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The unsexy truth, the hookup culture by Lisa Bunnage

She is dealing with troubled children, so the analysis may not be fully representative of behaviour of our youth. However, Hookup culture exists and we need to discus the ramifications of this radical modification to our way of living as its effects are profound.

I was talking with a girl in her low twenties. She was slim, fit, and athletic. She was a strong swimmer. She said: “I don’t like it when they put their hand behind my head when I give them a blow job.” I was stunned. The sentence suggests that this happened on numerous occasions. Why was this competent, well spoken girl ‘giving’ blow jobs?

Hookup culture is based on sexual intimacy paired with outward rejection of any emotional connection to accompany that physical relationship. The prevalence of this culture for college students can be attributed to the ease of dating apps, the availability of contraceptives and the freedoms that college and young adult life offer.

Hookup culture emphasizes a sense of empowerment over the person’s body to do whatever they want with whoever they want. 

Some women want casual hookups, and thus a claim of ’empowerment’ is appropriate. However, there are many women who do not want casual hookups. They may participate in them because it appears to be their only option. Thus, the culture of cassual sex becomes normalized. One goes along because it is the norm. These women in the gray area who engage because it is normalised are not liberating themselves. Nor are they being empowered. They are giving men a free ride. This, then effects men’s attitude to women and sex.

So the feminist concept of empowerment is a home-goal to patriarchy and the ‘toxic’ male that they despise. When girls bend to societal norms, the girl is not making a free choice anymore.

Danielle Edwards writes:

College campuses are cesspools for hooking up. Student Life offices and dorms often fund suggestive, and often cringey, sex-ed programs and activities to normalize conversations about sex positions, multiple partners and sexual exploration, and preach to freshman boys and girls that one-night stands are a gateway into adulthood. And as a young student who has only seen college through the lens of Hollywood movies, if everyone’s doing it, shouldn’t you?

However, as an institution packed with the Left’s so-called “social justice warriors” and feminists, isn’t it ironic that the “my body, my choice” campaigns and the “live in the moment, deal with the consequences later” mentality disproportionately hurts women? I guess colleges haven’t done their homework. 

Hookup culture has led to the increase of sexual assault on colleges campuses. As young girls feel pressured to fit into the status quo and go home with the guy, guys fall under the impression that she’s “just another girl” and it’s “what she wanted” too.

The movement to pressure young girls to “free” their bodies has actually held them victim to the hands of hookup culture. [1]



Hookup is common in the student arena. As such, Urban Dictionary has a good definition. They state, “any form of getting some type of action, such as, making out, feeling things, oral sex, or sex between two people. A ‘hook up’ is what’s referred to as doing those things when you’re not going out with anyone.”

A hookup is generally when two people to have casual sex but are not in any relationship although there may be an emotional connection or even a friendship. There is another relationship called ‘friends with benefits’, where two friends enjoy casual sex but are not in a relationship. Hooking up is a loose definition to avoid commitment with the person.

The Center for Conservative Women’s published a booklet titled, “Sense and Sexuality.” They claim that ninety-one percent of young girls admit to having feelings of regret immediately after hooking up. Eighty percent wish it never happened. Sex does not come without potential consequences? Since 2013, the Center for Disease Control has seen an increase of syphilis (infections?) by 76 percent, gonorrhea 67 percent, and chlamydia 22 percent. Hookup culture hurts women more than men. There is a high risk for STIs, a chance of pregnancy, feelings of remorse, and feelings of guilt. Hookup culture does not empower girls and can be damaging to their self-worth. Depression amongst women has never been higher.

Danielle Edwards gives this advice to girls:

Despite pressure from your peers, or expectations from men and the college climate, you do not need to give in to a culture full of negative emotional and physical consequences.

Here is a useful pamphlet for girls by Miriam Grossman. Sense & Sexuality: A College Girl’s Guide in a Hooked-Up World

View the booklet in PDF format.

Alternative download.

Why Hookup Culture Is a Sham That’s Making People Miserable by Lauren Chen

Feminism has sold a lie.

The world has been sold a false narrative on what types of relationships are fulfilling. Popular culture promotes sexual imagery and narratives encouraging casual encounters. But human biology and basic needs show that tradition may have deeper wisdom on what makes a happy relationship. This is according to Lauren Chen, who hosts a popular YouTube channel under her own name. Chen explains how modern education, modern entertainment, and even peer pressure are causing young girls to make poor decisions they often later regret in life. Chen also discusses her own work to educate others, which has helped people live more happily and develop healthier relationships.


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