Men vs Women: Survival Island with Bear Grylls

This video is a commentary on The Island with Bear Grylls Season Two where fourteen men and fourteen women face off in a six week survival challenge.



Mike Brentnall
Sadly it’s come to this. Portraying natural allies within a contest.

Top down government agendas from forty years ago led us here. Many of the individuals who facilitated the social restructuring as directed from their masters are either retired or have passed away. The results of their work are entrenched in the culture so much that people are still not allowed to actively alter the imposition of a predetermined yet grossly unequal social change.

‘We want more tax revenue’, so let’s convince a subset of a vulnerable population that someone has something that you don’t. It worked like a charm. All kinds of ensuing emotional demands followed. We became guided by a minority of people who couldn’t navigate in the woods. For a while, the culture will be stuck with going in a one-way circle. Many who wouldn’t ordinarily think in terms of sex or gender agendas by doing what comes naturally to them are left in the fall-out of an agenda – but with added consequences for the boys and men.

Any woman that says she does not need a man is either a liar or an oblivious bimbo. Maybe both. Even in modern times, women need men in hundreds of ways.

Did you hear that, Gloria? Looks like your fish does need a bicycle. Most fish wouldn’t, but yours would.

Every one of those women, if they had paired with the men (and if the show was organized as such), their bellies would have been full, their throats good and wet, and their spirits high.

That’s what men do: they share. Men are obliged to share whatever they have, all the way up to the point of doing without complete humanity, just so women can be satisfied.

Oh wait!

Anyway, I can’t believe a major network actually showed this debacle for the women. The mainstream and blue-pilled suckers usually lie for them…and expects the rest of us to follow suit. Fat chance on the latter.

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