How to seduce a woman!

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I write this piece in a manner so that boys can learn appropriate techniques to counter the damaging training they are getting from porn. I write it in a manner that girls will see things that the boys do not see so that they can control the situation and train the boy to treat her, not as an ‘object for male gratification’, but to treat her in a manner worthy of her status. I write it in a manner so that the older generation can get some action on combating the degradation.

Sex has long been a ‘taboo’ subject — something we do not talk about in regular conversation. The ‘taboo’ nature enables the middle aged woman to say to her husband: “All you think of is the ‘s’ word.” This is used to limit male lust. However, almost all young males will be watching pornography. Because it is a ‘taboo’ topic, it has crept under the door into the night spectrum of computer voyeurism and addiction. There is nothing in the world that is more beautiful to a male than the naked female form. To watch a video of a submissive female following commands is difficult for a boy to avoid. Nothing will cause his manhood to rise to attention as fast as watching a tidy girl take her clothes off and follow the instructions of a male. He can watch women of all shapes and sizes gratifying male demand.

In the past, it may have been that the older generation had to ‘spur’ the young males along to show them that this ‘woman’ stuff was very nice. Young males may need to be kick-started to chase the girls. Ballroom dancing does this very quickly. All the male has to do is say: “Excuse me. May I have the next dance, and, immediately, he has his leg between hers and her breasts pushed into his chest and his hand in the middle of her back. He quickly realizes that this ‘woman stuff’ is very exciting, and a little scary! I have often wondered why city centres in Europe have statues of naked women. Was it to fire up the young males to go chase girls?

Don’t look!

It is considered ‘indecent’ to walk around dressed in the manner shown above, but a marble representation of the same thing is considered acceptable!. The next picture is classed as indecent:


But this is tame compared to what the young males are watching on the internet. They can easily watch women tied up to frames being abused, something abhorrent to someone brought up under traditional morals.

Now that woman’s nudity and performance has become centre stage, we can no longer stifle the debate on how to deal with the issue. I remember staying in a family run hostel in Amman, Jordan. The hostel was run by a Palestinian family who had been ‘displaced’ from their home lands and had been relocated in USA. They voiced too many problems in the USA and subsequently moved closer to their homelands which put them as outsiders in the centre of Amman, Jordan. I hope to visit them again sometime — my Palestinian Muslim friends. It was a ‘no holds barred’ conversation with the young middle aged mother of the family with the chador thrown off onto the empty chair next to her. She claimed that the ‘Jews’ (Israeli army) had been pushing porn down each TV channel during altercations. [1] She was annoyed about the effect this might have on ‘their’ young males. She claimed it affected the upbringing of boys. The implication in the subsequent conversation, was that males could get sexual satisfaction from other than their wife. This was always a source of power for woman since civilization that I call ‘The Women’s Cartel on Sex’, whilst girls sometimes call it: “The Secret” — the secret known to women but not to men! Sex and the influence of pornography is not something that we discuss openly in the West, yet here was a finger wagging conversation with a Muslim woman, most irate that her boys had been exposed to pornography. The female cartel on sex was still working well amongst the Palestinians. If a male wanted sex, he had to get it from his Palestinian woman. I asked the male of the house the next day: “Do the young males watch porn?” His reply: “You bet they do!” Yet, Muslim or Middle Eastern porn is thin on the ground. They are watching ‘white girl’ porn. Thus, they get the idea that white girls get on their knees and perform oral sex to the demands and instructions of a male. We need the same open discussions about the abuse of females in porn as well as the influence on boys. These misguided and misled girls, desperate for a dollar, are slapped around, and follow outright commands by males in a very undignified manner.

And so the subject needs to be documented in an enlightened manner. The boys need to learn the appropriate way to ‘seduce’ a girl. This is partly so the boy gets a better approach. and partly so that girls do not enter blind and finish up falling into compliance with these misguided young males. I had a French girl ask me the other day: “Andy, it seems that every man that I go out with wants to f**k me up the ass. They seem to have an obsession about this. Do I have to allow them to do this?” I said: “absolutely no way.” I was walking through Perth the other evening and one of three young girls in front said quite audibly: “I let him have me up the ass, but I don’t let him come in my mouth.” This issue runs all the way through the younger generation and is being ignored by the elders of society. Now back to the topic title.

