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How Marxism is Disguised as Woke Morality | Dr. Yoram Hazony 

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This is an absolutely brilliant discussion on so many levels. Everyone, especially young adults, should listen to this.

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Dr. Yoram Hazony discuss the major problems plaguing today’s youths, such as the resurgence of Marxism under the guise of woke morality, the creation of aimless social hierarchies that leave participants devoid of meaning, and the complete lack of respect for adverse thinking that has lead to the deterioration of our foundational principles.

(0:00) Coming Up
(0:54) Intro
(1:51) Rediscovery
(3:00) Cultural revolution
(6:33) Stored cultural capital
(10:00) Sanity and marxism
(15:43) Meaning and service
(22:00) Hierarchy, tyranny, and the tribe
(31:43) Widespread misconceptions on Conservatism
(37:36) Mutation, genetic/hierarchical stabilization
(44:20) Constitutional Axioms, British common law
(50:50) Redefining the fundamentals
(57:23) Entropy and Iliad
(1:00:35) The Flood, myth across culture
(1:05:25) The call to responsibility, utopian schemes
(1:10:15) Parenting, shedding adolescence
(1:13:29) The case for faith,
(1:17:20) Abraham, the call to adventure
(1:19:55) To honor those around you
(1:26:00) Integral liberalism, the lack of filter
(1:29:45) Common respect, breaking down tribalism
(1:34:20) The act of judgment
(1:37:30) Why tilt Conservative?


Toby Wilson
Never thought I’d be telling my sons to go to church. But I’ve come to this conclusion on my own the last couple years.

Mister X
When I retired, I became so overwhelmed by the absence purpose, the absence of value, and an overwhelming emptiness, that it nearly crushed me. Being completely on your own can generate depression incredibly easy. I started a get together with my friends once a week and also joined another get together with another group of friends on another weekly cycle. That was the key, being around friends. Conversing, laughing, telling stories, and generally fellow shipping twice a week helped me over that first year on my own. All of my friends have the same hobby as I do, old cars. Those people and things saved me.

Dylan Schweitzer
“Turns out the greatest adventure in life, oddly enough, is to adhere to truth and responsibility” -Jordan Peterson
I feel like the more I hear JP the more I have been fed lies my whole upbringing. So grateful for this man.

Jesse Leigh Brackstone
This is one of the most important conversations you’ve ever aired.

I love how Jordan has been slowly building up on these topics. Strategic well thought out releases to these videos. Thank you for helping me stay informed on this world and how I should combat it. Knowledge is power.

I once heard a pastor imagine the exercise of getting into Satan’s mind to attempt to destroy humanity. What, the pastor asked, would you target in order to destroy humanity, if you were Satan? The FAMILY, of course. If you cannot even say what a biological man and woman are, you are under that warfare. I loved Dr. Peterson’s illumination of the Tower of Babel story at work here — in that we don’t even speak the same language as a result of attempting to build our own ideological and linguistic towers.
I also love Hazony’s outline of what resistance looks like. Go to church or synagogue and work to learn and participate in a life of conservation and transmission.

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