Middle America must become Middle Finger America — Finalize the Divorce between Upper America and Middle America

Written by Andrea Crisis

Middle America must become Middle Finger America — Finalize the Divorce between Upper America and Middle America — Jewish End of ‘Iconarrativity’ — The Associative Power of ‘Adeology’ over Ideology — The Virtue of Nationalism and Race-ism — The Myth of Liberal Democracy must be Exploded — White Elite Privilege, not White Privilege — Need for Left-Right

Problem is Middle America is exactly what it is: Middle America. The Middle doesn’t decide policy. The Top does. Top America has the power and apparatus to rule. It’s like the mind controls the body. The middle body, or torso, doesn’t control the mind. Sure, if the torso is in pain, it sends signals to the mind to do something about it. When Top America was white, the brain centers had nerve connections to Middle America, the midsection of America.

But Top America is now Jewish, and its nerve connections are with fellow Jews around the world and in Israel. Jewish brain centers sense little of the pain felt by Middle White America. When Middle(and Lower) White America sends signals to the Top about its pains and problems, the Top America says, “Here, take these pain-killing opioids and just die off to increase profits for Big Pharma. Die sooner than later because your ilk need to be replaced by non-whites who collaborate with Jewish Elites who let them in.”

Even in the Top or Upper America, most people only wield or serve power. They don’t get to decide or shape the direction of power. Military generals, even at uppermost ranks, don’t choose which wars to fight or which nations to destroy. They are just in it for status and prestige. They do as told by people above them. The President is supposed to be Commander-in-Chief, but, based on a honest assessment of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and even Donald Trump, it’s obvious that the president is hemmed in by all sides by a greater power of Deep State networking dominated by the ethno-monopoly of Jewish Power. Congress is a parliament of whores that serves its donors than represents the people who elected its members. Jewish donations to Dems is 50 to 60%. Jewish donations to GOP is 25%. That ought to tell us who owns Congress. As Jews also control the media, they can use disinformation and propaganda to attack and smear politicians they don’t like. Needless to say, all politicians are deathly afraid of AIPAC and big media. Also, as Jews and their cuck-puppets control top law firms and the courts, they can choose whom to go after. As every businessman, ‘leader’, or politician is corrupt and has skeletons in his closet, anyone can be brought down by Jewish Power, especially with its vast apparatus of collecting dirt on anyone for blackmail or prosecution. Notice how the Power went after Blagojevich but protected Obama, just another corrupt puppy. Jews are angry with Trump because his success owed much to Jewish protection in NY. Dig into Trump’s past, and his dirt is inseparable from all the Jewish dirt in NY. Trump sure didn’t work with David Duke or KKK to fleece so many people and pull all sorts of dirty tricks. Even the ‘Russians’ he had relations with in the past were Jews. So, when he spoke of America First and ran on Populism, Jewish rage knew no bounds and was determined to Truman-Show him from all sides: Keep him stuck in the Deep State Bubble. Trump-Man-Show is Truman Show as real-reality-TV.

Furthermore, Jews control media and academia; therefore, most elites in Deep State have been indoctrinated with Judeo-centric worldview, cult of ‘white guilt’, Magic Negro revelry(designed to turn whites into moral and sexual cucks), and globohomo neo-religion. While most people in Deep State are higher IQ, they lack individuality and integrity. They are mainly about status, prestige, and the pride of being part of the ‘best and brightest’. Their priority is to say and do anything to belong to the Club. So, they just play along with the dominant Script that has already been written for them. Granted, there is sometimes an agenda-lag between the shapers of power and wielders of power. We saw this with the matter of ‘gays in military’. As the US military had been against homosexuality for so long, the wielders of power in the military resisted the new pro-homo decree from above. But over time, the wielders of power eventually caught up to the demands of the shapers of power who have control of Narrative and Iconography that decide the collective values and passions of a people. Today, the wielders of power in the military are the most fervent pushers of globohomo-mania and invoke it with pride as a moral pillar of US hegemony: US must rule because it is ‘most evolved’ in globo-homo worship and tranny men competing in women’s sports. (In New America, women should get blown up in combat, babies should be killed even at the point of birth, and men-with-wigs should beat up women in sports.)

Middle America only has voting power. The real power is decided by Top America. Upper America or Uppermost America controls the media, law firms, courts, finance, entertainment, intelligence services, organized crime(that works with powerful people), Pentagon, academia, and etc. They are the ones in the corridors of power, the backrooms where deals happen, the news centers & propaganda wings, the law courts, and etc. And these people feel contempt for dumb and mediocre Middle America, all the more so because goy-despising Jews are at the very top and because the new ideology is Diversity. Middle America is seen as ‘too white’, in need of enrichment by non-white foreigners as New Americans. Indeed, the US doesn’t even deserve to build walls to keep out Caravan illegals who are blatantly trespassing into the US. These massive movements of Caravandals cannot be spontaneous. Such huge movements of peoples have to be organized and coordinated, just like the mass demographic invasions of EU from Middle East and Africa. Jewish Globalists could well be behind it, and it is a powerful way to demonstrate Who-has-the-real-power to Trump and his naive supporters. Globalists organize ‘caravans’ of illegals to storm America from the outside, and Jewish globalists on the inside use their control of courts, media, and cuck-politicians to tie Trump’s hands from doing anything about it. It’s as if Jews pulled down Trump’s pants and snapped a mousetrap on his penis for all the world to see… yet, the ONLY thing he can do is sign the anti-wall bill, impotently declare emergency(that won’t do anything as it will be blocked by an army of Jewish lawyers and goy cucks), and sing more hosannas to Israel. Jews are laughing at him and his followers who, no matter how insulted and humiliated, still praise Jews and Israel. Jews prize Diversity as a wedge to divide America so that goyim of many colors won’t be able to unite against Jewish globo-homo power.

