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How to Become a Narcissist

Written by JP

Ever wonder how to become a narcissist? Now you won’t have to wonder how to achieve narcissism. Many get jealous of all the criticism and therefore attention that narcissists get. No longer do you have to be limited if you’ve never been diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder, you’ll learn how to achieve narcissism faster than ever before with the easy to follow steps in this video. Get ready to emotionally shut down others and get them to focus only on you.


Don’t forget the classic giving someone permission to do something they are already doing just so you can still feel in control.

Joke’s on you I don’t need this video. I’m already perfect.

“Humbleness is a sign of insecurity, weakness, or being Japanese.” Lmaooo

I’m so glad someone else sees what’s going on with the world. A world full of narcissism.

My brain is breaking. How did you make something that destroys lives, so insanely funny? Thank you. ♥

I dated a narcissist for two years. It temporarily cost me my sanity, and the aftermath almost cost me my life, but ive since recovered. I’ve learned a great deal from it. I can now look back on her, and videos like this, and laugh in good faith.

My wife is a therapist and already tells me I have narcissistic tendencies. Thank you for helping me refine my skills. I knew you were good enough to provide me the skills I need to be successful so I can validate her.

JP: “People say I’m a narcissist all the time. But I know better.”

This is the perfect description of my last husband (ex). It’s funny, but creepy truthful, too!

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