A girl’s body is much more sensitive to touch than the boy’s body. She will become aroused from the lightest of finger touch or caress. It is very exciting to the girl when the fingers are gently run up her arm in a manner that the fingers barely touching the surface. To the male, a light touch will be pleasant but little more than a light touch. To the girl, you may even see ‘goose bumps’ as the tiny female hairs rise to attention, and a significant glazed look appear on her face. Enjoy the look on her face as you very slowly run your light finger touch up her arm very slowly. This will have slightly different reactions from different girls. There is no standard response. Some girls will be far too ticklish to tolerate this. A firmer touch may be required. Depending on the situation, you move on from here. If in a public place, you may simply put her hand on the table, in your second hand, or on your knee and run a finger along the back of each of her fingers. She is likely to sit in silence to enjoy. Then you can work on her outstretched arm. If you are in a private place, you can move forward. You can run the fingers up and across the shoulders. Perhaps both arms and shoulders using both your hands. Do not, under any circumstances, go near her armpits. To do so may put her in a fit of giggles, whence you loose the plot, and will have problems with any touch as she will be nervous that you hit a ticklish spot again. If you are naked, she has already given authority for you to see her naked body and to be close. You can further work your magic. Upright or laid down, you can run your fingers lightly up her arm, avoid the armpit and come down each side of the breasts. Avoid touching the breasts for the time being. Avoid all the ‘naughty parts’ to demonstrate restraint. You need to develop trust. The belly button may be exceedingly ticklish in the early stages until she is mesmerized and ‘up with the fairies’. This state of mesmerization you should detect with the look in her smile and her minor body movements as you transport her into another world. (The sensible girl may give minor feedback in the form of purrs, murmurs, or minor movements. Be careful not to break this state of peacefulness. Do not underestimate the need to develop trust. Words are not needed. Words take you back to logic. Avoid logic, stick to emotional conenction, feelings and physical feel. Your joy comes from seeing her happy with the bonus of feeling the wonderfuls, delicate curves along with the softness of her skin.

The lower ear and neck are very sensitive to this touch. So, once settled in, you can lightly caress the lower ear and run the fingers down the neck. The neck is not a part initially offered to you until ‘trust’ is established. In the animal kingdom, the neck is a vulnerable component of the body and is guarded from availability. Your fingers are taking a journey around her body but avoiding the ‘naughty parts’. Think of it as a finger journey. But feel the emotional connection. Let your smile demonstrate your happiness at the connection through the touch and trust. From the neck, perhaps again go down past the sides of the breast. Enjoy the unique curves as your fingers pass where the delicate curves of the breast meet the body. It is a wonder of nature. Never forget that the woman’s body is a temple. It brings fresh life into the world. It should be treated with care and respect by yourself as well as the girl. At some stage you can move to the breasts. They are likely to have increased sensitivity particularly close to the nipples, so go slow and carefully in case she wants to push you away from the area. A finger caress underneath the breasts will start. Five fingers spread, each running up the mountain towards the nipple is interesting. Initially avoid the nipples. If she keeps intervening by moving her arms or giving instructions, touch her lips with a signal of silence and repatriate her arms to their original placement.

