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‘Minority Rights’ means Different things to Minority Elites and Minority Underclass. To Minority Elites, it means the Right to Rule. To Minority Underclass, it means struggle for equality.

There are different meanings to ‘minority rights’.
We must ask, what kind of minority are we talking about, and what is meant by ‘rights’?

After all, both British imperialist elites and the Untouchables were minorities in India.
But whereas one minority, the Brits, was at the top, the other minority, the Untouchables, was at the bottom.

For the British imperialists, ‘minority rights’ meant the right to rule over Hindu(and Muslim) masses.
For the Untouchables, ‘minority rights’ would have meant the humble hope of having the same protections under the law as other Indians.

A similar confusion of meaning troubles the Current West.

In US and UK, Jews are the ruling minority or the minority elites. (Homos also belong to this group.) But Mexicans, many blacks, and many immigrant groups are either part of the minority underclass or minority ordinary folks; they have no special power or out-sized ambitions & expectations. Asians do better academically & economically than most other immigrant groups, but their dim sense of identity and servile attitude don’t translate to much power. Even in Hawaii where they are the majority, they lack political or cultural vigor.

So, ‘minority rights’ means different things to Jews and to other minorities. For Jews, it means the right to rule over US & UK and make demands & dictate policy.
Old ‘antisemitism’ use to mean denial of basic rights and liberties for Jews. New ‘antisemitism’ means any kind of challenge(no matter how justified) to the Jewish supremacist right to rule over goyim.
And something similar is operative with homo politics. ‘Gay rights’ used to mean the tolerance of allowing homos be homo and do their own thing without persecution. Now, ‘gay rights’ means we must admire, celebrate, and worship homos as angels and even change marriage laws to appease the Great Holy Homo. It means those who mock or deride the so-called LGBT community, culture, lifestyle, or agenda must be denounced as suffering from a ‘phobia’ and be blacklisted.
And we must even put homo stuff in churches. It’s as if homos have some divine right to be admired and adulated. In all big cities, it is the mandatory for all politicians and ‘respectable’ citizens to sing hosannas to homos and trannies. Indeed, people mustn’t even joke about someone as ridiculous as Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner. (In the UK, a criminal investigation is under way to hunt the man who cursed out precious Brucie.)

Now, there are other minorities that also demand special favors. Blacks demand affirmative action, and Mexicans demand affirmative immigration(amnesty). But many blacks and Mexicans are on the bottom looking up. Their hope is to reach the middle. (To be sure, too many blacks just fantasize about being sports stars or rappers, goals out of reach for most blacks, but then, blacks are stupid.) But even if blacks and browns demand special favors, they won’t amount to much and will never gain elite power in the West. Historically, all they could hope for was equality(and then some) under the law.

In contrast, equality of any kind isn’t good enough for Jews(and homos) anymore. For them, ‘rights’ means something closer to ‘divine right to rule’. Jews are now addicted to supremacism and won’t settle for anything less. But this makes Jews nervous since it is natural for the masses to resent and challenge the ruling elites, especially if of another racial, ethnic, and/or religious identity. Jews are different from gentiles both ethnically and religiously. This makes Jews nervous because they make natural targets of the critics of power and populist passions. So, to morally shield their power, Jews associate themselves with minorities who are relatively powerless. Since immigrant groups are always on the bottom and just starting out(and making the social climb), they are seen as powerless and marginalized. So, Jews associate with immigrants as ‘fellow minorities’. This way, Jewish minority supremacist power is morally sanctified in association with the ‘huddled masses’ of recent arrivals who presumably need protection from the native populist mobs and nationalist ‘xenophobes’. By posturing as noble defenders and champions of newly arrived minority immigrants, Jewish minority supremacist elites pose with(and even as) the ‘powerless’. It’s like the desperate alliance of the minority Afrikaner minority elite and the Inkatha Freedom Party in Apartheid South Africa. Even though whites were at the top and Inkatha party members were on the bottom, they were both minorities, racial or political, faced with the challenge of the ANC party supported by the great majority of blacks.

It’d be like British Imperialist Elites in India siding with the Untouchables as ‘fellow minorities’ against the ‘bigoted’ and ‘populist’ masses of Hindus and Muslims.
Imagine if the British ruling minority elite had made overtures to the Untouchables, the underclass minority, and claimed common victim-hood as ‘fellow minorities’ regardless of the fact that Brits are the master race minority whereas Untouchables are the marginalized underclass minority. That would have been pretty amusing.
But then, there were times when the Brits did use the Minority Issue to justify their rule over India. In Richard Attenborough’s movie GANDHI, the British ruling minority presents itself as guarantors of the Muslim minority from the Hindu majority that may potentially become oppressive once India gains independence.

