Jesus was not a Jew.

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The term ‘Jewish’ did not exist at the time. The people were Hebrews. The society has broken into three sects. The Essenes, the Sadducees, and the Pharisees. The Jewish Virtual Library states that: “The most important of the three were the Pharisees because they are the spiritual fathers of modern Judaism.” Thus the expression ‘Jewish’, being invented many centuries later, is considered to be of the modern Jewish faith which stems from the sect called the Pharisees. By suggesting that “Jesus was a Jew” is to imply that he went along with mainstream Hebrew life. This is misleading and undermining of the importance of Jesus in the development of improved religions in the world. Jesus constantly rebuked the Pharisees, the ‘spiritual fathers of modern Judaism’. He effectively told the people that they were doing things wrong and that they should start being good to each other. He described them as ‘hard of heart’. He spent his life rebuking those that now call themselves the “Jews”. Jesus was aligned with the Essenes and those that followed the ‘ways of Jesus’ became known as “Christians” for the very reason that they had emulated his life advice. The Essenes had stores of manuscripts from many religions which is a strong indication that they were studying the characteristics of other religions to create a superior religion, yet named. If you look at the characteristics and behavior of the Essenes, there is a remarkable similarity to the ways of Jesus. So it is not unreasonable to comprehend that they were in the process of creating a new religion. Apostle Paul went around and spread the word of the ‘Philosophy of Jesus’ which became the religion that is now called “Christianity”. However, it was not just a formal religion as the philosophy of Jesus became the background of the upbringing of the young in the West and the attitude to family was a copy of the instructions of Jesus as taught by Paul. Some people even jokingly cal it: “Paulism”. The ‘Church’ as we know it is another manifestation of Christianity that live parallel to the Philosophy of Jesus as followed by the family. The Church has slightly different interpretations and added a few extras from its Pagan origins. But the backbone of Western Society is the Philosophy of Jesus as drummed into the young to ensure a civil society. To say that ‘Jesus was a Jew’ is entirely unhelpful to our society. Even those in the West that claim to be agnostic or atheist demonstrate a set of ethical standards that match that taught by Jesus. This ‘Philosophy of Jesus’ includes at least:

  • Be good to others.
  • Be good to women.
  • Stand up against wrongdoing.
  • Watch out for the moneylenders that implement usury to trap nations and people in debt. Then manipulate the political process in their favour.
  • Don’t be greedy.

But it also includes the concepts of common-decency, fairness, compassion, and simmilar.

It also includes the ability to distinguish right from wrong without using a rule book.

Jesus gave us an excellent ethics system which has been the core of the belief system of the ‘West’ for two thousand years. The Church got led of the line a few times and governments went feral, but the core values of the people survived. One problem with his philosophy is that it left the people a bit gullible and unprotected against graft and fraud. The ordinary people might follow the code, but those in charge were less prone to follow the code.

Here is the view of Albert Fortney Jr: 

Jesus was a ‘Judean’, not a Jew, and during His lifetime, no persons were described as “Jews” anywhere. This fact is supported by theology, history and science. When Jesus was in Judea, it was not the ‘homeland’ of the ancestors of those who today style themselves ‘Jews’. Their ancestors never set a toe in Judea.

Albert Fortney Jr.

Jesus was not a Jew.

by Benjamin H. Freedman, Jewish Historian – Researcher – Scholar.
From “Common Sense”, P2-1-53 and P5-1-59

Benjamin H. Freedman was a Jew. He began telling the truth, and the Jews began their attacks on him. He was the former principal at the Woodbury Soap Company. He spent nearly all of his millions traveling and publishing the truth.

“Christians have been duped by the unholiest hoax in all history, by so-called Jews. This is considered their most effective weapon.”

“This ‘big lie’ technique is brainwashing United States Christians into believing that Jesus Christ was “King of the Jews”, in the sense that so-called ‘Jews’ today call themselves ‘Jews’. This reference was first made in English translations of the Old and New Testaments, centuries before the so-called Jews highjacked the word ‘Jew’ in the 18th century A.D. to palm themselves off on the Christian world as having a kinship with Jesus Christ. This alleged kinship comes from the myth of their common ancestry with the so-called ‘Jews’ of the Holy Land in the Old Testament history, a fiction based on fable.”