The failure of American Conservatives is partly due to insufficient interest in ideas, arts, culture, and world affairs. Such lack of curiosity meant Conservatives had little chance of taking over elite centers of information, social sciences, arts, entertainment, and etc. While many conservatives did succeed in engineering and business, the problem is such fields are essentially non-ideological or non-higher-inspirational. Business is about aspiration, and it’s good to have lots of money. But meaning doesn’t come from money itself but from the ‘higher’ purpose it serves. This is why Bill Gates tries to win respect and admiration by pouring billions into his ‘save the world’ projects. Where does Bill Gates get his ideas and values? Media and Academia. Finance is about making money, and engineering is about building and running things. They are value-free. People seek values from ideas and idols, from history books, movies, TV shows, narratives, and etc. As Jews and Liberals have shown far more interest in such fields, they came to control the ideas and idols.

Francis Fukuyama spoke of the End of History(meaning End of History of Ideas), what with Liberal Democracy being the ultimate goal and universal good for all mankind for all time. Jews didn’t exactly see it that way. If Fukuyama focused on the blank slate of liberal democracy itself as the ultimate good, Jews concentrated on what they could write on the slate to turn liberal democracy into a tribal oligarchy. After all, EVEN IF liberal democracy may be the best form of governance, the fact remains that it is generic & bland, lacking a will and drive of its own. Jews thought less in terms of ‘triumph of liberal democracy’ than of ‘triumph of Jewish Power by means of liberal democracy'(even if Jews had to resort to illiberal means like PC to suppress liberal principles and values, such as free speech, freedom of conscience, and equal justice; I wonder if Fukuyama thinks the Anti-BDS law passed by the Senate is in tune with Liberal Democracy? So much for equal justice and freedom of conscience. Also, if the US is really a liberal democracy, how come Fukuyama and other academics are SO AFRAID and TIMID about broaching the topic of Jewish Power and Zionist imperialism over West Bank? Or about what Jewish Power did to Russia economically in the 1990s? Fukuyama talks a lot of shi* about big bad Putin and how corrupt the Russians are, but he’s utterly silent about Jewish role in the Shock Doctrine.) Jews were less interested in the End of History(of ideas) than in the End of Iconography and ‘Narrativity’ or ‘Iconarrativity’. Jews understood that the groups favored by the ‘Narrativity’ and Iconography would get to dominate and control Liberal Democracy. Even in a liberal democracy, some people are bound to be more equal than others. Why would they be ‘more equal’? Because they are favored by the prevailing narrative and official iconography. Who controls the narrative? The academia that feeds ideas and histories to the media. Who controls the iconography? The media and entertainment. So, Jews were less interested in the End of History than in how they could ‘end'(or finalize or complete) the Iconography and Narrative(or Iconarrative) in their favor so that they could gain permanent power. Both Christianity and Islam sought to ‘end’ the ‘Iconarrativity’ for all future history. Christianity said the Final Truth for all time was revealed by Jesus. So, across the centuries, Christian powers patronized artists to create Christian icons extolling Jesus’ divinity and memorializing His Crucifixion. The West did this generation after generation over 1500 yrs. And the Gospels were read and preached endlessly as the Final Revelation for mankind(that is unless Jesus decides to return). Muslims did the same with Muhammad, though in some ways, Islam was less effective because it presented a Final Narrative but no Iconography. As Muhammad as the Final Prophet could not be represented as an icon(such would have been wicked idolatry), there was only the Word of the Prophet and the Wail of the faithful. Christianity was a picture book with both words and pictures. Islam was just a book of words, mostly narrative and far less iconography.

Anyway, Jews decided to define the End of Iconarrativity in the Liberal Democratic world order. The favored icons came to be the Holy Three: Jews, Homos, and Negroes. The reasons are obvious. Jews chose themselves of course. Jews chose Negroes because Negroes are profitable to Jews in sports, entertainment, and sex industry. Also, Jews know that Negroes are the most potent force against whites. Why this need to browbeat and tame whites? Jews know that their supremacy depends on white submission to Jews. To make whites submit, they must be made to feel guilty and inferior. By invoking black slavery, Jews play on ‘white guilt’, thus paralyzing white pride and autonomy. And by promoting black prowess in sports, music, and sex, Jews turn white males into cucky-wuck wussies and turn white women into jungle feverish whores. No other race is as effective in undermining white pride and unity. Take American Indians. Due to the ‘genocide’ of the red man, whites could be baited with guilt about what they did to Indians, not least because genocide is worse than slavery. But because Indians are not a huge factor in sports, sex, and music, they are not effective as a weapon against white male pride and white women’s loyalty to white men. So many white girls are now hooked to imitating blacks, ‘twerking’, worshiping black athletes, and creating sons who look and act like Colin Kaepernick.
As for homos, Jews chose them because both groups have something in common as high-achieving, neurotic, and arrogant elite minorities. Also, both are obsessed with entertainment, arts and ideas, gossip, and game of power. Jews have chutzpah, and homos have aristo flair. Also, as homos are flamboyant and fun-fun-fun, Jews know homo idolatry adds color and fanfare to globalism: The homo-rainbow and endless displays of homo and tranny exhibitionism. Jews also see Homo-Worship as useful weapon against Christianity and inverting traditional & normal goy values. And as every nation has its share of homos, Jews figure on recruiting and training queers in every nation as their useful toadies and allies. Also, by hyping the ‘plight’ of homos, the globo-homo empire morally justifies itself as a promoter of ‘human rights’. Why do we need a new cold war with Russia? Uh… it doesn’t have massive homo ‘pride’ parades. (As for Christian bakers who’ve had their lives destroyed because they won’t make ‘gay’ wedding cakes? They don’t count because the End of Iconarrativity trumps the End of History, or Homo Supremacism trumps freedom of conscience for bakers who refuse to participate in something vile and immoral because, after all, ‘gay marriage’ desecrates true marriage by associating marriage with homo fecal-penetration and tranny-penis-cutting.) US may be a ‘liberal democracy’ but one that worships a certain Iconarrativity that consecrates Jews, Negroes, and Homos as the holiest peoples. The globo-homo trinity of Jews, Negroes, and Homos is designed to be permanent. It doesn’t matter what Jews, blacks, and homos do from now on. Jews are forever the Holy Holocaust People, Blacks are forever the Tragic Slavery People, and Homos are forever the Angelic Saints sprinkling ‘rainbow’ magic on us. Consider how Jews today act like Judeo-Nazis and have gone out of their way to confirm just about every ‘antisemitic’ trope and then some, but we are supposed to think of all Jews as Anne-Franks-Forever. The End of Iconarrativity demands it. https://www.gilad.co.uk/writings/2015/2/8/in-these-very-moments-the-protocols-are-being-rewritten Or consider all the black violence, thuggery, and nastiness. But we are supposed to see black reality forever through the narrative prism of TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD. Jussie Smollett was trying to pull a Mockingbird in the age of Gangsta Rap and out-of-control black thuggery.
This is why we can’t talk honestly about Jewish power and corruption. This is why we can’t have a honest discussion about black crime and violence. This is why we must pretend homos are holy victims when, in fact, HIV was the result of massive homo-fecal-penetration among obsessive fruitcakes ramming any pair of buns in sight. The End of Iconarrativity(as devised by Jews) fixed Jews, blacks, and homos as noble, holy, and magical for all time. They are like ‘made men’ in the Mafia.

