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Jewish Power is the Intersectionality among the Deep State Players

The term ‘deep’ is problematic because it implies that the Power is an institution-or-two whose workings are hidden from view.

But I think it’s the interconnections among many institutions and industries than the hidden depths of an institution.

It’s about the connections among intelligence services, Wall Street and Fed, Ivy League, Hollywood, oligarchs, big media, Pentagon, and long-term career politicians(grown totally cynical). Now, surely all those institutions and industries have varying viewpoints and interests. So, what is the Core Intersectionality? I think it is Jewish Power, not only because Jews are immensely rich and powerful but because they are Holy People by rule of PC.

Big Media get to decide the Narrative. It is pro-Zionist, promotes Holocaust as a religion, and denounces any whiff of anti-Jewish criticism as ‘antisemitism’. Elite Academia is dominated by Jews who claim to be ‘liberal’ but are mostly ardently pro-Zionist and Jewish-supremacist, like Paul Krugman. There is a Jewish media and Jewish academia nexus.
Jews are immensely powerful in Wall Street and control the plumbing of finance. They can turn the faucet on and off when it comes to money supply and lending. Also, with the control of the Fed, they hold a gun to the head of the economy.
Jews control Hollywood, and it almost never gives us Jewish villains or Nakba movies. Even crazy Jews are promoted as lovable and funny. Jewish Neurosis is the New Normal. Also, Hollywood made many Holocaust movies designed to sacralize Jews and many anti-white movies meant to paralyze white pride and power.
So, even if white gentiles are heavily represented in elite institutions and industries, they are not allowed to have moral pride and confidence like white folks of old. So, no matter how much wealth, privilege, and leverage they have, they must feel as if they don’t deserve it and stole it from others. In order for white businessmen, politicians, and figures to feel justified, they must associate themselves subserviently with Jews(and blacks and homos, the two allies of Jews; but this is getting a bit weird because Jews now promote Muslims as semi-holy-victims of Evil Trump. It’s risky because if Americans are made to cheer for Muslims, it will be more difficult for Zionists to push Wars for Israel against poor helpless Muslims).
The power of Narrative shows that Money isn’t enough. The Shah of Iran was immensely rich, but he had little respect among his people because he was seen as the illegitimate puppet placed in power by US imperialists. So, without control of the Narrative, even the richest and most powerful people are on shaky legs. And control of history determines whether a people are justified or not. When whites controlled history, they also controlled the Narrative. While admitting the tragedy of Indians and blacks(slavery), they also emphasized the redemptive and transformative role played by Great Whites in the US. But once history came under control of Jews, it emphasized whites as illegitimate robbers and destroyers of other people. Thus, America can only be redeemed by Jews, blacks, and immigrants(who, like later immigrant Jews, arrive guilt-free without the burden of ‘genocide’ of Indians and slavery of blacks). And by homos as Homomania is to replace Christianity(loathed by Jews) as neo-religion.
Since politicians depend on money, they have to rely on Jews. Also, as the Narrative extols & sanctifies Jews but reviles & ‘illegitimizes’ whites, all politicians(despite being mostly white gentile) cannot stand for white identity and interests but must serve Jewish identity and interests. Israel! Israel! Israel! Down with Putin, the New Hitler! Let us have several Holocaust Days, Jewish Month, and Happy Hannukah on par with Christmas(even though Jews are only 2% of the population). So, Jews got Big Media, Wall Street, Ivy League, and Congress. To a large degree, Jews gained power in these institutions and industries through merit and ability. But when power keeps accumulating for a people and if that people have been sacralized and shielded from scrutiny and criticism, things began to rot and fester. One thing for sure, if Bernie Madoff hadn’t been Jewish and hadn’t key connections, he would have been smoked out long ago.

Now, one could argue that the CIA, FBI, NSA, and the military should be more independent of Jewish Power. For one thing, military draws people mostly from white gentile men who lean conservative. CIA and FBI hire people by merit, not by elections where politicians have to suck up to rich bosses like Saban and Adelson.

So, how did intelligence services become shills of Jewish Power and globalism?
The heads of the FBI, CIA, and NSA are appointed by the president who is just another politician and they have to be approved by Congress which is a parliament of whores to the donor class. Also, Big Media can turn on or off the heat on the Intelligence Services. If CIA, FBI, and NSA do what the globalists want, the media go along with their agenda. But if they turn against globalism, media will feign outrage and turn up the heat on them.

Also, the people who work in elite government were educated in Ivy League schools under globalists and often Jewish professors. And since they rely on Jewish-dominated media and think-tanks for Worldview, they themselves have become mental-colonized by globalists.
Also, most people who work in such institutions are careerists first and idealists second. They will do ANYTHING to move up the ladder. Edward-Snowdens are rare.
As for the military, it’s been castrated by globalists with all this homo-ism, feminism, tranny-ism, and diversity-ism. Even though much of the US military, especially at the top, is still a bastion of white gentile conservative power, it is on the moral defensive against the reigning cults of the US that are Diversity, Homomania, White Guilt, and Feminism. So, like rich white businessmen, the white generals in the military lack autonomy of moral pride. As white males, they are on the defensive and must prove their worth ONLY BY sucking up to Zionists, homos, blacks, female soldiers, homos, and trannies. They lack Moral Autonomy and rely on Moral Dependency to justify any power or prestige they have.

So, Jewish Power is the intersectionality of the Deep-Wide-State. Jews fear that others may notice this. Now, it’s inconvenient for Jews if there are only Jewish fingerprints and footprints in all networks of power and privilege. People will feel that Jews, far from being a Holy Victim People, are conniving masters of everything.
So, Jews promoted homomania to make it seem as though it’s the homos who are really in charge. And homos, in their vanity, fell for the bait… like the gay-ish dummy in IVAN THE TERRIBLE Pt 2.

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