You may also be given access to the legs. With the legs clearly parted, starting above the knee or near the ankle, slowly and carefully trace your fingers up but making it quite clear, in your movement, that you are going to miss the ‘naughty parts’. Trust is crucial. Depending on her response, which may not be in words but in her dazed look or in her movement, you can spread her legs and carefully run fingers up the inside of her legs. She may say, or may not say: “I could lie here all night with you doing this to me!” Thus, you are on a winner! You may have problems with your manhood by this stage, but you have a lot more work to do. You can next start with tiny kisses — little more than a touch of the lips. Start back at the arms and again work around the shoulder and down the side of the breasts onto the belly — the centre of birth. Never forget that the woman’s body is a temple. Respect it! Be careful, the belly button may be extremely sensitive until she is well in a trance. Now you have been working for quite a time, as you maneuver down her side, you can turn your path from the side of her body and slowly work your way up the side of the breast with your tiny kisses that are no more than a minor movement of the lips. When you reach the nipple, it will be better to tickle them with your tongue and then get a sense of whether to suck them. You will tell by her gentle movements. She will usually react quite strongly to your attention to the breasts. From one nipple, gently kiss your way into the valley and up to the other nipple. Give the other nipple the tongue attention and perhaps some gentle sucking. She may well be writhing by this time, but do not let her grab you or your manhood. That is to come in a while. There is no competition to finish quickly. The longer you run this out, the more memorable it will be. She may remember you and this night for the rest of her life. If she is writhing, slow down the action so that you keep her in that state of the procedure to prolong the situation. You can work down the other side of the breast to the side of the body. You can work on the breast area for quite a while particularly if it is holding her at a good level of enjoyment. She may even go out of control by this stage. If so, slow down, prolong the situation. Send her crazy.

Rather than progressing to the honeypot, you can return to the start point on the arms, winding her back, then lifting her back with high expectation. At some stage you can move to the legs. Slowly bring your tender touch in small circles up the inside of her leg and slowly make your way to her ‘naughty parts’. But do not touch the ‘naughty parts’. Repeat the leg process. You can then touch the sides of her naughty parts, whilst looking into her eyes. You can rub your fingers up either side, or even hold her naughty parts between two fingers and ‘wiggle’. When you finally enter, remember, there is no rush to ‘finish’. Remember: you need permission. A simple whispered question is all that is needed. Words can kill the atmosphere. If you want to be ‘invited’ back, you need to make her happy. At some stage, you can roll her onto her stomach and carry out a similar process. It won’t be as dramatic as the front activities, but it will prolong the process. If she says something like: “I could lie here all night with you doing this to me.”, you can be a little more inventive. If you put her on ‘all fours’ meaning knees and hands, you can work on various areas, one at a time. Whist the breasts are hanging downwards, you can run the fingers down the sides or use all fingers in a cone like arrangement and run down to, but avoid her nipple. You can play games with your fingers on the legs, but make it clear by your finger movement that you will do nothing unexpected with her exposed genitals. Trust is essential. You can climb underneath with your face up and give attention to her breasts. Be gentle and careful. She has to trust you because she has made herself ‘prone’. Do not be in a hurry as you have all night. This is a long process of emotional excitement for her. You are keeping her ‘on the edge’. If you get this right, she will never forget you — ever.

The girl needs to control the situation by giving appropriate signals. The male will perhaps at stages ask: “Is this ok?” The girl needs to recognize that once this process begins, she may have difficulty saying: “No”, as nature takes over. This is sometimes described as “in the heat of moment”. Do not take advantage of the ‘heat of the moment’. It is incumbent on you to ensure that she was happy to be in this situation with you.

This ‘touchy-feely’ approach was probably happening in this manner when we were reptiles, before god gave us a neocortex brain with its logic (and illogic). The girl needs to make it quite clear before this starts if there are any boundaries. She can also train the male to treat her in this manner. If he gets to treat her well during the day, he gets to ‘treat her well’ in the evening. By this means, he is servicing the girl then servicing the girl. He does not mistreat her and she can blame him for ‘leading her astray’. It is not her wild tendencies but his wickedness in leading her astray into lands previously unknown to her.