Thankfully for India, it had a leader of Gandhi’s caliber who was witty, shrewd, and devious enough to match wits like a lawyer with the British. (He would have made Professor Kingsfield of PAPER CHASE proud.) Too bad the West lacks such leaders with just the right combination of cleverness and resolve.

Back then, the British Imperialists claimed that India was ‘British’.
Now, the bloody fools in UK say immigrant-invaders are the ‘New British’.

Gandhi urged Indians not to cooperate until the British minority elites left.
Maybe white Europeans can do something similar. The strategy of mass non-cooperation and civil disobedience.
Since overt resistance has been banned by the PC state, whites can force their will through massive non-cooperation. But then, so many whites have been led to believe that Diversity is sacrosanct and that return to nationalism is unacceptable since the truest expression of Europe is spicy exotic restaurants and jungle fever with Negroes. (Interestingly enough, Brexit won in UK because of older voters, but Macron won in France with older voters, 80% of whom chose him over Marine Le Pen.)

The future of Europe will be determined by whether it can produce leaders like Gandhi, Mao, Lenin, Ataturk, Mussolini, Castro, T. E. Lawrence, Trotsky, Stalin, Hitler, DeGaulle, and maybe Putin(as fate of Russia is still uncertain). While some of those men were pathological and dangerous, they could play politics on the grandest scale. When a civilization is faced with an ‘existential’ crisis, it calls out for visionaries and prophets, not technocrats, paper-shufflers, and wine-sippers.

Run-of-the-mill ‘leaders’ won’t do. The current heads of state in Europe are not leaders but spineless followers of globalist oligarchs. Just look at Justin Trudeau the Man-Child cuck of the Jewish donors. Why did the people vote for such people? Because Jews control media & academia and infected so many white minds with nothing but PC and Pop Culture. ‘Celebristianity’ is the neo-religion of the West.

If Europe keeps producing nonentities like Merkel, Macron, Hollande, Sarkozy, Blair, Cameron, May, Berlusconi, and even Farage, it’s finished. Things are getting serious, and it will take real visionaries of wit and grit who can take the shit.

As for nationalists, the likes of Le Pen, Geert Wilders, and others won’t do. (The exception may be Viktor Orban.) They are too much part of the system(despite disapproval from the ruling elites) and unable or unwilling for bold action under current rules that are totally rigged by media, academia, and deep state.
Trump made it in the US, but he is not a serious man. He’s a showman and salesman, and he can’t be counted on to do much that really matters.

Also, as long as enough white people are comfortable and satiated with bread & circuses and mentally infected with PC for the time being, it’s difficult to shake them out of their doldrums.

If Europe is to be saved, it will require the rise of truly remarkable individuals with the power to inspire, lead, and forever alter the trajectory of history.

Extreme times call for powerful personalities.

The threat that Europe faces is the greatest ever. Past wars and repressions were horrible, but WWI and WWII were still about white Europe. So, even after millions died, it was the same white Europe. And as bad as communism was, it didn’t change the demographics in most commie nations.

But now, it is different. Not only is Europe being colonized physically by foreign masses but European minds have been PC-colonized to ‘welcome’ this as a good thing.

We need a new set of leaders and rulers who can eradicate the mental virus from European minds and purge them of this ‘guilt’ and ‘fever’. Indeed, the task is daunting because whites welcome mass invasion not only out of ‘white guilt’ but because of ‘afro-fever’, aka jungle fever. European women are turning into sexual deserters who are offering their wombs to millions of African men who are storming the beaches of Europe. As African birthrate is 6 or 7 children per women and since EU has a policy of ‘saving’ millions of self-stranded Negroes in the sea, the demographic and sexual math for Europe is horrible.

White minds are colonized by Jewish PC, white lands are colonized by Third World mobs, white males bodies are brutalized by stronger Negro men, and white females’ wombs are colonized by Negro seeds. It is White Nakba.

In Jewish history, there were two kinds of cleansers: prophets and warriors. Prophets cleansed Jewish minds of the virus of pagan idolatry and reminded them of the Covenant with God. And the warriors took up arms to do battle with enemies of Jews. (The third kind of Jews were diplomats who used wit and cunning to seek an understanding with rivals, enemies, or overlords of Jews.)

Anyway, unless warriors have vision and conviction, they are mere mercenaries. In order for white knights to rise, white souls must be cleansed and purged of the PC virus of guilt-and-fever.
It’s like Islam has two meanings of ‘Jihad’. One means to do physical combat against infidel, but there is another meaning that says souls must be cleansed of infidel ideas and images.

In the present, even if great white leaders were to rise, majority of white masses will curse them and denounce them since their minds have been infected with the crazy idea that ‘racism’ is the greatest sin when, in fact, race-ism is the noblest creed.

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