If Middle America wants to bring down Uppermost America, it must surgically perform brain surgery and expose what’s inside and how it works to control the world. It must do a Hannibal Lecter on the nerve center of Top America. Indeed, this was why Upper America took out Alex Jones. Granted, Jones was a sloppy surgeon and often a quack, but his scalpel did sometimes touch on the nerves of the globo-homo elites.

We must explode the Myth of American Liberal Democracy. While Fukuyama may have been right that the end of the Cold War was a triumph of liberal democracy over communism, he foolishly assumed that Idea or Ideal would determine the future. No, the fact is ideas are always shaped by individuals and identities. Why did Khrushchevism deviate from Stalinism? Why did Maoism deviate from Sovietism? Why did Castroism deviate from European communism? All were Marxist-Leninist but varied greatly according to individuals and identities involved. Indeed, notice what Dengism did to Maoism, and what Gorbachevism did to Brezhnevism. All these people were trained in communism as the End of History, but they still managed to reshape the ideology in profoundly different ways. This is even truer of Liberal Democracy. At least communism had a core set of tenets and dogma, which made deviation and heresy difficult except at the very top. In contrast, Liberal Democracy is generic and bland as a idea. It just ensures there shall be freedom of competition under the rule of law. But what happens when a particular group is so successful that it comes to control and corrupt the rule of law? That’s been the outcome of Liberal Democracy since the end of the Cold War. Jews outpaced everyone else in the competition and gained dominant positions in media, academia, high tech, finance, law firms, law courts, vice industries like gambling, and deep state. Furthermore, Jews knew that the best way to secure their power for the long haul was to shield Jewishness from criticism. But how could this be done in a Liberal Democracy that is all about free speech and honest discussion of power? After all, isn’t liberal democracy all about the freedom of conscience to speak truth to power, esp to the uppermost power? This is where the End of Narrative and Iconography became so crucial for the Jews. Unless Jews could close and seal(or ‘terminalize’) the Iconarrativity to fix Jews as permanently holy, perceptions about Jews could go from positive to negative depending on future Jewish behavior and/or historical revisions of Jewish-Goy relations. Without the End of Iconarrativity, new icons and narratives could emerge to challenge and topple the favored iconarrative status of Jews, e.g. Palestinians as the new holy victim group and Jews as the new supremacist group corrupted by excess wealth and power.

As people are quasi-spiritual(even in a modern secular liberal democracy) and hunger for sacred cows of some kind, Jews used academia, media, and the state to ‘sacralize’ Jews as the holy holocaust people, the Anne Frank people, the Schindler’s List people FOR ALL TIME. Holocaust Movies now constitute a genre of its own, like Biblical movies of old. Also, the Jewish End of Iconarrativity has fixed Israel as not just another foreign nation but the ‘greatest ally of the US’ forever and ever and ever(like Jack Torrance in THE SHINING has been made to feel a special connection to the Overlook Hotel forever and ever and ever by the evil ghosts). What the Soviet-Chinese commie cabal did to Frank Sinatra and his men in THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, Jewish power has done to US goy elites and masses who so mindlessly spout “Israel is the best, kindest, most wonderful, most holy, most super, most everything awesome under the sun, and the greatest ally of the US forever and ever.”

Jews also used cuck-churches to spread the notion that it is God Himself who wills Americans to support Zionist bashing of subhuman Palestinians. So, criticism of Israel isn’t merely political dissent but downright spiritual heresy. Of course, Jews exploit the stupidity of Evangelicals who are both pigheaded in their militancy and sappy in their sentimentality.
Since Jewish power became the biggest power but also one that no one must criticize, it grew ever more corrupt. Indeed, it isn’t far-fetched to say the US is currently a Jewish gangster-fascist state(as opposed to a sane humanist-fascist state). Just like the so-called MSM obsesses more about fictional ‘hate crimes’ against ‘innocent’ blacks than about all the black-on-white crime and violence, it is more outraged by the slightest criticism of Jewish Power than by all the Jewish-supremacist hatreds against whites, Christians, Palestinians, Iranians, Libyans, Russians, and etc. Also, Jews claim to be against ‘Islamophobia’ but conveniently overlook the fact that it was all these Wars for Israel that have destroyed the lives of countless Muslims.

Now, Jews managed to pull this off with their control of ideology but there was another key factor. The problem with ideology is it comes with core tenets and principles that obey a certain logic. It can be a double-edged sword for those who wield it. Ideology is a thought-system, and as such, discrepancy or hypocrisy between what is said and what is done is often apparent. Jeremy Corbyn is a leftist ideologue, and as such, tries to be fair to both Jews and Palestinians on IDEOLOGICAL grounds. After all, if leftist logic is about opposing supremacism and favoring equal dignity for all, then the UK should not be supporting the Zionist-imperialist project in West Bank. While ideology is often abused, it comes with a rulebook, and it isn’t difficult to discern the contradictions between what the power says and what it does. This is why Jewish Power understands that ideology alone isn’t enough to guard their power. (The reason why Jews were more effective in persuading Protestants than Catholics is because the former, having forsaken the ‘idolatry’ of the Catholic Church, came to be defined more by words and credo of faith than by rituals, symbols, and icons. Therefore, Jews could point to the logical flaws in what the Protestants preached and what they actually practiced. In contrast, as Catholicism was heavily laden with iconography and ritualism, it was more impervious to logical arguments. You can’t argue against wine, wafer, and holy water. Jews figured, “Use protestantist logic against goyim, use catholicist iconography to shield Jewish power.)

