Is the Pope Catholic?

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This has long been a sarcastic response to another question for which the obvious answer is: “Yes.”
“Hey man, do you want a beer?”
“Is the Pope Catholic?”

“Is the Pope Catholic?” has now become a serious question. The statement has long been a jokey answer to what some might consider to be a stupid question for which the answer was obviously ‘Yes’. The question has now be come a serious question for many. Can the bona fides of Pope Francis be justified? The pontiff released a document on family life that does not match the church’s teachings on the nature and permanence of marriage.

Ross Douthat criticized Pope Francis’ particularly in regard to “ Amoris Laetitia”, a document that Ross Douthat described as “designed to introduce a level of ambiguity into church teaching that had been absent.” He continued with: “ It’s clearly a deliberately destabilizing document. And whether that destabilization is good or bad is something that liberals and conservatives can argue about.”

He later continued with:

“But the idea that there is this glorious future church waiting to be born as long as we get rid of the dead hand of 1950s Catholicism that the pope seems to perceive everywhere he looks is nuts! It’s just nuts. That’s not where Catholicism in the West is right now,”

Ross Douthat. New York Times columnist.

And then”

“Catholicism in the West is divided, disorderly, badly catechized and extremely liberal in terms of the perspective of the average self-identified Catholic.”

Ross Douthat. New York Times columnist.

The question also brings into question the direction of Catholicism. Even if you are not Catholic, the stand of Catholicism is important in the decision making of the world. It is important as a bulwark against the domination of corporate government. Even if you are Muslim, the stand taken by the Catholics on war and family matters, matters to you.

Garbled anonymous writes:

WOMAN.. Refers to the restoration of worldwide Catholic Empire (sun) with twelve kingdoms and the Pure and Genuine Catholic Church (moon) , under the Holy Emperor, who is the man child and salvation and Holy Pope who is the son and strength.

Garbled anonymous

In other words, he is elected by the church hierarchy to look after all within the lands where it has influence. I don’t like to ignore people’s opinions because of poor language.

12:6… 1260 days/42 PROPHETIC MONTHS OR 42 years in actual, St. Peter Church will be under (VATICAN 2 POPES) seat of antichrist from August 26, 1978 that will end on August 26, 2020 thru 3 DAYS DARKNESS CHASTISEMENT… THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY…

Garbled anonymous.

Garbled continues with:

Blood of the Lamb.. Devotion to Sacred Heart or Precious Blood is encourage to defeat Satan.

12:14 Catholic Monarchy was slowly overtaken by Republican System for TIME TIMES AND HALF A TIME (TIME =70 : 245, YEARS) starting May 10, 1775 when the Continental Congress of the American Patriots adopted the Principle of Separation of Church and State. CATHOLIC MONARCHY SHALL BE RESTORED ON MAY 11, 2020

Garbled anonymous.

We can accept that the Pope is not perfect. But is he the enemy within the gates? There is the question of how much influence is put on the Catholic Church to steer it from a rightious path. Some roumour that billionaire George Soros is is trying to hijack the Catholic Church for his progressive agenda. Some report that leaked documents give evidence that this ‘left-wing’ billionaire is on a mission to control the Pope and the U.S. bishops. This influence would tilt the Church to the left. He has a history of funding groups that are labeled “Catholic”, but that oppose fundamental Church teaching. He backs of anti-Catholic issues at the United Nations. Leaked documents from his ‘Open Society Foundations’ suggest that he has influence over high-level Church officials to advance his causes. It is not difficult to find fake ‘Catholic’ websites that suggest that Judaism and Catholicism are close to each other. One writer writes:

One of the main creeds of Catholicspeak is that Pope Francis is a pit of darkness with no good in him, and therefore he must be opposed at every turn.

This leaves us with a dilemna. I was born Protestant but class my self as Christian, not because I go to church but because I believe in the ‘Philosophy of Jesus’. The dilemma is that the Church is being torn apart from within and without. From ‘within’, I mean the church hierarchy and the Catholic parishioners. And ‘from without’, I mean Protestants, other religions, and agnostics that constantly support memes on the internet undermining the Church. These agnostics often do not realize that they follow a philosophy of common decency with a moral code of good and bad derived from the teachings of Jesus. They thus follow the ‘Philosophy of Jesus’. They can be better ‘Christians’ than Church goers.

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