Usury and Banking

Not all usurers are Jews and not all Jews are usurers.

Written by Andy

Henry Makow, a Jew, has the best analysis I’ve seen. He states that Jews are really two groups:

  1. Mosaic (followers of Moses) and
  2. Pharises/Babylonian Talmud followers.

Group 2 will use group 1 as human shields.

Group 1 are innocents often completely aware of the activities of group 2.

However, since Group 2 wraps themselves in the flag/religion and uses group identity activities. It is hard to tell the wolf from the sheeple.


Facio Libre
“Not all usurers are Jews and not all Jews are usurers.”

But all Jews benefit from usury at the expense of non-Jews as a result. The Jewish Money Power Bankers finance and help get elected pro-Jewish (pro-Israel/ mostly non-Jewish) politicians in practically every country around the world. Jewish money is used to propel pro-Jewish candidates and their agenda, and it is also used to destroy and discredit those that oppose them. Subsequently, there is a trickle down effect of favoritism and benefits (including financial) towards ALL Jews. JEWISH MONEY IN POLITICS MAKES OUR SYSTEM OF DEMOCRACY LOOK LIKE A FARCE.

As Kevin MacDonald put it – “Democracy is not a Jewish Value.”

In addition to the usury scam, there are many other scams that we should also keep in mind. One very important example is the KOSHER TAX on food. Every time a non-Jewish person eats packaged foods in the West, they are feeding the Jewish Behemoth.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A GOOD JEW, THINK OF JEWS AS A PRIEST CLASS EMBEDDED (AGAINST OUR WILL) AT THE TOP OF ALL WESTERN SOCIETIES SIMILAR TO THE CAST SYSTEM IN INDIA, AND SEE US IN A ROLE OF THEIR SERVANTS AT BEST, THEIR ENEMIES AT WORST. EVEN THE PROVERBIAL JEWISH SHOP KEEPER PLAYS HIS ROLE AND REAPS THE BENEFITS FROM THIS. Historically, Jews made an effort to hide this from the rest of us. However, they have been quite open and vocal about their power lately, which can only mean one thing. They are feeling strong and something is going to go down pretty soon.

Are ONLY Jews our problem? No. There are also many non-Jewish usurers and traitors to our people that need to be dealt with just the same

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