This is why Jews mastered the art of advertising and used its methodology in all their endeavors and projects. Thus, Ad-driven-ideology or ‘Adeology’ became the primary means by which Jews promoted themselves and gained control over others. If Jews had mainly emphasized the ideology of anti-supremacism(to invalidate white or goy supremacism) but then also pressured white folks to support Zionist imperialism over Palestinians, people will come to think more like Philip Giraldi or Ron Paul who find troublesome moral inconsistency in what Jews preach and what they practice. After all, why does the US claim to stand for egalitarian principles but then support the blatant Jewish supremacism over West Bank and wage all these insane Wars for Israel? Also, if sanctity of Jewishness is premised on having been victimized by evil Nazism, why are Jewish globalists allied with Neo-Nazis in Ukraine? Ideology has its dangers as an intellectual straitjacket, but it still works according to a certain set of rules and logic.

In contrast, advertising bypasses logic and reason. It works instantly or immediately, mainly via the subliminal power of association. After all, most ads are just pictures in magazines or short commercials on TV(some lasting 15 sec or less). If ads are so simple and short, why are they so damned effective in swaying millions, even billions, of people? Because of the psychological power of association. It’s like the Albert Brooks as the ad guy in LOST IN AMERICA yammering about how Christmas can be associated with Las Vegas. His pitch came to fruition –reality now imitates jokes like life used to imitate art — in America, but then, Christmas was long ago associated with crass materialism by the power of advertising.

The scene in LOST IN AMERICA is silly, but it conveys a real truth about the power of Advertising-as-Ideology or Advertising-over-ideology, or ‘Adeology’. The human mind naturally seeks patterns, rhymes, parallels, associations. Why do so many people purchase certain products? Are all those shampoos really all that good? Or is it because the commercial associates the products with beautiful people and celebrities? Why should people buy a certain brand of cereal or pair of shoes? For many people, the main appeal is the product’s association with some famous person or athlete. Now, Air Jordans aren’t going to improve anyone’s athletic skills, let alone turn him into a Michael Jordan, but kids who wear that stuff feel associated with Michael Jordan, as if there is a meeting of spirits through shoe-wear.
Or consider how Americans came to associate gambling with moral redemption. By doling out casinos to Indian Reservations as a form of ‘reparation’, the ugly vice became associated with redressing historical tragedies. Thus morally laundered, gambling could be promoted in all 50 states as a virtue industry than a vice industry.
So many Americans have come to support Israel mindlessly because of the power of Zionist ‘Adeology’. At AIPAC conferences, giant screens blare with images juxtaposing the US flag with the Israel flag. And the speeches say little about real politics or history and instead run like Ad campaigns with slogans and jingles formulated to be soundbites quoted by the compliant MSM. “Israel is America’s closest ally”, “Israel is America’s greatest ally”, “America stands with Israel”, etc. People who come under the spell of such barrage no longer need to think. For them, Zionism works like the greatest soap commercial.
Sigmund Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays understood the power of advertising as the neo-iconography of the post-religious age. For most of traditionalist history, the dominant images or ideas were associated with eternal themes or mighty rulers. In European history from 500 to 1900, the most dominant(and recurring) images were those of Jesus and other Christian icons. In the Muslim world, the dominant images were Islamic symbols. In the Hindu world, it was Hindu images and symbolism. But with the rise of consumerism, the dominant images became consumer products and entertainment, a fact all-too-well understood by Andy Warhol. Since products-as-products are a bit boring, advertising associated products with famous stars, glamorous celebrities, or gorgeous fashion models. And in time, even TV shows and movies were like extended commercials with fancy cars, dress, products, and glam lifestyles. Advertising Companies gained the top power, possibly even over Hollywood, as the main idol-and-icon-generators. It’s like people pay just as much attention to Superbowl commercials as to the Superbowl game itself. Indeed, after the game is over, there is more discussion of the ads than of the game that is over and done with.

