Is there heaven?

Fascinating question. Logic tells me: “No.” But studying the topic, I asked many people, and there clearly is a place in the brain for the concept of heaven. It is also a very good way of getting persons to behave using the mantra: “If you are good, you go to heaven. If you are bad, you go to hell.” Religions control people’s behaviour without locking them up or chopping their heads off as is the method used by the nation state. Notice that nation-state laws are all negative. Moses said: “If they do this, hang them from a tree until dead. If they do that, bury them up to the neck and throw rocks at them.” Our Christian philosophy is based on ‘Common Decency’ towards others. Your reward is heaven.
So, logically, I do not accept ‘heaven’. However, in the back of my mind, I believe in heaven.

by Andy Chalkley

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