“American Christians little suspect they are being brainwashed twenty-four hours of every day over television and radio, by newspapers and magazines, by motion pictures and plays, by books, by political leaders in office and seeking office, by religious leaders in their pulpits and outside their churches, by leaders in the field of education inside and outside their curricular activities, and by all leaders in business, professions and finance, whose economic security demands that they curry the favor of so-called “Jews” of historic Khazar ancestry. Unsuspecting Christians are subjected to this barrage from sources they have little reason to suspect. Incontestable facts supply the unchallengeable proof of the historic accuracy that so-called “Jews” throughout the world today of eastern European origin are unquestionably the historic descendants of the Khazars, a pagan Turko-Finn ancient Mongoloid nation deep in the heart of Asia, according to history, who battled their way in bloody wars about the 1st century B.C. into eastern Europe where they set up their Khazar kingdom. For some mysterious reason the history of the Khazar kingdom is conspicuous by its absence from history courses in the schools and colleges.

“The historic existence of the Khazar kingdom of so-called “Jews”, their rise and fall, the permanent disappearance of the Khazar kingdom as a nation from the map of Europe, and how King Bulan and the Khazar nation in about 740 A.D. became so-called “Jews” by conversion, were concealed from American Christians by censorship imposed by so-called “Jews”, of historic Khazar ancestry, upon all U.S.A. media of mass communications directed by them. Then in 1945 this author gave nation-wide publicity to his many years intensive research into the “facts of life” concerning Khazars. The disclosures were sensational and very effective but apparently angered so-called “Jews” who have continued to vent their spleen upon this author since then solely for that reason. Since 1946 they have conducted a vicious smear campaign against him, seeking thus to further conceal these facts, for obvious reasons. What have they to fear from the truth?

“In an original 1903 edition of the Jewish Encyclopedia in New York’s Public Library, and in the Library of Congress, Volume IV, pages 1 to 5 inclusive, appears a most comprehensive history of the Khazars. Also in the New York Public Library are 327 books by the world’s greatest historians and other sources of reference, in addition to the Jewish Encyclopedia, dealing with Khazar history, and written between the 3rd A.D. and 20th centuries by contemporaries of the Khazars and by modern historians on that subject.”

Jesus was a ‘Judean’, not a Jew.

During His lifetime, no persons were described as “Jews” anywhere. That fact is supported by theology, history and science. When Jesus was in Judea, it was not the “homeland” of the ancestors of those who today style themselves “Jews”. Their ancestors never set a foot in Judea. They existed at that time in Asia, their “homeland”, and were known as Khazars. In none of the manuscripts of the original Old or New Testament was Jesus described or referred to as a “Jew”. The term originated in the late eighteenth century as an abbreviation of the term Judean and refers to a resident of Judea without regard to race or religion, just as the term “Texan” signifies a person living in Texas.

In spite of the powerful propaganda effort of the so-called “Jews”, they have been unable to prove in recorded history that there is one record, prior to that period, of a race religion or nationality, referred to as “Jew”. The religious sect in Judea, in the time of Jesus, to which self-styled “Jews” today refer to as “Jews”, were known as “Pharisees”. “Judaism” today and “Pharisaism” in the time of Jesus are the same.

Jesus abhorred and denounced “Pharisaism”; hence the words, “Woe unto you Scribes and Pharisees, Hypocrites, Ye Serpents, Ye Generation of Vipers”.

Benjamin H. Freedman, Jewish Historian – Researcher – Scholar. From “Common Sense”, p. 2-1-53 and 5-1-59

Was Jesus a Jew?

Not at all… Despite the clamor of the blinded in part, “church-goer” and the duped “Judeo Christians” following the likes of Billy, Jerry, and Pat, et. al, Jesus would have been a follower of the Babylonian Talmudic Pharisaism of the day, which exists in the very same antiChristian Judaism form today… In fact, St. Paul even described it as well, noting that it was even then, working in his day, that “mystery of iniquity.”

