled up Europe and opened an account of the Second World War.

    First you DREAM, and I WILL WAIT = this was Stalin’s loyal policy.

    Fascist Europe fed and nurtured the BEAST of Hitler to fight COMMUNISM and the USSR.
    But Hitler gobbled up Europe.

    For that fought for it and ran.
    Shove it, Foolishness, ass in your ass.

    The same pictures but with the poles can be pulled. At that moment when Hitler and Pilsudski pulled Czechoslovakia.

    There is nothing to blame for the mirror, if the mug is crooked :)))

    On September 1, 1939, the troops of Germany and Slovakia attacked Poland began military operations in Europe, which marked the beginning of World War II. Despite the fact that the attack was expected, the Polish army was not able to withstand German aggression. England and France, having concluded allied treaties with Poland and also preparing for hostilities, instead of providing the promised military assistance to Poland, continued to search for ways to pacify Germany, negotiating through Mussolini to convene a conference in Italy to discuss the “difficulties arising from the Treaty of Versailles.” Only September 3 at 11:00 England, and at 17:00 France declared war on Germany. On September 4, a Franco-Polish agreement on mutual assistance was signed, which in fact never received implementation.

    Nevertheless, on September 10, the French armed forces completed the deployment in wartime states and numbered almost 5 million people, and the day before that part of 9 French divisions began advancement on the Siegfried line east of Saarbrücken, not meeting resistance from the enemy troops, which were ordered to dodge from the battle and withdraw to the line of fortifications. Having advanced a dozen kilometers into German territory by September 12 at a front with a length of about 25 km, the French received an order adopted by the Supreme Allied Military Council in Abville to stop the offensive “in view of the rapid development of events in Poland,” and a week later began to withdraw troops back. These actions of England and France, which left Poland at the mercy of fate, were later called the “Strange War”.

    At the end of World War II, at the Nuremberg trials, the former head of the Wehrmacht Supreme Command Jodl argued that “a process like the Nuremberg did not start in Germany in 1939 just because there were approximately 110 French and English divisions that stood in the West during our war with Poland against 23 German divisions, remained completely inactive. ”

    On September 5, 1939, the United States announced that it was extending its policy of neutrality to the Polish-German war.

    Nobody lifted a finger for Poland. Fascist Europe was implementing its plan of inciting Hitler against the Communists and the USSR.

    In a note from the Soviet government, handed to the Polish ambassador to the USSR in the morning of September 17, 1939 in Moscow, the reasons for starting the operation were:
    The Polish state and its government virtually ceased to exist. Thus, the treaties concluded between the USSR and Poland terminated. Left to itself and left without leadership, Poland turned into a convenient field for all sorts of accidents and surprises that could create a threat to the USSR. Therefore, being hitherto neutral, the Soviet government cannot be more neutral about these facts, as well as about the defenseless position of the Ukrainian and Belarusian people. In view of this situation, the Soviet government ordered the Red Army High Command to order the troops to cross the border and take under their protection the life and property of the population of Western Belarus and Western Ukraine.
    By the time the USSR entered the Curzon line, according to the Brest-Litovsk Treaty and subsequent agreements of Poland as a STATE no longer existed. This follows from the documents and factual circumstances.

    This has been shown to you more than once.
    Where is this Poland, Fool?
    Fascist Europe sold this Poland to Hitler for a sniff of tobacco, as before it had sold Austria, Spain, Czechoslovakia, the Memel Region of Lithuania and further on the list.

    Everything has already been clearly shown to you about GOALS, OBJECTIVES, FINANCING and the whole History with the Chronology of nurturing Hitler Fascist Europe.

    I got your DRIVING on the drum.

    Fascist Europe fed and nurtured the BEAST of Hitler to fight COMMUNISM and the USSR.
    But Hitler gobbled up Europe.
    The Germans entered the Citadel on the morning of September 17th. There are no documents left in the archives confirming the total losses of the Germans during the assault on the fortress. Perhaps no one counted them. But a report from one of the regiments of the 20th Motorized Division indicated that during only September 15, 1939, the loss of the regiment amounted to more than 130 people killed and about 230 wounded.

    In the seized fortress, the Germans captured 988 Polish soldiers and officers. The resistance of the Poles was suppressed, except for a small group that occupied Fort Graf Berg.

    The USSR published a note to the Poles on September 17th. Poland ALREADY WAS NOT.

    The situation changed on September 22, 1939, when the advanced units of the Red Army entered Brest.
    The Poles in the odds Earl Berg offered to surrender. The Poles did not agree and began to smoke them.
    And there could be no other. On the territory of the USSR there could not be any armed forces except the Red Army. 26-27 the Poles fled.
    You Fascist Bastard, have no relation to the Jews.

