How to become a Woke White Person.

Written by JP

Ever wonder how to become a woke white person? In this step by step instructional, you’ll slice through social justice warrior school and emerge with a high level degree in woke-ology. You’ll know not only how to get offended by anything, you’ll understand how to accrue woke social justice warrior points by canceling other white people for not taking enough action to heal racism. As a woke white person, you’ll be serving your country well in your integral role in cancel culture. JP’s sarcasm is on another level!

Also, this link: How to Be a Woke White Person | Ever wonder how to become a woke white person? In this step by step instructional, you’ll slice through social justice warrior school and emerge with a… | By JP Sears | Facebook


“As a wokologist, you know that people never say what they mean. They mean what you think they mean.”

JP! This was hilarious. Like a lot of your viewers, I’m black too (and elderly), and you nailed it. You have a real talent for exposing the ridiculousness among all groups in our culture. Please continue raining your humor on the left, right, and in between, all groups are kinda nutty in their own way.

Your videos are hilarious. I love them, and they are so true. I once was yelled at for being racist (there was no black people in my retirement home class), so I told them: “Thank you for pointing that out – I will now seek out black people for my classes – and only black people. I won’t be racst anymore.” They actually thought they changed me, and had a huge dopamine rush – not knowing I was cynical …. but I “turned the knife” even more – and I told them: “You know, clouds are racist – they are white. The Space shuttle is racist – a black astronaut was killed in the explosion. Sheep and white butterflies are racist. Zebras and panda bears are half racist. Pianos are racist – they have more white keys than black keys. And as I followed them to their car (it was a white car), I said “and you need to trade your car in – it’s racist.” and I walked away.

“If they post a picture of their dinner, accuse them of racism because there’s no black people in their food” –I’m dying!! ROTFL

I’m a black woman and you “nailed it” JP. I love your humor. 😂😂😂 I’m so glad I discovered your YouTube Channel. Peace & Blessings.

I’m not lying, the very first psychology lecture at Harvard was teaching us how to do this and then how to justify it. There was a lot of name calling and jargon, but the main ones were using phenomenology (study of experience) and hermeneutics (interpretation) to explain that all experiments should be about black people, run by black people which they actually called ‘colored’ and they taught us the goal of the research was to ‘construe the mind’ of the colored people to ‘achieve collective agency’. You can’t make this shit up.

You forgot the cardinal rule of Wokology: “Since you have declared yourself as being anti-racist, that means that if anybody ever opposes anything you say, they are automatically racist – because they are opposing you, an anti-racist.”

So basically what you’re saying it’s perfectly okay to be self-centered and everything revolves around you. I love it.

I worked the graveyard shift at Denny’s when I was younger. I went to work one night with an ear infection and couldn’t hear anything out of my right ear. I had a table of 4 black folks in their early 20’s that said something to me and I didn’t hear them. All of a sudden all 4 of them a yelling at me and down talking me. They were telling me I was ignoring them because they were black and I was racist. Try dealing with that crap! The door opens both ways!

Thank you for all the vast wisdom you impart!

Lately I’ve been telling my white friends to stop being so racist; towards other white people.

I had a huge consciousness breakthrough just now because of your hilarious wisdom. Love you brother. You are a gifted teacher.

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