Judaism follows the Talmud and not the Torah, the first five books of Moses…The Torah takes a far distant 2nd place in the minds and comments of the Rabbi’s of Judaism and as a consequence, they do not follow the original Hebraism of the early Israelties, those who met and agreed to abide by the Law given to them at Mt. Sinai.

When the tribe of Judah was taken to Babylon in a mild form of captivity, they abandoned their ancient Hebraism of the Torah and began to follow the “oral traditions” of the Pharisees who were called upon to circumvent these early Laws of the Torah while they were in the Las Vegas of the day, Babylon… This circumvention given to the Figs of Judah, both the good and bad, evolved into the long series of Rabbinical traditions that became the infamous, Talmud… now 63 volumes of very antiChristian writings and commentary… and cleary anti Jesus..

So, when He called them down and stated that their rules make the Laws of non-effect, He was speaking about their Talmud…

So, would Jesus have become a Jew in order to abide by the Talmud… Go figure… Hardly… Jesus was not a Jew..

J, Richard Niemela.

Who was the First Jew?

by John Standring

We know that Saul was the first king of Israel and that John was the first man called Baptist, but who was the first Jew? Neither Adam, Seth or Noah are called Jew. Nor were Abraham, Isaac or Jacob. Moses was not called a Jew and neither were Saul, David or Solomon called Jew. In fact you will not find the word Jew in the first eleven books of the Bible. The first time Jews are mentioned in the Bible, is in II Kings 16:6 (and then only in translations revised in the eighteenth century) where we find Israel was at war with the Jews and drave the Jews from Elath. Isn’t it interesting that we can read over five hundred pages of the Bible before we find a Jew anywhere, yet those who call themselves Jew today claim the first five books of the bible and call it their Torah. Do you not find it rather strange that those who claim to have written the first five books of the Bible and call themselves Jew, can’t find the word Jew written anywhere in the book they call their own bible, and claim to have written? Jesus Christ tells John in Revelation 2:9 “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews and are not, but are the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN”. We know that God changed the name of Abram to Abraham in Genesis 17:5, and that He changed the name of Jacob to Israel in Genesis 32:28, but nowhere in the Bible do we find where God changed the name of Israel to Jew! There is therefore no authority by which those who say they are Jews can claim to be Israel!

By the time of Jesus the word Edom or Edomite had been translated by Greek and Latin into Ioudaios and Iudaeus meaning a Judean or person living in Judea. The original King James version of the Bible, 1611, translated Idumaean-Judean into Iewes. It wasn’t until the revised editions of the King James Bible, that the word Jew appeared. The word Jew does not mean Israel or Israelite! We must conclude therefore that the first “Jews” were Canaanite-Edomite-Hittite. It is certain, according to the Bible, that Jews are not Israel.

John Standring

Why Watch Pharisees

By C. E. Carlson

What better time than the birthday of Jesus Christ to examine the Pharisees, as He did. Jesus had much to say about this sect that had established control over spiritual life in Judea and was even able to manipulated the leaders of the occupying Roman Legion. The noun Pharisee occurs at least 87 times in the New Testament. They are invariably in conflict with Jesus. However, any use of this word has mostly been eliminated from the teaching of seminaries and pulpits of America’s churches and the professing Christian media .

What is a Pharisee and WHY don’t we hear about them any more?

Webster defines Pharisee: “One of the members of a school or party among the ancient Jews noted for the strict formal observance of the rites and validity of traditions of the elders. Pharisee interpretation provided the standard of observation and belief for the great majority of the Jews from the 1st century A.D. Pharisaic: Hypocritical, self righteous and censorious of others” (Webster’s New International Dictionary of the English Language, 2nd edition, 1950.)

Jesus confronted the Pharisees daily, as we believe all true followers of Christ should do. No longer an exclusive Jewish term, the pharisaic influence can be found in every church and synagogue in America, busily reshaping Christianity into its own image.

Every mention of “Pharisees” occurs in the New Testament, forming the center of conflict swirling around Jesus, His disciples and followers. The Pharisees stalked and persecuted them throughout their missions. Along with the 78 verses where they are mentioned by name, the Pharisees are also named by the pronouns “they” or “them” in many more verses. They are the object of Jesus’ debates in several complete chapters of Matthew, John and Luke which provide accounts of the ongoing conflict and plot against his life.