Anyway, naturally The Power is going to use ‘Adeology’ to favor its own agenda. Notice the sheer paucity of Palestinian narrative or iconography in the media. Last year was the 70th anniversary of Nakba Pogroms, but there was virtually no mention of the term in the media and government. (If any politician in Congress had requested a moment of silence to commemorate the tragedy, he would have been lynched and destroyed by the entire Jewish Power Complex.) In contrast, politicians, media people, and etc. have spouted off a million times about not only Israel but Israel-as-America’s-greatest-ally. Americans never see an image of the US flag juxtaposed with the Palestinian flag, but we’ve all seen countless images of the Israel flag associated with US flag.
Humans take pride in being creatures of reason(unlike stupid animals), but most times, we sense reality by instant-associations than by logical reason. If this weren’t true, commercials would have little impact on us. Advertising has tremendous sway over us because our minds are essentially Pavlovian. (Indeed, even when we know commercials are mostly BS on the rational level, we are affected by them on the subliminal and sensual level.) Just like dogs can be made to associate bells with food even though bells and food have no direct relation, our minds can be made to associate anything with anything. They can be made to associate the vice of gambling with the virtue of historical redress. They can be made to associate Zionism with the Holocaust. Even though Zionism predated WWII by 70 yrs and even though Israel was created AFTER World War II in which Evil Nazi Germany was totally crushed, we’ve been led to believe Israel was an existential necessity to save Jews from the Holocaust. Associate Israel with the Holocaust enough times, and people begin to believe the two are inseparably linked. But it’s a bogus association because, if Jews really needed a safe space after the horrors of WWII, Palestine was a rather odd place for a Jewish homeland as Jews would be surrounded by tons of enraged Arabs. Also, if the lesson of the Holocaust is that racial supreamcism is bad, how does it justify Zionism’s ideology of Jews uber Palestinians?
But the associative power of ‘Adeology’ distracts us from moral logic and historical reason. Just repeat, “Israel is America’s greatest ally” while staring at an image of the US flag and the Israel flag melding into one. Even a cursory glance at the news media makes it clear as day that they’re hardly distinguishable from advertising. Media are owned by super-rich people who invest huge sums in certain politicians, agendas, or movements. Why would they undermine their own investments in business, politics, and society by allowing the media to be rational, fair, and impartial in their pursuit of truth? Carlos Slim didn’t invest in NYT to have it counter his agenda. Jeff Bezos didn’t buy Washington Post to have it rail against him and Amazon. Jews didn’t spend billions on media ownership to spread news and views that might undermine the Jewish supremacist project. George Soros doesn’t fund all these ‘universities’ to foster free thought that might conclude that Soros is a son of a bitch and globalism sucks. So, most of media work just like advertising. Media carefully vet the kind of reporters who will be good dogs. Indeed, the conditioning happens from grade-school to college as the Media-and-Academia-Combine(controlled by Jews) target kids for indoctrination and ‘idolatration’ from the youngest age possible.
Most of MSM is just propaganda or Ad-wars for the Deep State that takes its orders from Jewish Power. Mass Media are Jewish-controlled industry colluding with Deep State operatives who are mostly either Jewish or goy-puppets of Jews. Jewish Power is about network tyranny. There is no single Jew who is all-powerful like Stalin or Mao. Even super-rich Jews like Bloomberg and Adelson, on their own, could do only so much. But Jewish power is vast and networked in elite institutions and industries, and Jews have developed an instinctive tribal-supremacist hive-mindset that allows for synchronized coordination even without communication. For example, if a politician condemns the US involvement in Syria, so many Jews in media, academia, state, law firms, Hollywood, and etc, all think and feel alike: Syria is ally of Iran, enemy of Israel. For Israel’s interests, Syria must be ruined. Anyone defending Syria must be destroyed. Even without talking with one another, most Jews instantly know what-is-up and what-must-be-done. So, instantly, the Jewish hive-action kicks into gear in all sectors to attack the defender of Syria. Now, Jews will not come out and admit this is how they feel and why they do what they do, but they all KNOW. They (((know))), and based on that hive-mind knowledge, they read from The Script to push the Jewish supremacist agenda. Of course, for general consumption(by us goy dummies), Jews in media, academia, state, and etc. will repeat the same talking points about ‘Assad murders his own people’, ‘Assad uses gas’, ‘Assad is puppet of Putin’, and ‘Syria is a threat to Israel'(even though it’s Israel that has been violating Syrian air space and dropping tons of bombs). But deep down inside, Jews know it’s all about securing Jewish supremacism in the Middle East.

Now, returning to the problem of Middle America, one of its essential tasks must be the development of the Middle Mind. In a normal political order, the Middle usually goes about their daily routines and elects leaders to represent them and do the Big Stuff. They leave the policies and planning to the elites and elected officials. And the US used to have a functional elite system when white politicians paid heed to white voters(though, to be sure, politicians were always whores of oligarchs and moneymen; but then, white oligarchs of the past felt greater affinity with others of their race). Today, capitalist oligarchs are globo-homo freaks whose main attachment is to the class of super-achievers and super-rich all around the world. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are closer and feel cozier with billionaires and fancy elites around the world than with the lower members of their own race.
People have forgotten that white race-ism did wonders for peoples all around the world, though often unintentionally. Race-ism forced white elites to favor their own folks over non-white elites. So, the British Empire was about the British elites favoring poor whites and working class whites as fellow countrymen than favoring non-white elites. Traditional British were obsessed with class, but they still favored race-ism over class-ism. Race-ism forced white elites to represent, defend, and feel loyal to their own racial kin and folks. It forced a certain socialism as noblesse oblige on the white elites.
This had a great impact on non-whites as well. Non-white elites were tempted to dump most of their own kind(as the masses of any society are ‘losers’ and ‘dummies’) and cozy up to white elites. So many Hindu and Chinese elites were more than willing to collaborate with European imperialism and dilly-dally with white elites. But when push came to shove, European imperialist elites favored race-ism over class-ism. British elites favored British masses over non-white elites, and French elites favored French masses over non-white elites. This ‘insult’ and slight had an ennobling effect on non-white elites. Snubbed by race-ist white elites, they also took up the banner of nationalist race-ism and championed their own peoples against the white imperialist elites. This led to the great anti-imperialist and pro-nationalist Third World movements. White elites were with white masses, and non-white elites were with their own masses. Thus, the world politics came to be about the masses looking up to their own elites as national defenders and champions. Like how the Vietnamese came to regard Ho Chi Minh, how the Indians came to regard Gandhi, and how Cubans came to regard Castro. (If the British elites hadn’t discriminated against men like Gandhi, the latter would have become a bunch of Fareed Zakarias and Francis Fukuyamas, deracinated and traitorous Servitors of Empire. Zakaria cheers for US destruction of Syria, and Fukuyama is George Soros’ boy who pushes population replacement for Hungary and Japan[though never for Israel].) The form of poly-nationalism or universal nationalism that came to prominence after WWII seemed to work just fine, but Jews came to resent it as they became the imperial elites of the US as the lone superpower. Jews loved nationalism for Israel where Jewish elites and Jewish masses were bound by history, culture, and blood. But goy nationalism was bad for the Jewish supremacist project because goy nationalism means that the primary obligation of goy elites is to their goy masses, e.g. Hungarian elites for Hungarian masses, Russian elites for Russian masses, Chinese elites for Chinese masses, white Christian American elites for white Christian American masses. This was frustrating for Jewish supremacism because it depends on goy elites serving Jewish hegemonists than representing and defending goy masses. So, Jews spread the notion that nationalism, at least among goyim, is ‘far right’, ‘xenophobic’, ‘neo-nazi’, ‘racist’, and ‘exclusionary’. And Jews said all nations(except Israel) must embrace Diversity as the ultimate ideal. After all, Diversity could be used by Jews to drive a wedge between native goy elites and native goy masses. If goy elites must uphold Diversity above all, then they must prioritize the demands of foreign immigrant-invaders and minorities than the needs of their own folk. And it means that the native masses who decry Diversity and Replacement-Immigration should be denounced as ‘racist’ and ‘xenophobic’.
Once the goy elites have been decoupled from their goy masses, they could be used to serve the interest of Jewish super-elites. In some ways, this arrangement was appealing to white elites as well because it’s more fun for elites(of any kind) to favor other elites than care about their own people. Elite-to-elite network is a community of winners. In contrast, race-ist nationalism means winners must also be concerned with losers of their own kind. Zionism is about Jewish-Israeli elites being primarily bound to Israeli-Jewish people, whereas the Irish and Swedish national policies are now about the elites being most loyal to globo-homo hegemony, snubbing & excoriating their national folk over the slightest hint of ‘racism’ and ‘xenophobia’, and rolling out the red carpet to endless tides of immigrant-invaders who holler, “Where da white women at?”
One of the reason why Jewish globalists were eager to end communism in the Soviet Union was the system was about winners taking care of losers. Communism was a bad system and ineffective, but it did bind the Soviet elites to Soviet masses. But with communism gone, the Soviet elites could unchain themselves from the masses and scheme with Jewish globalists to make some serious dough for themselves. Of course, Jews would take the lion share of the wealth, but there was plenty to go around for the ex-Soviet goy elites who decided to roll the dice with the globalists.