    Stalin and the USSR SAVED EUROPE from FASCISM.
    Stalin and the USSR SPAS JEWS and CREATED the state of Israel.
    The USSR, under the leadership of Commander-in-Chief Stalin, saved the whole WORLD from European Nazism and Fascism, and Jews in particular from physical destruction.

    USSR country founder of the state of Israel.

    After the war (1945), the situation was such that of the great powers, only the USSR lagged behind the idea of ​​creating Israel. Great Britain proposed the formation of a multinational Arab-Jewish state in Palestine. US hesitated. All the main institutions of the state of Israel (from the government, army and intelligence) were created with the support of the USSR.

    Details –

    The United States hesitated until Stalin formed the first government of Israel, and only then did the United States “turn on”.
    Formally recognizing Israel, in fact, the United States sabotaged its education. In fact, Israel could arise only by virtue of Soviet assistance.
    So teach the HISTORY of the creation of ISRAEL :)))
    And find out how the ZIONIST BANKING CIRCLES of Britain sponsored Hitler and his formation in Germany :))) But Hitler already promised the ZIONIS to try so that the Jews from Germany would run to British Palestine to cost the PROMISED COUNTRY.

    And while Jewish rich people like Warburgs and their ilk counted BARISH before the WAR and during and after, other ordinary Jews burned in stoves, died in gas chambers, in executions, starved to death …

    Here you have more

    Bank of England helped Hitler rob Czechoslovakia

    According to published documents from the electronic archive of the Bank of England, the British Central Bank helped the government of Adolf Hitler to seize the gold reserves of Czechoslovakia and sell it.

    Not only the Czechs were sold to Hitler in the Munich agreement, but they were also provided with Hitler’s Czech gold.

  • m_arch
    documents you did not submit
    even links to documents

    spoke about the cooperation of companies with Germany in the 30s, when Germany was not yet an aggressor and even when Hitler had not yet come to power

    at the same time, I forgot to mention the German trade agreement with the Soviets, when World War II was already in full swing.

    From December 1939 to the end of May 1941, Germany imported from the USSR oil products 1 million tons per 95 million German marks, grain (mainly feed) – 1.6 million tons per 250 million marks, cotton – 111 thousand tons per 100 million marks, oilcake – 36 thousand tons for 6.4 million marks, flax – 10 thousand tons for 14.7 million marks, timber – 41.3 million marks, nickel – 1.8 thousand tons for 8.1 million marks, manganese ore – 185 thousand tons for 7.6 million marks, chromium ore – 23 thousand tons for 2 million marks, phosphate – 214 thousand tons for 6 million marks, as well as other goods.

    Under an economic agreement of February 11, 1940, the USSR supplied Germany with goods worth 310 million German marks, that is, its deliveries did not reach the level fixed in this agreement. Germany’s plans that the USSR would not be able to use the equipment and samples received did not materialize. At the same time, during the “blitzkrieg”, Germany quickly consumed all the oil products received from the USSR, ate the food they received, and could not achieve victory. On the contrary, the USSR used German machine tools and other factory equipment during all four years of the war.

    and deliveries went until the last day

    You forgot to mention that German training and technical centers worked in the USSR to circumvent bans on the development of military equipment and chemical weapons

    you forgot to mention that it was the Soviets, together with Hitler, that started the second world war
    and still not a single link ….

    “Junkers-87 was built according to American technology”
    moron, show from which American aircraft the Germans licked “Junkers-87”

    and the funny thing is – you write that the bourgeois pacified the aggressor (before he became him), but you forget to mention that Scoop was the same aggressor and ally of Hitler
    Vata is trying to distort the essence of events
    before the war the whole world was against the Jews
    Hitler dealt with harassment and forbade the removal of money from Germany, the countries of the world refused to accept Jewish refugees, and the British established a property qualification for entry into Palestine
    because Hitler had to pay to save at least a few people

    but we did not forget how the NKVD extradited Jews from the USSR to the Gestapo
    how the Gestapo freely rummaged after the occupation of Poland in the Soviet zone and transported people to Germany

    cotton wool is trying to pile more nonsense, in the hope that the opponent will just be too lazy to disassemble the rubble of the pesdezha and do something

    and this obscures the essence of the fact that Stalin and Hitler were the ones who started the second world war

  • Translated from Russian:

    In the work of Mikhail Magid with the brilliant title “Zionism and Nazism. Haters Roman “find a quote:

