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Homomania Discourages Informing Young People of the Dangers of Homo Fecal-Penetration

Written by Anonymous

Homomania requires us to praise all things homo. So, kids are taught in schools that Homo Fecal Penetration is a legitimate sexual practice. Also, millennials watch Jewish-controlled Porn from a young age and see fecal-penetrative acts as ‘normal’ not just for homos but for women as well. We live in a degenerate age. What kind of decent man tells a woman to take his penis up her poop-chute? What kind of self-respecting woman tells a man to stick his penis up her anus and have it smeared with fecal matter? Given the current cultural climate, is it any wonder that young people aren’t informed that Fecal Penetration increase anal cancer by 17 times, the reason why disproportionately high percentage of people afflicted with anal cancer are homos. But to state such obvious fact would be ‘triggering’ and ‘insensitive’ to homos who are to be worshiped as angels or anusgels.

This is what PC does.

We can’t mention the fact that blacks are more prone to commit crime and violence because they’re naturally stronger, more aggressive, and contemptuous of weaker races whom they regard as inferior.

We can’t mention the fact that the Muslim World has a terrorism problem, made all the worse by US globalist-imperialist meddling in the Middle East.

We can’t mention the fact that Jews control the West and have used American Power to foment Wars for Israel all over the world. Also, Jews were instrumental in the financial looting of Russia that led to millions of premature deaths.

And nothing homos ever do is to be impugned in any way. Homos are holy.

That’s how PC works. It anoints certain groups as Special-and-Protected even to the point where we are not allowed to speak simple truths about them.

Just worry about the KKK, Russia, and North Korea!! They are scapegoats for the real problems facing the West.


I think what happens with females is that once they are buttslammed, they associate the pain and discomfort with being dominated and overwhelmed, which in turn turns them on. Once this happens they are literally open to all manner of depravity afterwards; I’ve never seen it turn out differently. Anal sex defines our society today.

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