Though it may seem counter-intuitive, globalism is dangerous to all peoples precisely because it is anti-race-ist. Unlike old Western Imperialism that was race-ist and upheld the unity of white elites and white masses, globalism is about white elites handing the white masses the divorce paper(a kind of no-fault divorce) to sever ties of contract and, instead, joining the swinging-set with globo-elites all around the world. Since Western globalist elitism no longer discriminates against non-white elites, even non-white elites are abandoning their own race-ist nationalism and scrambling to join the globo-homo Elysium World of winners-to-winners networking. Nicer for rich Hindu families to raise their kids to join Elysium of winners than devote their lives to improving the lot of so many Hindu losers who still shit outdoors.
And naturally, Jews have promoted globo-homo or Homomania as the ideology and ‘idology’ of the New World Order becasue (1) Jews prize homos as fellow elite minorities (2) homos are naturally aristo in style and attitude (2) homomania de-moralizes and de-culturalizes peoples and nations and promotes fads and fashions of ‘Adeology’ controlled by Jews.
Needless to say, Israel gets passover privilege from globalist denunciation of nationalism and race-ism as pathology and disease. Mono-Nationalism of Zionism says Jews and only Jews are deserving of nationalism, racial identity, and unity-solidarity of elites and folks. When Jews touch nationalism, it’s pure gold. When goyim touch nationalism, it is lead poisoning… so says the twisted Jewish Logic that is for Jewish Mono-nationalism and against Poly-nationalism of goy peoples.

In a sane nation, the elites would try to moralize the populace because a moral, decent, and virtuous people are best for society. But Jews don’t see goy populace as kinfolk worthy of care and concern. If anything, Jews see goy mass morality as a threat to Jewish power that is now awash in financial crookedness, vice industries, profits via pornification of mainstream culture, senseless Wars for Israel, and big pharma drug-peddling. An ‘immoralized’ people are less likely to be morally outraged by the filth and foulness of corrupt elites. So, Jews turned Disney into a slut-factory. (But because Disney began as a Family Entertainment Industry, its recent slut-promotion and homo-tranny propaganda are associated with ‘Family Values’. More Adeology in action.) Jews promoted homomania as neo-christianity, to the point where so many Western churches now worship ‘rainbow’-homo over God and Jesus. Jewish power bitches about ‘hate speech'(as defined by Jewish haters who never berate Israel for its crimes) but does NOTHING about how hardcore porn is now readily accessible to young kids. There is promotion of tattoos, piercing, and sexual perversions of all kind, like ‘pegging’ a man by a woman with a dildo strap-on. We have news articles saying that straight men(!!) should experiment in ‘gay’ sex and take it up the arse. Jewish power de-moralized Americans of true morality and re-moralized them with fake morals, such as ’empowerment via slut pride’, celebration of ‘gay pride’, promotion of trannies as ‘real women’, New Cold War against Russia that wants peace, endless ‘hate hoaxes’ concocted to promote anti-white defamation as fight-against-bigotry, stupid nonsense about ‘white privilege’ to distract people from Jewish privilege, ‘gay marriage’, and other forms of insanity. Jews would have us believe the New Normal constitutes ‘universal values’, but it is actually ‘inversal values’ as it’s premised on inverting all the time-tested forms of virtue, integrity, morality, sanity, and normality.

Middle America must develop its own mind because Upper America has called for divorce. When a man says “I divorce you” and departs, the woman must no longer expect to be taken care of by him, especially if the law say he doesn’t have to give her anything. In the movie UNMARRIED WOMAN, Jill Clayburgh finally comes to take care of herself after her husband dumped her. In TWICE IN A LIFETIME, the jilted wife learns to land on her own feet after her hubber dumps her. The big fat truth of American Politics is that the white elites divorced the white middle. White Middle must learn to think for itself and fend for itself and say FU to the elites. And remember, it was the white elites that rejected the white masses, not the other way around. The problem of Middle America is it is still under the impression that there is a marriage contract between itself and white elites. It will do better to break free of this delusion.