The name Pharisee occurs 54 more times than the infamous name of Judas, and twenty times more often than the name of Pontius Pilot. It is without a doubt the most infamous name in the New Testament, second only to Satan. Jesus consistently denounced them as associates of Satan and his lies.

Yet the word “Pharisee” has been pointedly ignored and all but forgotten in modern Christendom. It may be the most avoided word found in the Bible. Many church pastors and most televangelists are capable of preaching the year through without ever mentioning the word Pharisee, except in passing over it like an extinct and irrelevant species. Bible study courses rarely mention who the Pharisees were, and why Jesus pronounced upon them so harshly. Could it be that any celebrity Christian who wants keep his TV contract knows that he must never suggest that the Pharisee’s war on Jesus has anything at all to do with us, or that this anti-Christ sect may have survived to this day ?

The word “Pharisee” has not yet been removed from any Bibles we know of. Though we believe this too might soon be attempted. Most Bible commentaries and concordances avoid any serious treatment of who the Pharisees are and what they believe. One example is the concordance in the new, very popular Thompson Study Bible which is supposedly designed to help readers understand the scriptures. Amazingly it contains only one of the 78 sites about Pharisees found in Strongs, the accepted standard. The 1962 edition contained four of the 78. It appears that the publisher is progressively phasing the word out of our Christian vocabulary.

Jesus denounced this most powerful and destructive faction of anti-Christianity as damned, calling them a “generation of vipers” and “sons of Satan.” However, most study Bibles and courses omit all but a casual mention of the Pharisees.

The purpose of Pharisee Watch is to bring to light the ongoing influence of the Pharisees on our modern society and how they continue the attempt to control our lives. Jesus clearly shows us how they controlled Judea during His time. Needless to say we do not think Pharisees have gone away or they would not still be tampering with The Faith. Webster’s definition spotlights Pharisaism as modern Judaism. This is proudly echoed by many rabbinical sources, who are quite arrogant of their station. They would move heaven and earth to discourage thousands of pastors and televangelists from teaching what Jesus has told us so clearly.

The granddaddy of all the Pharisee censors is the powerfully promoted Scofield study Bible, first printed in England in 1908, but sold in America. It contains hundred of notes about the “rapture in the last days” and the return of the ancient tribe of Israelites to the Holy land.

The latest version of Scofield has even advanced “anti-Semitism” to the status of a “sin.” Each of the four successive editions have further advanced the claim of the self-proclaimed Jews to the real estate known today as the State of Israel. However, Scofield hardly contains a note about the hundreds of verses recording Jesus’ daily conflict and the plot of his death by the Pharisees.

The first mention of Pharisees occurs in Matthew 3:7 when they appear in number at the Jordan River where John the Baptist proclaimed the coming of the Messiah. John’s encounter is vividly recorded in Mt. 3:7: “But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees come to his baptism, he said unto them, O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?” Matthew 3:8, “Bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance.”

One early exchange between Christ and the Pharisees occurred in Matthew 12 where Jesus called them “an evil and adulterous generation”in a powerful exchange that fills most of the chapter.

Matthew 23 primarily highlights Jesus’ condemnation of the Pharisees. Verses 31-34 reads: “Wherefore ye be witnesses unto yourselves, that ye are the children of them which killed the prophets. Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers. Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell? Wherefore, behold, I send unto you prophets, and wise men, and scribes: and some of them ye shall kill and crucify; and some of them shall ye scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city” (King James version).

How can such a discourse be ignored during the entire careers of Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Jack Van Empe and dozens more like them? They have made a career of promoting The State of Israel, regardless of the moral cost.

Luke 21 and John 8 contain more of the incessant confrontations of Jesus with the evil ant-Christ sect. We suggest every skeptical reader look up and read each of the 78 situations in Strongs containing the word “Pharisee.” Ask your own pastor when he last preached on what Jesus meant. Every follower of Christ should ask himself, “Why is almost all mention of the most powerful and evil cult to appear in the New Testament avoided and shunned by Christian leaders today?”

Toward the strait gate (Mth. 12:7)

“Why Watch Pharisees” by C. E. Carlson We Hold These Truths. Scottsdale, AZ 85254

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