    [!] “In 1942, in the midst of the extermination of European Jewry, when hundreds of thousands of Jews were expelled, tortured, burned in crematorium furnaces, the leadership of the Fighters for Israel Liberty (LEKHI) organization decided to send their representatives to Turkey. Their task was to convey a message to Rommel, whose troops fought against Montgomery, that LEKHI was ready to help Nazi Germany in its war against the Allies, provided that after the occupation of the Middle East, a Jewish racial state would arise there. And most of the Jewish population of the world will live in it. The German diplomat’s report, which he sent to Berlin, clearly stated that Jewish representatives stated that they were close to the ideas of National Socialism and that they were close to Hitler’s. This fact has never been denied by any member of Lehi, it is confirmed in the official textbooks of the state of Israel. This did not prevent the members of LEHI from taking an honorable place in the hierarchy of the Israeli-Zionist state (the leader of LEHI, Yitzhak Shamir, subsequently became the Prime Minister of Israel – approx. Magid). ”

    “In the midst of the expansion of German fascism and the beginning of the killing of Jews, the Zionist movement led resistance to the plans of Jewish emigration, and supported exclusively emigration to Palestine. In 1938, the agenda was the project of the emigration of Jewish youth from Germany to Britain in order to wrest it from Hitler’s claws after the Kristallnacht pogroms. Ben-Gurion refused this. In a speech to Zionist activists in Britain on December 7, 1938, he said:

    [!] “If I knew that all the Jewish children of Germany could be saved by transporting them to England, and only half of them by transporting them to Eretz-Israel, I would prefer the second opportunity. This follows from the fact that we must take into account not only the lives of children, but also the history of the Jewish people. ” (Leni Brener; “Zionism in the era of dictators”, publisher Krum Helm, 1983, p. 149;

    From the Zionists: “The women of Mohammed and Yeshu in Palestine and Lebanon are incubators of terrorists. Suicide bombers are already sitting in their stomachs. He who pities Lebanese children kills Jewish children. ”). The idea of ​​Ben-Gurion, Begin, Shamir, Sharon and Olmert is this: the Zionist idea and Jewish religious doctrine are more important than the lives of children (or adults).

    The elect left the Holocaust

    “The division into“ preferred ”(well-known Zionists, rich, capitalists, public figures, Aliyah activists) and“ not preferred ”(communists, anti-Zionists, ordinary people) was the defining line for Zionist actions during the Holocaust. So in 1944 Rudolf Kastner formed the “train of preference”, whose task was to preserve the cream of Hungarian Jewry. Behind this was a cold cynical calculation: the benefits that the cream of Hungarian Jewry could bring to the future state of Israel. Kastner was in talks with Eichmann and his representatives. Kastner lost the trial, which he began against those who accused him of collaborating with the Nazis and “selling the soul to the devil.” In the end, he was killed by one of the survivors of the Holocaust. ”

    The right wing of the Zionist movement, represented by Jabotinsky, Stern, Shamir, Rabbi Kahane, Begin, Sharon and others: is akin to German fascism and cultivates similar ideas and methods. Even such a “neutral” (and essentially a fanatical Zionist) historian like Walter Lackel calls Jabotinsky and his followers fascists. In the famous letter of prominent figures of Jewish culture to the New York Times, among others signed by Einstein, Hanoi Aredt, and Sydney Hook (published in December 1948 in the New York Times (Prominent Jews’ Letter To New York Times; Letters to The Times; December 4, 1948), the right wing of the Zionist movement, led by Jabotinsky, Menahim Begin, Yitzhak Shamir is also called fascist.
    teach the HISTORY OF THE HOLOCAUST and the creation of ISRAEL :)))