Upper White America is now just a mistress of Jewish supremacist globalist pimp, and it prefers to dilly-dally with non-white elites around the world who have also filed divorce papers to cut ties with their own national folks. Even Japanese political and business elites are giving up on their own people and preparing Japan to become another Brazil. Closer to home, look at the white elites of Canada and Australia. They will gladly dump on their own national folks and go shmoozing with Jewish elites, Chinese elites, and Hindu elites. Australian white elites will gladly sell entire swaths of national territory to Chinese and Hindu tycoons. White Canadian elites sneer at white masses and offer entire areas of their cities to Hindu, Chinese, and Muslim oligarchs and rich folks.
Most sadly, even much of Middle America, Middle Canada, and Middle Australia(and Middle Britain of course) have been sold on globalism because everyone from top to bottom has been brainwashed with mantras of Diversity, magic of Great Negro, wonders of Holy Jew(and universal obligatory worship of holy holocaust), and globo-homo fanfare. For most people, pop culture and advertising are their only culture. And virtually everyone who attends college is brainwashed into rejecting race-ism(except for Jews), nationalism, and true moralism. They come to believe Diversity is the highest good(even though diversity is the product of imperialism), race-mixing is the panacea of all problems(even though race-mixing has usually been the product of invasion & rape and interracism is predicated on racial superiority-inferiority, e.g. white women should go with black men who are superior to white dorks in muscle, vocality, and dong size). Look at Ireland. Once proudly nationalist, 70% of its people voted to pass ‘gay marriage’, and the idiot masses are so enamored to have some hindu homo as prime minister.

Of course, the white cucky-wuck elites prefer the new arrangement because the fading of nationalism and race-ism means that the native masses can no longer press upon the national elites to work for the common national good. Indeed, the very notion of shared national interest went out the window in New Ireland that is defined by More Diversity than by national identity and solidarity. So, what are Ireland and Irish interests under the globo-homo regimen where Ireland is now all about taking in tons of Africans, Muslims, and Hindus as the New Irish? It means the end of real Ireland and Irish people. Of course, Irish elites will have a grand time selling their nation down the river because they can capitalize on dilly-dallying with globalist elites of all races and colors. Winner-to-winner peer-networking. Irish have a contradictory mindset because they were both the most committed resisters against Anglo-Imperialism as well as its greatest collaborators. Even as the Irish sought to free Ireland from British Rule, the Irish followed the Anglos all over the world to colonize the New World, Asia, Africa, and etc. Today, UK and Ireland are almost indistinguishable in that both are under the globo-homo hegemony of the Empire of Judea. As such, their fates are now virtually identical and intertwined: Worship Jews, Negroes, and Homos. Open Borders and destruction of native identity. That said, the Irish worship the Jews so much that they’ve become, paradoxically enough, anti-Zionist(a development also evident in the British Labour Party). Irish politics and British Labour worship Jews as the Holy Holocaust people and have swallowed Jewish-led globohomo pro-diversity propaganda so totally that they are appalled by Jews acting like New Nazis in West Bank and Gaza. Jews are pulling their hair over this because they’ve steered themselves into a trap of their own making. After all, the position of Ireland and Labour Party is the logical conclusion of Jewish globo-homo ideology of diversity-mongering. Perhaps, the Irish and Labour Party need more doses of ‘Adeology’ than ideology so that they will think less about the issues and just get all teary-eyed with mantras of “Israel is our greatest ally”.

Anyway, how does Middle America develop a mind of its own? Via the internet, the dispersed world of Middle America must create networks across cities, suburbs, small towns. Across all 50 states. Middle America must drop the complacent habit of letting OTHERS do the thinking for it. It must learn to think and talk for itself. Alt Right had a chance to play this role, but idiots like Richard Spencer blew it with egomania and flirting with trashy 14/88 garbage.
In the past, Middle America relied on figures like Rush Limbaugh to be its spokesman, but as Big Media are concentrated in few hands, most of the talking points came to be about ‘lower taxes’, silly sentimentality about Reagan, ‘Israel, Israel, Israel’, and etc. Rush Limbaugh was a huge champion of ‘free trade’ and globo-capitalism. He extolled winners and berated ‘losers’. This ‘voice of Middle America and its fruited plains’ lionized super-capitalists as champions of freedom and liberty. Fast forward to today, and we now know these super-oligarchs are anti-nationalist, anti-conservative, anti-white-solidarity, and anti-freedom. It’s been none other than the super-capitalists who deplatformed people, deny payment services and even banking to dissidents, and used big media to spread homomania. They use law firms to shut down free speech and go after virtuous bakers who refused to bake ‘gay wedding’ cakes. Also, as the ‘voices of Middle America’ on Talk Radio make their money from commercials paid for by globohomo super-capitalists, they don’t even dare to speak truth to Homo power or Jewish power. They’re a bunch of pathetic cucks.

Now, if Middle America had all the time in the world, it should work patiently to study hard and work itself into elite domains, just like the 60s radicals did in the ‘long march through the institutions’. But there is no time for this. Demographics are changing too fast. So, Middle America must make its voices heard from where it is, the Middle. This would have been impossible in the past, but with the right tools and organization an authentic Middle American voice can be created via the internet. A media network that links all places, from biggest cities to smallest towns.
Even though the internet is accessible to all peoples and places, there has yet to be a unified platform that consolidates and connects all of Middle America into a Mind and Mouth of its own that is truly independent of puppet-strings of the globo-homo oligarchs and their commissars and agents.

First of all, there must be a war of terminology. Those who control terminology rig the game to favor their own ideology and agenda. Take a term like ‘homophobia’ that intrinsically favors the homo agenda because the very wording assumes that there is such a thing as phobia about homos when there isn’t. There is a lot of negative feelings about homos, but it’s not a phobia, an extreme panicked fearful reaction to something that is harmless. People who are turned off by homosexuality have sound, natural, and moral reasons. I mean it’s about guys f***ing each other in the ass. Even if we tolerate such stuff, it is ugly, gross, and disease-prone. But the term ‘homophobia’ rigs the discourse in favor of homomania by assuming that anyone who is critical of or turned off by homosexuality is suffering from a clinical pathology. Or take the utter corruption of term ‘antisemitism’ that now means speaking the most obvious truths about Jewish Power. Even honest Tru-Semitism, or truthful criticism about Jewish influence, is shouted down as ‘antisemitic’, a term associated with Nazis and the like.

