If you want to end racism, you have to end poverty.

Evidence that ending poverty will end racism

I’m boosting this from an earlier post because I may begin sharing more posts about the ways ending poverty reduces racism.
This bit from Sons of Rich Black Families Fare No Better Than Sons of Working-Class Whites – The New York Times is important for those of us who want to end racism:

The authors, including the Stanford economist Raj Chetty and two census researchers, Maggie R. Jones and Sonya R. Porter, tried to identify neighborhoods where poor black boys do well, and as well as whites.

“The problem,” Mr. Chetty said, “is that there are essentially no such neighborhoods in America.”

The few neighborhoods that met this standard were in areas that showed less discrimination in surveys and tests of racial bias. They mostly had low poverty rates. And, intriguingly, these pockets — including parts of the Maryland suburbs of Washington, and corners of Queens and the Bronx — were the places where many lower-income black children had fathers at home. Poor black boys did well in such places, whether their own fathers were present or not.

I italicized the lines that suggest something many of us believe: If you want to end racism, you have to end poverty. 

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