How do we know if a Covid Vaccine is safe?

Written by Tim Mann

Simple: wait three to five years, do multiple controlled clinical trials, and track what happens to the people who have taken the various vaccines in those trials. This is because that is how long a “normal” vaccine development program takes.

Remember, none of these vaccines have “FDA Approval”; they have “FDA Emergency Use Authorization”, which is very different. Right now, WE are the experiment! We are the “controlled clinical trial”.

And even after five years, things can happen. The huge French biopharma company Sanofi-Pasteur developed a vaccine for Dengue Fever in 2010, did trials for five years before deploying it in the Phillipines in 2015, and it took them two more years to understand that there was a serious problem with the vaccine called ADE.

Here’s a good article explaining how the Sanofi-Pasteur dengue vaccine actually resulted in people getting more severe cases of dengue than they would have without the vaccine, and sometimes dying from it:

Another, more technical article about dengue, dengue vaccine, and ADE, from the magazine Frontiers:

Because that has happened in the past, serious concerns about the possibility of ADE occurring with the Covid 19 vaccines also exist, and we have no idea what form these reactions might take; article from Nature here:

And another article about ADE and the possibility of getting it from Covid 19 vaccines from the British Medical Journal:

Again, give us a few years and we should know. We are the guinea pigs.

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Will Trainor
Vitamin D ? Trials of high dose Calcifediol on hospitalised patients in Spain had a reduction in deaths of almost two thirds.

Marissa Garcia
I would also add, look at long term studies done that aren’t from the US. The US will be least likely to admit correlation between any issue and the vaccine. For example, France and UK acknowledge that massive Hepatitis B vaccines in Frances and other areas correlated with considerable increase in MS cases 6 months to 1 year later. US never acknowledges it. I would always look at medical journals from other countries. US will invent it and other countries will be more honest about its effects.

Dave Austin
“Antibody Dependent Enhancement” is an easy concept to grasp and throw around, but the facts are concrete and just not available to a layperson in understandable terms.

It’s NOT a generalized phenomenon with viral infections, it’s a specific capability that SOME viruses use as part of their reproductive strategy.

Where it exists, the process is mediated by viral gene products.

It can be be detected and the precise mechanisms worked out in the laboratory. This is not meaningfully observed with any Coronavirus, despite the most urgent and intensive research programs in the history of science.

in the case of Dengue, antibodies from previous infection bind to Dengue structural proteins, coating the virus. By a process called opsonization, certain immune cells are stimulated to engulf the virus, and it replicates inside them.

We know, for a hard fact, this isn’t how COVID works.

Here’s a thoughtful concept. Where ADE exists, various viral proteins are involved:

If the virus cannot enter a cell and initiate replication, those viral proteins will never be created. Which is what the antibodies produced following COVID vaccine do, prevent binding.

The antibody created to attack the virus is highly specific to a single viral protein, and a single region at that, in the case of most every COVID vaccine. This, as opposed to infection which creates an antibody stew binding to any or all of COVID’s 29 proteins, antibodies that actually may promote infection.

As always, in all things, if you are worried about anything COVID Spike Protein, the major focus of vaccine development, can do to you, you REALLY want to get the vaccine, because you will get a far larger dose of SPike, and another 28 proteins with their own ill effects, than if you get vaccinated.

Tim Mann
Here’s a good article about the possibilities of ADE in SARS-Covid vaccines, by three immunologists/microbiologists and one pharmaceutical chemist:

Antibody-dependent enhancement and SARS-CoV-2 vaccines and therapies.

And yes, you’re a doctor. I’m just a boatbuilder and fisherman.

And you may find it easy to say that “it can be detected and the precise mechanisms worked out in the laboratory”. But after reading research by people with far more experience than you or I, I am rather nervous about the possibilities of ADE occurring in Covid vaccines.

The truth is that ALL the doctors and biochemists that Sanofi-Pasteur had working on their $300-million plus Dengue vaccine development program from 2010 to 2015 missed the possibility of ADE in that vaccine, as did all the people who were administering and monitoring it in the Phillipines from 2015 to 2017, when they pulled the vaccine after becoming aware that it was causing ADE-enhanced cases of Dengue in people.

The people who developed that Dengue vaccine represent a body of knowledge far, far more experienced than you or I, they spent hundreds of millions on it, and they STILL missed the fact that their vaccine caused serious cases of the disease for seven years!

Here’s the article that explains my claim above about Dengvaxia, the Sanofi-Pasteur Dengue vaccine: A problem with dengue virus vaccine

Good reading, and make up your own mind!

With Warm Aloha, Tim

Charlotte Magnus
Mr. Mann: We’re on the same page. I heard about the Dengue Fever in this video with Robert Kennedy Jr., at 17:20:

Mercola and Robert Kennedy Video | David J. Getoff, Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist
The FDA knowingly allows toxic substances to be marketed. They knew decades ago that chickens injected with antibiotics cause health problems. And, look how long it took them to tell us that cigarette smoke caused cancer, after so many were addicted to nicotine.

I don’t get vaccines—period. My Mom is 94, and I’m her POA. I don’t recommend her getting the COVID-19 vaccine. If she gets the virus, I’ll take full blame for it.

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