Anyway, Middle America is finished unless it develops a mind and mouth of its own. It must first wake up and read the divorce papers signed by white elites who chose to pimp themselves to Jewish super-elites and join in the globo-homo elite orgy. Just look at Justin Trudeau, the Man for All Costumes, and Emmanuel Macron, the Negro hugger who says real Frenchness is in Africa, implying France must take in endless numbers of stronger and donger black guys who will beat up weaker French guys and hump French women.

White elites handed divorce papers to white folks. They are now in ‘free love’ dalliance with Diversity. Understanding this, White people and Middle America must tell themselves every day, “White elites are NOT our elites. They are globo-homo whores of Zion. They are swingers, not loyal spouses to the national folk.” Understanding this truth, white people and Middle America must decide that, because white elites no longer feel any sense of obligation to white masses, the white masses in turn should feel zero loyalty to white elites. So, if white elites make any demand on white masses, give them the middle finger or the Middle American Finger… just like Yellow Jackets in France are telling Macron to go to hell. Why should white masses serve the power, privilege, wealth, and status of white elites when scum like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos just shi* on them? The hell with globohomo ‘free trade’ capitalism. Middle America or ‘Kansas'(of “What’s the Matter with Kansas” by Thomas Frank) should turn Social-Nationalist and say FU to the rich and affluent. Rush Limbaugh assured his listeners that the rich and successful would defend liberty and freedom of all the people from the State, but it turns out that the rich, especially Jewish ones, are spearheading efforts to take away our speech, our rights, and our guns. Via hyper-capitalism, they gain monopoly over media and platforms and treat the masses like Israel treats Palestinians in West Bank. Middle America was told that capitalism is great because profits and self-interest bring together even peoples who don’t see eye to eye ideologically or tribally. Business means profits, and that means anyone will sell to anyone for more money, thus assuring co-existence of all peoples on the basis of business interests. But look how the big capitalists collude with the Deep State to shut down even banking and payment systems to certain individuals and groups. Look at the vile Jewish supremacist efforts to shut down BDS and free speech that calls for justice for Palestinians. Jewish capitalists fund politicians to proscribe the rights of Palestinian-Americans and their sympathizers. Look at Tim Cook that vile scum who speaks of ‘sin’ — funny talk from a guy whose life revolves around taking penises up his poopchute — and how Apple must censor anyone hated by Zionists who murder Palestinians. Limbaugh couldn’t have been more wrong. Libertarianism was one big fraud that, boiled down to essentials, means the those with most money and biggest monopolies can use their muscle to do just about anything.

Middle America or Middle FINGER America must ask why it must support Jews against Palestinians(and Wars for Israel) when Jewish Power treats whites like Zionists treat Palestinians. Middle Finger America must break free from fat fartbags like John Hagee who has poisoned countless minds with blind worship of Jews and Israel(even though all polls show that Jews hate and despise white Evangelicals even more than Muslims). And if white cuck elites bitch and complain about how Middle Finger America isn’t sufficiently loyal to the GOP(that snubbed white people who voted for it in favor of globo-homo hegemony), it should do a Janet Jackson on them and ask “What have you done for me lately?” As white elites declared divorce on white masses, they have no right to demand loyalty from white people. When white elites collaborate with Jewish super-elites to replace white folks and turn all of US into one big California, why should white masses do anything for white elites (who suck up to Jews than serve their own race)?

We need a Left-Right, and by that, I don’t mean that ‘rightists’ should join with ‘leftists’ or take up current ‘leftist’ agendas. Today’s ‘left’ is either crazy, stupid, or silly. (Today’s establishment ‘right’ is gutless and pathetic. A bunch of whores.) What I mean is that the Real Right should adopt certain Real Left themes. The Real Right doesn’t need to form an alliance the Far Left or the crazy ‘left’. Certainly not with the ridiculous globo-homo pseudo-left. But the Real Right can look back on history and recognize the noblest themes of the Real Left and incorporate them into the larger Agenda. Thus, the Left-Right. A Real Right enriched with adoption of the best themes of the Real Left.

Also, to clear thing up, we need to speak of White Elite Privilege.

The US is really about White Elite Privilege, not White Privilege.
White Elites really do have privilege and work hard to justify & keep it by spouting PC cliches about fighting ‘white privilege’, thus spreading the blame around to ALL whites, most of whom don’t have privilege. It’s a trick of spreading the blame to stay in the game.

We have to stop talking of ‘White Privilege’. The term is overly broad and generic. Too often, the debate is about ‘there is white privilege’ vs ‘there is no white privilege’.
The problem is ‘white’ is too expansive and inclusive a category, including everyone from Bill Gates to toothless hillbilly in W. Virginia. So, ‘white privilege’ is pointless as it includes even dirt poor whites with nothing and are often victimized by black thugs.

But there really is White Elite Privilege. Paradoxically, in order for White Elites to keep their considerable status and privilege, they must denounce ‘White Privilege’. It is oh-so-very convenient for them because they, as the clever educated and affluent, get to posture as agents of ‘social justice’ against the white working class and ‘deplorables’ who resist ‘change’. (Diversity also favors the elites over the masses. In a homogeneous society, the rich elites are at a moral disadvantage vis-a-vis the masses who have less. But in a diverse society, the rich elites can hug Diversity[mostly as tokens and peons] and accuse the have-nots of ‘racism’ and ‘xenophobia’. Thus, moral advantage goes to the elites.)

To expose these a**holes and bring them down, we need to use the term, White Elite Privilege. Or White Comprador Elite Privilege because white elite privilege is in service to Jewish Super-Privilege. As Jewish Power has rigged the Narrative to make Jews holy & pure while making whites tainted & guilty, white elites must appear to atone for past sins in order to justify and keep their privilege. Jews exploit this psychology by steering guilt-ridden white elites to serve Jewish power and Zionism, and the white elites play along because it isn’t all that difficult to shout out ‘Long Live Israel’ and wave the Israeli flag. Sure beats being dragged to labor camps for re-education. We need to talk of White Elite Privilege vs White Mass Problems. Change the terms of the debate, and people will think differently.

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