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Juice not worth the squeeze. Going mgtow.

Juice not worth the squeeze. If anyone have a problem with this, argue with logic. Not dogmas.

I am what women call the “Non-select guy”. So far, when I was younger, and I wanted to be in a relationship, I was not good enough for them. They wanted the bad boys, their cool guys and so on. I was too nice, too tame, not *thrilling* enough , and so on. Fair point.

Now, eventually, I came to a place where I have established myself, making well above 6 figures, and jetsetting the world.

Guess who is interested now – all those women who so far thought I wasn’t good enough, now fucked over by their heartthrobs, sometimes with a baby or two – now suddenly I am desirable to them.

However, considering I came this far alone, while normies were rejecting me, I have no desire to masquerade as a happy normie, or to associate myself with an old, post wall normie woman. I also have no desire to associate myself with a younger normie woman trying to jump on my running train.

I am fundamentally not desirable enough for them, without my establishment and money, and they are not fundamentally useful for me.

There is nothing they can do at this stage that will have any fundamental connection with me.

Fundamental connection is an important thing. Woman want to claim a fundamental connection with a man – but they do it with a man who has developed and reached the finished line all by himself.

In practice its just a ruse. They want to claim some unverifiable magic bullshit to compensate for their fading youth and beauty. Even if they were speaking the truth – it’d be like drilling down his existence to force yourself in, like a mosquito puncturing your skin.

The correct time to build a fundamental connection is when you are young, and your brain is still developing. Unfortunately, at that time, the woman is interested with other type of men, and her fundamental connection is actually built with them. If she fucks them, then she will always carry their DNA in her brain. Look up microchimerism.

Now these cum dumpsters, finally at an old age with fading levels of physical attractiveness want to build a “new connection” with me. No thanks. It’s disgusting. Its disgusting because this is an afterthought, and only after they became some cum dumpsters.

Some of them even claim that they have money/ house/ allegedly interesting hobbies/ skills … and they want to be a helpmate.

Who the eff cares?

Her money isnt important to me, nor is her house. I have came this far alone, which means I already have the skillset necessary in place, or I have a reliable outsourcing option. These people have been working with me so far, and they have a deeper situational awareness. They fit in my world like clockwork. A woman that was floating around elsewhere so far suddenly trying to anchor herself with me is not going to replace that.

Altogether at these stage there is no value a woman can add to my life:

  • Deeper connection needs to be built early on, not as an afterthought when her ovaries start to shrink, and she starts scrambling for an escape plan from where she so far wanted to be.
  • No amount of her money/hobby/skills makes her desirable above the people I already have in place to do those same things
  • Spirituality/ grown up love … all of these are restrictive notions designed as an excuse to attempt to compensate for her declining physical assets.
  • Throwing a little bit of affection at me, and offering the option to now in my 30s to become a normie is not dignified. Chad and Tyrone has been doing that 15 years ahead of me. There is nothing appealing in finally having a intimate partner now.
  • In fact, the idea of being a late-coming normie is fucking disgusting. So far I wasn’t good enough for them, now they are below me.

Read this : That Complete Guy Women Want.

However, women have a shelf life, which depends on the man’s achievements. For me, the shelf life of all women is past anyway for any long term meaningful relationships or marriage. Yes, womens’ past mattes. The past is the indicator of present.

If we consider, for the sake of argument, that a previously promiscuous woman is a born again virgin who washes the mans feet with her hair – she’s still a cum dumpster, with foreign DNA in her brain. Considering I came alone this far, while she was busy elsewhere, she may be granted no part in my life now that I have seen success. She may continue what she have so far chosen above me. If it was her mistake, she has to live with it, and lie in the bed she made.

I will not be a escape door from her own choices. I will not be an afterthought where she scrambles to force herself in once her ovaries start shrinking and clocks start ticking.

Thanks to the nature of her afterthought such women should not have the privilege of emotional intimacy with me. They can negotiate those with the normies they were interested in so far.

I will not be the leader of the second rank, I will not be there when the afterthought strikes.

On the other hand, I have very little need of physical intimacy. When I do have it, I fly to Dominican Republic, I find some hot Colombian 19 year old prostitutes, I bang them and then I move on.

That’s the highest amount of value a woman can bring to my life. Children are already taken care off by other means. So that door is closed too.

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