    “At the beginning of 1935, a steamboat departed from the German port of Bremerhaven to Haifa. Tel Aviv masted the Nazi flag with a swastika on the mast of the same steamboat. . (The American journal “Historical Review” N 4, 1993). This accurately reflects the real relationship between the Zionists and the Nazis. The “Zionist work” was never more effective and fruitful than in Germany 1933–38. subsequently moving In the United States and became the head of the American Jewish Congress, in the book “We Jews”, published in the capital of Berlin in 1934, frankly rejoiced in the National Socialist Revolution, “thanks to which the assimilation is over, and the Jews will again become Jews.”
    “Zionist activity has reached unprecedented swing in Germany,” the American “Encyclopedia of America” ​​noted with satisfaction.
    They were especially enthusiastic and understanding the needs of the “new Israelites” in the SS. One of the SS publications throughout June 1934 wrote “about the need to increase Jewish national self-awareness, increase Jewish schools, Jewish sports and cultural organizations.” (F. Nicosia. “The Third Reich and the Palestinian Question.” Edition of the Texas University, 1985). At the end of the same 1934, SS officer Leopold von Mildenstein and the representative of the Zionist Federation of Germany, Kurt Tuchler, made a joint voyage to Palestine to study on the spot the “possibilities of Zionist development.” von Mildenstein wrote a series of 12 articles, “Nazi Travels in Palestine,” for the Goebbels newspaper Angriff. He expressed sincere admiration for the “pioneering spirit and achievements of the Jewish settlers.” In his conviction, “Zionism must be promoted in every possible way, for it is useful both for the Jewish people and for the whole world.” Apparently, in order to perpetuate the memory of the joint trip of the Nazi and the Zionist, Angriff even issued a medal, on one side of which a swastika was depicted, and on the other a six-pointed star of David. (The magazine “History of People”. London, N 1, 1980).
    Official of the SS, the newspaper “Das Schwartz Cor” in May 1935 devoted its leading article to supporting Zionism: “It’s not far from the time when her sons, who have been absent for more than a thousand years, will return to Palestine. We heartily greet them and wish them only the very best” .
    In an interview given after the war, the former head of the Zionist federation of Germany, Hans Frental, said: “The Gestapo did everything in those days to help emigration, especially to Palestine. We often received various kinds of help from them …” (F. Nicosia. ” The Third Reich and the Palestinian Question “).
    When in 1935 the congress of the National Socialist Party and the Reichstag adopted and approved the Nuremberg racial laws, then the “Yudishe Soundschau” hastened to approve them: “The interests of Germany coincide with the goals of the World Zionist congress and the new national laws of Europe life … Germany gives us a happy opportunity to be ourselves and offers state protection for the separate life of the Jewish minority. ”
    In collaboration with the Nazi authorities, the Zionist organizations created a network of about 40 camps and agricultural centers throughout the country, in which those who intended to move to the “promised land” were trained. Over all these centers and camps, white-blue flags with the star of David fluttered.
    The British historian David Irving: “Hitler wanted to force the Jews to leave Europe. That was precisely what he saw as the” final decision of the Jewish question. ”
    In 1937, the representatives of the Jewish military organization Hagan met in Berlin with Adolf Eichmann, who is responsible for the Jewish question in Germany, and in the same year, Eichmann visited the Hagana in Palestine. It was agreed that Hagana would represent Germany in the Middle East. And in 1941, the Jewish terrorist organization “Lechame” (Lochame Cheryth Israel “), led by Yitzhak Shamir, concluded an agreement with Germany on a joint war with England.
    This is the page of history that has been deleted from textbooks today.

    teach the HISTORY OF THE HOLOCAUST and the creation of ISRAEL :)))
    This is in the following posts. Warburg we remember. And his participation in I.G. Farbenindustri.
    As we know, in 1938, on the advice of Mine, Warburg left for the United States, where his brother Paul, theorist of the US Federal Reserve, and his nephew James, who was also actively involved in Hitler’s financing, settled in. IG Farben’s subsidiary, the American IG Chemical Corporation, was opened in the USA in 1929 (renamed General anilin and film in 1939), through which the American bank JP Morgan gave loans to I. G. Farben in Germany, which in turn provided sponsorship to the Nazis.

  • Сигизмунд Кипарисов
    I looked at the controversy on the site, and guided by the “See the root” covenant, I involuntarily remembered Dostoevsky. Which, as far back as the century before last, accurately characterized Russian liberalism: “if the European liberal hates the rules of his country, then the Russian liberal hates Russia.” Hatred of Russia is a generic trait of the Russian liberal. And hatred of Russia, coupled with a colonial-lackey attitude towards Europe, forces the Russian liberal to scream about the “criminal non-aggression pact” (when almost all of Europe had signed such pacts by that time), yell about the economic cooperation of the USSR and Germany (which the States did not ceased even during the war), and at the same time ignore the role of England and France in pumping Hitler with resources …

    The generic trait of Russian liberalism – hatred of Russia – forced the liberals to overthrow the monarchy in February 1917 and tear down the country, participate in the re-collapse of the country in 1991, become the organizers of its robbery in the dashing 90s, and frantically fight against its strengthening from the beginning of 2000- x years, to support the enemies of Russia in all wars (the Chechen branch of Al Qaeda, Georgia in the war on 08/08/08), to nurture Ukrainian Nazism since 2014 and support it in the genocide of Donbass …

    The main mistake of Russian society in this situation is that it considers Russian liberalism part of Russian society. Whereas in reality Russian liberals are worms and parasites sitting in the Russian body, eating its juices and working for its death.
    And the attitude towards them should be appropriate.

    P.S. And the writings of a certain “m_arch” only confirm the above.

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