One has to ask the question: “Why is porn free?” It is highly likely to have been fed free to you young males as a way to destroy a foreign nation by those with ill design on our nations. As males, you need to realize a few things. You were built as a ‘fucking’ machine. You can tell your arm to rise and it rises. However, you cannot tell your manhood to rise. Nothing you will do will cause it to rise. It only rises when it detects its purpose in life. It detects a warm, interesting girl in proximity and even then, only when she has demonstrated some interest in you. This can be faked by imagining a girl or with images of a virtual girl. To cut the story short, the watching of porn where you get to choose who you watch can alter your brain’s ability to be aroused by a real girl. Porn has the ability to destroy the manhood of the nation. As such, it can be considered a weapon of war. As the Palestinian woman who was remonstrating at me, waving her fingers in anger at the Israelis pushing porn down each television channel. Getting your ‘rocks off’ to porn may seem ‘nice’ at the time, but taking a girl to another planet with the practices above, is another level above destructive satisfaction of porn. Sex was made exciting by god or nature for a reason — so that people would engage in sex. You were given a ‘sex drive’ and an interest in girls for a reason. Your education caused you to accept the consequences of your actions, so that you would care for the girl you got pregnant and your future child. We can accept that, as males, we do not think: “Let’s make babies.” when we ‘make love’ to a girl. We just think: “Get this ‘done’.” But as good men, we accept the consequences. God made girls beautiful for a reason — so that we would desire them. I do ask the question: “Did god make women beautiful, or did god make man’s mind believe that they are beautiful?”

Now the next topic. How to meet a girl. Repetitively, doing the same thing is less likely to create meeting situations. It can happen at the strangest of times. A websearch for ‘where did you meet your wife’ is instructional. It might be in a train. It might be in the supermarket. Get to the checkout ‘accidentally’ at the same time as her. Girls are full of these tricks on males, so nothing is new. She might guess that you did it purposely, but that does not matter. Get some cards or similar made up with your contact details. As she stands in front of you at the checkout queue trembling, say something instantaneous: “I like your hair.” She might know it was a pickup line but she may still find you interesting. Some girls are very shy and don’t speak to anyone for days. You might be the lifeline. She may know that you did it purposely, but that adds to the situation. She then already knows that you find her interesting. There is a whole strata of emotional comprehension that she may comprehend and to which you may be blind, but that does not prevent her from responding. Never lie! If she asks: “Did you follow me to the checkout?” you answer truthfully: “Yes. I thought you were interesting.” She can detect emotions, lies, and social dynamics to which you are blind. So honesty is always the rule. I asked a girl once after she walked past and ignored me, having been chatty the day before: “When you walk past a male, do you always know who you walked past?” The answer was: “Yes”. This is girl’s games and they are natural tactics to a girl. She may be testing you out. They are girls. Yes may mean no, and no may mean ‘try harder’. It is part of nature. Before we were given a neocortex, we were reptiles. These instincts seem to come from our time as a reptile. She needs to detect that you are ‘into her enough’ to hang around through tougher times ahead. The little dramas created are something that you have to demonstrate that you can weather. In the supermarket queue or on the train or at a hostel, your eyes need to tell her that: “you respect her, you find her interesting, and you would like to get to know her better.” You will emanate this message only if you think it.

The next topic is what she will detect in you. She has a sixth sense that you will never get to understand. She wants someone with some sort of status. So you need to be good at something and be of a goodly nature. You need to be the type of person she would like to meet. Some girls list ‘smart’ as in a interesting brain. To this end, you need to look and study numerous different topics. But we now go beyond the topic title.


“When Palestinian residents of the besieged West Bank town of Ramallah turned on their TVs over the weekend, what they encountered was neither news nor any of the usual Palestinian Authority programming; they encountered pornographic movie clips.

Three of the four TV stations in Ramallah, headquarters of Yasser Arafat, had been occupied by Israeli troops. The town’s remaining TV station was meanwhile running a crawl at the bottom of the screen explaining that the porn clips were the work of the occupying forces. “We urge parents to take precautions,” it read.

Israel is not below exposing families and children to pornography against their will. I mean, what did we expect? They’re not below murdering children outright, so exposing them to graphic sexual images is a step up as far as Zionist morality is concerned.

Replacing Palestinian news and other programming with such material also increases the stress and frustration of the populace. Remember, Ramallah’s residents were unable to leave their homes, even to buy groceries. Their need for information was intense. Israeli forces had the option of taking the TV stations off the air entirely. Instead, they left them operating, but broadcasting “replacement” imagery. The pornography may well have been even more demoralizing than no programming at all.

This is their sick logic. They occupy a Muslim city, force the residents into their homes, and then make sure their TV’s are only broadcasting filth.”

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