Jesus was a Judean, not a Jew.

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Michael Delorenzo:
Jew is just a slang term meaning Judean, anyone living in the land of Judea. The term JEW is short for Judean. In the time of Jesus, The Province of Judea was Multicultural an anyone living in that Province was considered a Judean by the Romans regardless of Race, Religion, Ethnic Group, etc. Just like anyone living in Texas is considered a Texan regardless of Race or religion, etc. Back They changed the Bible back in the 1800’s and replaced the ancient Greek word Ioudaios which means anyone living in the province of Judea to Jew. Ioudaios (Ancient Greek: Ἰουδαῖος; pl. Ἰουδαῖοι Ioudaioi) is an Ancient Greek ethnonym used in classical and biblical literature which commonly translates to “Judean”. When reading the Bible you have to know how to translate the term “Jew” correctly. It could mean a true Hebrew Judean, or it could mean a Herodian Edomite Judean, or any other mixed race person living in Judea at that time. Jesus was a Hebrew Israelite Nazarene Judean. His sign on His cross to mock Him really translates to …King of “Judeans” not Jews. The term Jews was created by the Edomite-Turkish-Mongol-Yiddish-Communists to deceive the masses for identity theft. Which worked well

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